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Koi Scrubs: A Galore of Choices for Nurses Shopping for Work Wears

Branded scrubs are practically unlimited in the market, and yet a few have made it to the top. Koi is one of those brands that have earned more visibility in the global market, than others by the dint of quality production of nursing scrubs and uniforms. Koi scrubs of imaginative varieties have engaged buyers from all over the world for years now. Specializing in female nursing scrubs, the garments launched under the brand have enticed nurses into buying them for a professional look makeover. Comfortable and fashionable, these apparels are high on the style factor. Here’s a lot at some of the fanciest varieties of nursing scrubs sold in the market.

Koi Scrubs As Your Scrub Sets

If you are in search of a hospital work wear that will make you look pretty, quite like a fashion diva, then your search ends here. The Koi scrubs that come in sets offer the perfect fit, thus enhancing the style quotient. The tops normally feature a mock wrap style while the pants come in drawstring patterns. Deep and multi-layered patch pockets at the front make room for surgical equipments without the fear of puncture. The scrubs have comfortable necklines that are neither too low, nor high-cut. Details include snap buttons, side slits, top-stitch trim, coin pockets, etc., make the uniforms a touch different and refined than the rest. The cargo pants are tailored with utilitarian scoop and coin pockets for better accommodation of materials.

Scrub Tops

Nursing Scrubs; KOI Womens Jasmine Top

If you hate to look the same at work every day, and yet can’t ditch the uniform, then buy a few Koi scrubs tops to add variety to the sameness. Though available mostly in solid colors, the many styles of the uniforms is sure to keep you looking pretty at work every day. Round neck, split neck, V-neck, front-buttoned, keyhole neckline, etc., are some of the options in the neckline. Once you know the kinds you want, you can go explore the designs available and make your pick.

Fashionable Scrub Jackets In Koi Scrubs Line

Koi also designs fashionable scrub jackets for professionals. There is a whole range of outerwear items that you can pair up with these scrubs for tasks that involve spilling and splashing. The lab coats have become one of the most favorite work wear since their first launch in the market. Tailored with double front pockets and a buttoned front, they have belts around the midriff that can be tied if you want to keep the front open. Sold in full and three-quarter sleeves, scrub jackets from Koi are available in stretch and cotton materials. The fabrics do not retain soils for long and can be used regularly for long.

All Koi uniforms are available in rare and common shades like, raspberry, cornflower, sugar plum, turquoise, flamingo, steel, Caribbean blue, etc. They are also available in all sizes starting from XXS all the way up to 5XL. Koi scrubs are available with all retailers selling medical scrubs, both physical and virtual. Buy them online to use some discount and get delivered within days.

Koi Nursing Scrubs; koi Stretch Naomi (Navy)

Follow this Koi Uniform image to find out more, in colors and sizes

Questions and Answers

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Besides E-bay please tell me a good place to buy hospital scrub tops for work?

Can you provide me with some good web links for your answer. I have gone through second hand shops and other places to find unique medium size scrub tops in bright cheerful prints. Please help! I live in a small town and the other staff tend to wear the same stuff – I want something different for work.

I can’t barely sew on a button and material costs a lot – so that is not an option to make my own.
Snefal! Than kyou so much – love looking at all the great prints in there!

Posted by Radio Jingles
MiddemsTry this website:
Http://www.uniformadvantage.com/home.asp…By the way, I thought this one was cute:

Koi Spring ’09 Collection Preview


 Posted by at 19:42 on June 3, 2014
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