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Nursing Scrub Shoes to Keep Your Tootsies Germ free and Happy

Same as nurses’ work wears, the shoes used by the healthcare industry professionals are not regular running shoes or fancy sandals. Shoes for the nurses are designed keeping with the very simple and professional nursing scrubs to complete the outfit, while maintaining the comfort factor. Though the varieties are supposedly limited in this section, the many-brand phenomenon is the case here too, like in other sections of apparels. If you thought that your options for nursing scrub shoes are limited to boring models and dull colors, then here are reasons to lighten up. The manufacturers have multiplied over time presenting the buyers with a galore of choices to pick from.

The Unisex Clogs: Designed for both sexes, the unisex models ditch all sorts of details that would give the product aesthetic promotion. Instead, they are kept as simple and neutral in design as possible to ensure that both men and women nurses find them suitable to wear in workplaces. They have a rubber exterior with a slip resistant extra-thick sole that adds durability to the item. The small wedge heels keep the look strictly unisex. Specially for the healthcare professionals, the items are fitted with an anti-bacterial sock-liner with moisture wick that adds functionality to the footwear. The sock-liner particularly works to keep the feet dry and odorless. Available in all adult sizes, the nursing scrub shoes provide good shock-absorbing comfort to the wearer. The products come in three solid colors, viz., white, cocoa and black.

The Step-In Shoes: This pair is more advanced in design compared to the previous one. An anatomically conducive foot bed made from a supple insole ensures long hours of standing without the comfort factor. These shoes are great for running 12 hours long shifts without getting tender feet. Like the previous model, the nursing scrub shoes have a slip-resistant outsole and a moisture-absorbing lining that caress feet for long hours. The models are available in two colors, navy and black.

The Hard-Cover Clogs: Healthcare professionals work with surgical instruments, injections and other edged objects that when fallen out of hand can cause accidents. With that in mind, these injection-molded clogs have been developed to help wearers protect their feet without compromising the comfort factor. Designed with a tough exterior and slip-resistant outer sole, the shoes are designed to maintain continuous airflow that keep the feet fresh and cool. The inside of the shoes does not have too much padding, to make up for which enough space is reserved for air circulation. The shoes are available in bright and light shades.

The Back-Strapped Clogs: Last but not the least, the strapped variety gives the wearer a smooth walking experience. The shoes are the same as any ordinary clog, only with a rigid strap at the back that serves as an add-on support to the structure. The straps stick to the heel without causing discomfort while the elasticized built ensures a smooth fit. The nursing scrub shoes have a moderate heel of two-inches to boost the height of petite wearers.

Koi Nursing Scrubs; koi Stretch Naomi (Navy)

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SmartScrubs | Serving Health Care Professionals

At SmartScrubs, were passionate about quality, comfort, service, style and YOU! We have everything you need to complete your medical or nursing uniform with one-stop shopping. We offer the most complete selection of scrubs and accessories in the latest fashions, colors and sizes. Find quality medical apparel from your favorite brands including Dickies, Cherokee, Nu Dimension, Los Angeles Rose and many more. Whether shopping for scrub tops or pants, prints or solids, lab coats, cardigan jackets, nursing shoes, instruments or accessories, youll find it all here.

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Questions and Answers

Where to buy white nursing shoes in Hawaii?Where can i buy white nursing shoes in Honoulu, hawaii?

Posted by Kimberly W
MiddemsCall these two scrub retailers, if they do not sell nursing shoes they probably know who does:39 Kealahou St
Honolulu, HI 96825
Phone: (808) 396-0153834 Bannister St
Honolulu, HI 96819
Phone: (808) 842-1833If all else fails call the stores listed below or buy online.
What are some cute shoes to wear with scrubs?I will be starting a dental hygiene program in the fall and we are required to wear scrubs everyday. I would like to know if anyone knows of some stylish hospital type of shoes that will look cute with my scrubs. Thanks for the help!

Posted by TJ
MiddemsThe best thing to do is wear comfy shoes. You can wear most athletic shoes or those cute little clogs nurses are wearing now.
What do nurses wear? Amung other q’s?I am a nursing student. What shoes can nurses wear? Any weird rules? What color do they have to be? What about scrubs?? Any particular colors? Do nurses have to wear a lab coat? Oh! Are their days that hospitals that let nurses go by casual friday? Are there agencies that allow for traveling nurse practitioners? Do travel RN nurse angencies pay for masters? How does a RN specialize in a certain topic, like ER or Maternity? I have so many questions! 🙂

Posted by Kathleen
MiddemsAccepted attire is dictated by the place of employment, including the color and style of shoes. I know of no casual Fridays for nurses in actual practice of patient care. Benefits offered are varied from one employer to another. Nurses may continue into graduate studies in specialty areas, or just specialize by working in a specific clinic or hospital unit.
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