Dec 252017

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For those on economy’s margins, nursing aide job offers meager opportunity (Washington Post)

She had made it as far as the career school’s parking lot for the December training class and the February class, only to drive away each time in a tangle of anxiety and self-doubt. Now it was March, and here Tereza Sedgwick came again: dressed in the mandatory class uniform of red-and-black scrubs, a lit cigarette dangling in her fingers out the busted window of her ’88 Plymouth. She parked in the lot and watched a procession of unemployed workers enter the school building in southeastern Ohio, trying to will herself to join them.
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RSL Ondaatje Prize 2014: writing with a sense of place

Extracts from the six books short-listed for the Ondaatje Prize – each of which “evokes the spirit of a place”

Rockford Collecting Scrubs for Salvation Army

Healthcare workers throughout Rockford IL will be cleaning out their closets this month to give back to those in need.

Questions and Answers

How expensive are Scrubs?

How expensive are the medical uniforms (commonly known as Scrubs) to make and (for the hospital too) buy? I have heard they are pretty cheap on both accounts, Also what is the general policy about ownership, like can you have as many as you want, trade used for clean etc.

Posted by Fish


There are hospital-provided scrubs which are cheap for them to buy. You wear them if you work in surgery or other sterile areas. They usually don’t like you to take too many of them – some hospitals have vending machines that require you to return a pair before taking a new one.

Many people and most nurses prefer to buy their own scrubs – I’ve been getting mine at Tafford for years. They cost about $12 for a scrub top and $15 for a scrub pant – though they have great clearance sales of $9.99 and less! If you are in the market for scrubs, check out Tafford!

Good luck!

Does anyone know if Victorias Secret discontinued their spa line of products?

I am looking for their “spa pampering lotion” and I can’t find it anywhere but on eBay. I hope it hasn’t been discontinued! Thanks!

Posted by Boffthewall


Hi! I think that the VS Spa line (light blue bottles) has been discontinued… I called VS and they have no products available. They are not in back order. I was only able to order the Foot Scrub and the Hand Cream (they are on sale right now) So, if you really love this line, I suggest that you go to your nearest VS store and stock yourself (i think that they are also on clearance at the stores). Hope this helps!!!! 🙂

Nursing scrubs companies?

I am looking for companies that sell medical scrubs for cheap, or well scrubs in general. I am not looking for a few dollars, but I want stuff that is cheaper than what I am finding. Any suggestions would be great!

Actually, any companies that sell them would be great.

Posted by that girl


Tafford has the best quality and tons of clearance specials. Their cheapest stuff is in the clearance section. Sometimes they have scrub tops starting at $4.99:

but you can also get solid scrubs for under $10 at regular price. Their quality is the best I have found – much better than scrubs you can get at other places for twice the price. Also, I am on their email list, and they always have great specials, sales, and free shipping through email.

Give them a try, I get all my scrubs there and have never been disappointed.

Good luck!


What is a good company (mail order) to buy medical uniforms from (scrub tops, etc.)?

I’m looking for good prices and a good selection of name brands…thanks!

Posted by Patricia


I always liked to order online or through a catalog, myself–you can get some really good deals/clearance sales. I liked Jasco (basics) Http://… and I loved Tafford (a much higher quality that washes and wears very well, and you can find awesome deals on their clearance online) Http://


Where Can I Find Cheap Scrubs In Oklahoma?

Do I need scrubs for cosmetology for school?
I’m on a tight Budget. I want cheap scrubs! 😉

thank you!

Posted by Luh Luh la Reee!


You can get cheap scrubs at Http://…
They are having a clearance sale with 2 pocket tops for $2.99 and 2 pocket pants for $3.99, jacket $5.99. They have regular, petite and tall sizes. It’s worth checking out.…

Dec 252017

Theatre Practitioner – Scrub – RGN Nurse – ODP (

Position – Theatre Practitioner, Scrub, RGN, Nurse, ODP REF – HBTHEAPRAC Location – Surrey Salary – upto £32.5k Hours – 37.5 – Permanent, Full-time My client is a purpose built, 52 bed, acute care hospital based in Surrey. It offers a wide range of high quality clinical procedures and medical services and there are 3 operating theatres. There is a requirement to recruit Theatre Practitioner, to assist the theatre Manager in the daily running of operating theatre suite, ensuring the hig.

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Teens learn medical skills at Roper St. Francis camps

A dozen high school students in red scrubs sat around a table in Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital on Thursday morning, all eyes on physician’s assistant Ryan Dadds as she demonstrated how to properly suture a wound on a raw chicken leg. Some looked on with fascination, others with apprehension. Once Dadds was done with the “wound” on her chicken…

Talk between Hopkins and union again break down – Daily Record (subscription)

Daily Record (subscription)Talk between Hopkins and union again break downDaily Record (subscription)Talks broke down Tuesday night between Johns Hopkins Hospital and the union representing about 2,000 workers there. The negotiations were scheduled after Gov. Martin O’Malley stepped in to stop a four-day strike that had been planned for last weekend.Johns Hopkins resumes talks with union over wagesThe Star DemocratJohns Hopkins Resumes Talks With Union Over Low WagesCBS Localall 71 news articles »

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Scrubs Camp offers nursing opportunity

THATCHER — Scrubs Camp is offered for young people interested in nursing.…

Dec 252017

Questions and Answers

Cheap cute scrubs that I can buy?

I’m in high school and I need a website for some really cheap scrubs, I am going into a nursing program at the vocational school near me for my junior/senior year and don’t want to wear the same scrubs every day it’s the dress code to wear them so I need tons of them and I’m paying for them I get 50 bucks a week I’m not spending any more than 100 dollars on scrubs I want at least 10 pairs.

