Nursing scrubs brand names


Top Nursing Scrubs Brand Names That Have Become Tantamount to the Product Niche

There are numerous nursing scrub brands that are available for hospital staffs now. Due to the overabundance of nursing attires, it has become quite challenging for hospital authorities and individuals to choose the best nursing attires. Cherokee, Landau, Barco are some nursing scrub brand names that have become more widely recognized than the countless others. These brands have become tantamount to this specific product niche. Hospital and care home authorities often demonstrate a predilection towards the widely trusted brands as they are rest assured about the fabric quality and durability of the scrubs.

What are the top nursing scrubs brands now? Here below is a brief roundup.

Cherokee Nursing Scrubs

Cherokee is a leading manufacturer of nursing scrubs, offering a rich variety of colors, style and prints. Cherokee nursing scrubs are highly durable and come in solid colors. Use of solid colors and highly durable materials has made these products an ideal choice for regular use in hospitals. The company also manufactures scoop neck, v-neck, and keyhole neck scrubs tops. These stretchable tops and scrubs trousers come in a wide array of fabrics and cuts. From flexible stretch-side uniforms to high-end nursing scrubs, Cherokee has everything in their inventory! No wonders on why Cherokee is one of the most trusted nursing scrubs brand names around.

Dickies Scrubs Uniforms

Dickies men and women scrubs have received high ratings on popular ecommerce sites and elsewhere. These scrubs are everyday wear for many healthcare industry professionals. Dickies apparels are made of durable and comfortable fabrics and are highly affordable as well. The Xtreme Stretch and Unisex scrubs from the house of Dickies are more popular than other products offered by the brand. These ultra-soft scrubs come in a broad selection of styles and neck lines. The addition of customizable pockets is another huge plus in these scrubs.

Koi Scrubs

In the nursing scrubs universe, Koi is perhaps one among the most popular brand names. The brand is best known for the rich range of styles and patterns in which its products are available. Apart from all physical makes and models in scrubs, Koi also responsible for creating some of the most trend-setting designs in scrubs. Expect Koi to throw a creativity delight (something which makes it one of the top nursing scrub brand names) on every second visit to a Koi store.

Barco Nursing Scrubs

Barco is one brand that makes nursing professionals fall weak in the knees for their attire. Apart from the latest prints and trendy styles, Barco is also known for hosing some really cost effective scrubs. One can easily find scrubs for both men and women at affordable prices. Be it the latest chic tops or the trendiest style in bottoms, Barco has room for it all.

Smitten Scrubs Uniforms

In the past few weeks, scrubs from Smitten have been a revolution of sorts in the world of nursing. Bringing on board three different fabrics that are both comfortable and luxurious, Smitten scrubs have been slowly redefining nursing scrubs for quite some time now. All these three fabrics are long-lasting reliable, free from wrinkles and require minimum care. Besides, the flatter-each-body design of scrubs promotes the house as one of the leading nursing scrub brand names in the industry

Koi Nursing Scrubs; koi Stretch Naomi (Navy)

Follow this Koi Uniform image to find out more, in colors and sizes

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Questions and Answers

Supportive nursing shoes?I just started my nursing job and I never knew what damage it would do to my feet. I wore my regular tennis shoes the first week and by the end of the night, every night, my feet felt like they were stuck in a furnace. They offer no support and are a little too small.Can someone give me some suggestions for supportive shoes?

Posted by Coco
MiddemsI just went to a store that sold scrubs, and noticed that they had a lot of special shoes too. So perhaps you should visit a store that specializes in clothing and shoes for the medical profession. (I didn’t have to buy any shoes, so I don’t have a name brand suggestion for you).

Where can I find housekeeping uniforms in Toronto?

Posted by relset1
High-Quality Housekeeping Uniform – We carry a wide variety of durable uniforms from reputed brand names.
Nursing Uniform Toronto – Save on Medical & Nurses Scrubs & Uniforms Low prices Free Cruise.

What is a good website to but cheap scurbs off of?

Posted by chelsea m

MiddemsNOTE: Here is an interesting article that you may enjoy. I never thought of wearing scrubs as PJ’s and for cleaning the house! Following the article you will find scrubs starting at $6.00.Best Reasons to Buy Cheap Scrubsby Lindsay LawWorking as a health professional requires clean, easy-to-care-for clothing, and inexpensive scrubs fit the bill. Classic and comfortable, scrubs come in many colors and patterns and are required at most hospitals and healthcare facilities. However, medical scrubs aren’t just for doctors and nurses anymore. Read on for the best reasons to buy cheap scrubs.Buying Cheap Scrubs:Buy medical scrubs for work. Nursing scrubs are a staple in medical offices because they are easy to wash, breathable and feature unisex styling. Famous for one-size-fits-all drawstring pants, medical scrubs are convenient for men and women of all sizes. Medical uniforms and scrubs also feature comfortable tops with either an overlapping V-neck or keyhole neckline and oversized pockets for holding medical supplies. Find nursing scrubs in colorful prints or geometric patterns to add variety to your work ensemble and try mixing patterned tops and solid bottoms for a unique look. Keeping extra sets of scrubs washed and ready to go will eliminate stress from your mornings if you work in the medical profession.Find scrubs to wear as pajamas.A scrub top is comfortable and can be cute with matching bottoms for bedtime. For a different look, pair scrub pants with a fitted T-shirt or henley top and slippers. To make your scrubs look more like pajamas, find a pair in a colorful design or mix a solid scrub top with patterned scrub pants. Add thick socks and a soft hoodie to stay extra warm, especially during the chilly winter months. You can even buy designer scrubs for a fashionable look that costs less than brand-name pajama pants.Wear scrubs for everyday tasks and loungewear.When you’re cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming the floors or polishing furniture, comfortable scrub uniforms make it easy to move and get to hard-to-reach places. A cheap pair of scrubs makes a good outfit for dirty tasks, such as painting or gardening. A scrub jacket will also keep you warm as you work outside or snuggle in comfy clothes to watch a movie at home. Buy scrub uniforms for each family member for soft loungewear that is easy to care for. You can even wear a scrub jacket over jeans and T-shirt for a quick casual outfit on the weekend.

Here are their scrubs sorted by price, starting at $6.00.


Does anyone know where I can find inexpensive scrubs in the metro Detroit area??

Posted by sunshine
MiddemsIf your looking for nursing scrubs, try Walmart, otherwise if you want to shop online, go to very reasonable with cheap shipping- $5 flat rate and shipping is free if you spend $100. They carry all name brands. I get my scrubs from either of these two places.

Does anyone know what kind of scrubs Nurse Jackie is wearing?I have looked all over the web and can’t seem to figure out what brand of scrubs she is wearing. Another poster had suggested Taffords scrubs, but that doesn’t seem right. Does anyone know?

Posted by HeatherF
MiddemsMy fellow nursing students and I debated about that and we think they are a pair of Dickies scrubs. We have written to Showtime and asked the name brand of Jackie’s scrubs. I like Jackie’s winter scarf too and the cool messenger bag!

 Posted by at 08:37 on June 5, 2014
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Nursing scrubs brand names

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