Jun 072014
Nursing Scrubs-pants
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MedWorm sponsored by blue sky scrubs (Med Worm)

MedWorm is pleased to announce that it is now being supported by blue sky scrubs, makers of some of the most stylish medical scrubs and scrub hats available for those hospital doctors that care about their appearance. Blue sky scrubs are currently sponsoring a number of topics on MedWorm including Surgery, Nursing and Intensive Care, which you can view under the Publications Directory. As a sponsor they receive their text link under the title of every page within the topic and at the bottom of every fifth item within each associated RSS feed. Have a look at the Sponsorship MedWorm page to find out more.

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RSL Ondaatje Prize 2014: writing with a sense of place

Extracts from the six books short-listed for the Ondaatje Prize – each of which “evokes the spirit of a place”

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13 Year-Old Dad.

Go Buy Your FLuffee Talks Merchandise NOW!

I’m sure by now most of you have heard about this 13 year-old dad from somewhere or another but I couldn’t help myself I had to talk about it. Enjoy.

Read the story at:




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Questions and Answers

My coworker has decorated the place for christmas..?And now she is making all the guys wear christmas underwear.
Should i report this to her supervisor?

Posted by sweetie
[display_name id=”1″]It depends on what kind of pants the guys wear.
I had to buy white scrubs for clinicals and they are practically see through.
I thought of spicing up the clinicals by wearing some boxers with red hearts, but I couldn’t find any on clearance.
I did the next best thing, I went commando…….
Where can I find male nurse scrubs sets (top + pants) for under $20 in Los Angeles?I’ve heard that there are places where you can buy the top with the pants together for under $20, but I’ve been unable to find any that sell them that cheap. I’d like to find somewhere, preferably in Westchester or Culver City, or as close as possible that sells them together for under $20. Or if there’s an online store that would sell them that cheap (including shipping), that’d be great too.

Posted by Chicken Chaser
[display_name id=”1″]Try Tafford – they have clearance deals that sometimes let you get tops and pants for under $10 each, plus they have a lot of free shipping deals.Even if you spend $25 at Tafford, I find that you get more for your money, b/c the scrubs wash and wear so well that they last longer than other cheap scrubs.

Good luck!

What should i buy at Wal-Mart?I need yoga black pants & baggy sweatpants but other than that what are the must-have things to get at wal-mart?What do you think are the top 10-15 things someone should get from wal-mart?

Posted by JustWondering
[display_name id=”1″]It’s not to specific as to weather you want advice on clothing, accessories, toys, etc.But since it is in fashion i will go that route.

1. Workout jackets! (in the exercise clothing area) usually around $8-12. And made of a stetchy material. With zippers, they come in all sorts of colors.
2. I am a beauty fanatic, so i always spend most of my time in the makeup and body areas. I reccomend buying a new face wash. St. Ives is cheap and they have a great scrub for like $3
3. Take a look at the swim suits, Get one of the bottoms that are like shorts but made out of a material that is okay to swim in they are around $12
4. Most walmarts have a clearance ailse i walk around it and pick out random cheap things that i dont really need but look cool
5. Walmart has really cheap awesome candles. You can get huge ones for like $5 or the small ones for $1. Also check the end of aisles for clearance candles.
6. Walmart carries a ton of brands of bras with all kinds of designs from $5-12 is average
7. Buy a pedometer they are $10 at walmart and track how much you walk. I figure you might like this since you are in the search for yoga pants
8. A reuseable/filtering water bottle. You can find these with exercise equipment
9. Sunblock or sunless tanning lotion $3-$10
10. Flip Flops. Pretty cheap usally between $1-$10 in a variety of colors and styles.

Well fitting non-jean/dress pants for work?I work at a pharmacy where our dress code is basically business casual-we have to wear pants that aren’t jeans. So anything like khaki’s or corduroys or your typical women’s dress pants works. Even Dickie’s work pants or scrub pants are acceptable. I wanted to know where people with similar dress codes buy work pants. I really need some black ones that fit well and I can move in easily. My dress pants are from Express and were expensive and are getting gross from working in them. Any suggestions of cheaper pants that are still comfortable? Maybe something less dressy? I’m 5’8 though so I need pants long enough! Thanks!

Posted by glossycm
[display_name id=”1″]Hi!I think I know some good black pants that would work for you that are cheaper, comfortable and easy to move in. For my work, I often wear soft knit pants that have wide flared legs. They have an elastic waist and no pockets, buttons or zippers. I know at first it sounds weird to wear elastic waist pants but the cool thing is since I wear blouses and tunics with them the waist is hidden anyway. The soft knit material flows and moves with you and feels good against the skin. They are not like yoga pants or anything and they aren’t tight. Just loose, soft and flowy and from outward appearance they just look like regular black pants but they are slightly more casual than say your pants from Express for example. I dress mine up with tall heels because I’m short but you can totally wear your comfy shoes with them. Plus, they are long in length (mine drag the floor even with heels on, LOL!)