Posted by Alice


My mother is a nurse and she used to hoard scrubs. To get rid of a lot of them she sold them on eBay for 1/10th of the price. So I’d suggest to look on there. I hope this helps!

Where can I buy cheap and cute scrubs in Richmond Va?

Posted by Helga


Last I had to wear scrubs (10 years ago…) I bought a lot of them from a medical supply place on Nine Mile Road in Highland Springs. They didn’t have much of a selection and my lady friends got me to wear some really “embarrassing” scrubs. (Back then I was trying to be “manly” and impress women, now I’d do it just for the laughs.)

My friends who are still in the medical field tell me that they order a lot of their stuff online for the really “fun” stuff. I’ll list the links that have offices in the Richmond area below.

Rose School Uniforms on Midlothian is supposed to have some good stuff.

Guardian Uniforms has shut down, so you can’t go there anymore.

Good luck!

Women’s Nurse Scrubs Cheap?

Where can I find cheap women’s nurse scrubs online?
Thanks for your help!

Posted by angel_eyes186


I get all my scrubs at Tafford – not only are their scrubs cheap, they are the best and cutest I have found as well – much cheaper than Cherokee and Dickies. Check out their cheap scrubs:

Good luck!

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Dec 252017

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Athletic Club patriarch has been heart of baseball organization for 40 years — Gazette.Net

Gene Lowery has run the Upper Montgomery Athletic Club baseball league in Boyds for nearly 40 years. He’s the league’s president, but he’s best known around the fields for the cheeseburgers and egg sandwiches he sells from the snack shack at least six days a week.

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy that Dress

Finding our authentic style comes with time and practice, but in the meantime, there are several questions to have up your sleeve each time you go out shopping.

Questions and Answers

How to get rid of the pain of dead blood?

I hit my foot on a metal pedal and it tore through my shoe and it cut my foot the bleeding stop but it starting swelling and it hurts when I put any pressure on it ps. Don’t tell me to go to a doctor.

Posted by William


Only the regular stuff. Ice pack. Take and said like Advil every 8 hrs for swelling. The edge of the pain may wear off by tomorrow morning. You could try a loose wrap at that time. I would not buy the ones that are premade like an ankle support. I would buy the wrap that comes with a roll. If wrapped too tight it will ache more. Heat may make it feel better but will encourage swelling-kind of a catcch22 thing there.take room temp bath or shower as hot water may also encourage swelling. If anything is broken and you do expose it to hot water you’ll know. It will throb and ache for 2 to3 hrs later.
As for disinfection- there’s some stuff out there called chlorhexidine. I don’t think you can pick it up at a Walmart but if you know anyone who works at any type medical place they may be able to get it for you. It burns less and is appropriate for flesh wounds. You may be able to find it at a feed store especially if the store is in a rural area. It is usually meant to be diluted with water so that it is only 10 percent. May find it as a solution or a scrub either is fine. It may be tempting but if you see antibiotics at the feed store they will be basically useless to you because they are made for farm animals larger than you. However, if this is your only recourse I certainly understand. BUT you will have to locate someone who is familiar with that antibiotic, give them your weight, and make sure they know how to calculate dosage and have looked it up in human Rx manual. I’m not telling you to do this about the antibiotics I m telling you it is not safe unless someone knows exactly what they are doing!

Do you wear old faded sweatpants in public?

Posted by Tommy


Yes. People do do this.
Whether this is considered acceptable hinges on the particular area one resides.

It is commonplace for performers (actors, models, professional athletes, musicians, and singers) to sit at a busy coffee shop in certain local areas, with a Mickey Mouse t-shirt from the 7th grade, extremely old and faded sweatpants, 99c flipflops, no make-up, dirty hair, and a $40k handbag. Having earned $30 million for their last gig. This is unusual for out-of-towners, who would’ve assumed that anyone who made that much money would be impeccable and dressed to the 9’s every minute of the day. No. Hardly ever.

Some areas are more formal and it is necessary to appear to be freshly scrubbed and biz-suited up at all times, lest one be taken for a vagabond, or worse.

In general, it’s always best to leave the house with appropriate clothing, shoes, hair combed, and teeth brushed. (and showered). If it’s cold, wearing a suitable jacket or coat over the top of sweats would work nicely. If it’s freezing, even better = hat, scarf, boots.

One has to walk the dog, run into the all-night market, pick up an RX, rush over to a friend’s to investigate the suspicious noises she’s hearing in the attic, and on those occasions, time is of the essence. Lagging so one can look presentable isn’t always a good idea, and in an emergency sitch..every last second count. One wouldn’t want to run the risk of being scolded for not having their priorities straight, when an emergency was underway and they showed up, an hour later, with full make-up, and still-wet fingernails.

Everyone’s Mum & Grandmum have told all of us to ALWAYS wear clean underwear when leaving the house..just in case one gets into an accident (God forbid) and get rushed to the Hospital. One wouldn’t want hospital staff to see ugly underwear or socks with holes. (Mums worry about stuff like that).

Nursing shoes question… Merrell and Landau better than other athletic brands?

Just graduated nursing school and wanting to spend some of my graduation money on a good pair of nursing shoes. I know about Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc. On several sites that sell scrubs, I’ve noticed that the Merrell Jungle Moc Pro for Ladies and the Landau RX Nursing shoes have gotten good reviews. Are these shoes worth the extra price? The first is $80 and the second is $130. Will other brands, such as Nike, New Balance, Adidas, etc. Offer the same support? Basically… Are the nursing schools any different than the regular athletic/walking/running shoes?

Posted by Daisy


I bought a pair of Landau shoes when I first became a nurse. I hated them, they were very uncomfortable and I rarely wore them. I bought a pair of Skechers and now those are the only kind I buy. I work in a busy nursing home and am always on my feet. They are the most comfortable shoes and are usually around $40-$60.