I’ve purchased most of them from Macy’s or Dillards and they are usually around $20 or $30 and I get them on clearance sometimes.

Here are some links below to things that are similar to what I’m talking about and what i wear for work. They are all black pull-on pants with either staright, bootcut or wide legs. I usually go with wide legs for ease of movement.

I have been accepted into the medical transcription/billing program, but I don’t have money to buy the?The nessary scrubs for the class any suggestions?

Posted by gimpster8466
[display_name id=”1″]Look for clearance deals – you can get scrub tops and pants for under $5. Also, on some websites you can get up to 90 days to pay if you have good credit. Here is my favorite site for good, cheap scrubs:
Http://www.tafford.com/thumb.htm?tl=1&am…Good luck!

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Jun 062014
Nursing Scrubs in store shelves; Wholesale nursing scrubs

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Abducted newborn found hours after Facebook post (CNN)

Four friends tracked down the baby after police posted photos, including an image of a woman in a nurse’s uniform entering the maternity ward, on social media.

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Nurse Cadets from WWII finally get their due

A national appeal drew thousands of young women into the Cadet Nurse Corps. During WWII. The year was 1943. America was at war, and men and women from Foxborough were serving in every theatre of the battle around the globe.

Tim Landis: Pittman steps aside as editor of Capital City Courier – The State Journal-Register

Tim Landis: Pittman steps aside as editor of Capital City CourierThe State Journal-RegisterCLAIRE’S, a national retailer for jewelry and accessories for young women, is the first to file permits for a store in the planned Outlets at Springfield in Legacy Pointe. Developers of the outlet mall continue to take out permits for building shells …

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Close up shot of touching feet and pretty young woman in …


MUSIC :”Melting into One” by CSoul (feat. Snowflake)
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:

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Questions and Answers

What is a good shoe to wear being on your feet all day cashering ?Feet hurt.

Posted by Billy & Tina
[display_name id=”1″]SAS or any type of nursing shoe is good–they’re made for standing/walking in all day. Uniform shops carry them and some outlet and retail malls as well. Good luck!

I need to hide my cuts on my wrists!?I don’t need a “cutting is stupid, it’s unhealthy”, and all that cuz I KNOW! I’m trying to stop, i swear. (not to sound bitchy or anything)So problem is I have a home game for basketball tomorrow. Uniform is sleeveless. White, and I need white under armor to wear with it. I don’t have white under armor.

Plus, make up I used once, and omfg did it hurt like hell. So PLEASE any other ways to hide the cuts. I’d rather not have the whole school knowing I’m a cutter and insulting me and all this other shit people do when they find stuff out about people they don’t like.

Outlawed: Arm warmers, Under Armor Long selves, Wrist bands…and…I’m forgetting something, I know I am.

Please help!

Posted by Alex Dashi

[display_name id=”1″]I’m not sure if this would be outlawed, but try some of that gauze bandage wrap that people use to wrap up a strained muscle (I used it to wrap my shins when I got shin splints in cross country, and to wrap my wrist when I sprained it). They are usually white or beige-colored and should be ok for a game. I would wear mine during cross country meets to prevent more injury to my shins, and the officials at the race were fine with me running with it on. I often see basketball players with gauze bandage wraps like that around their knees and shins for similar reasons. You should be fine.The wrap that I have is reusable and attaches securely with vel-cro. You can find one at a sports store or probably at like a walmart (I got them from my mom, who’s a nurse and has them in her closet. Ha.) Wrap one around your wrist and secure it around your hand (like in the picture below), between your thumb and pointer finger. Just be sure not to cut off circulation with it! (I did that too often with my wrist… My hand turned blue and numb, not good. Haha). If you wrap it right, it should be perfect for you to play comfortably at the game, and with no one able to see your cuts. Here is an idea of what I am referring to: (don’t worry, this is a picture I found off google) :]


Good luck! With the game and especially with overcoming cutting. I’m glad you know it’s harmful, and I’m sure you can do it! Don’t feel bad about yourself. That’s just how you cope, and it is understood. Just keep trying hard and find healthier outlets, and you’ll be alright. Email me at goldfish129@yahoo.com if you need to talk! I wish you all the best, hun! :]

Good place to buy nursing scrubs?I need them super fast. I tried DD’s discounts, found a couple.. Walmart ones are so stiff and suck in fitting.. Target doesn’t carry them… Can’t order online cuz need ’em quick.. Any suggestions??

Posted by clueless33
[display_name id=”1″]I get mine from our outlet mall. The name of the store is Uniform Outlet. I even find scrubs in Goodwill.

I am pregnant I think?Okay, my period is 2 months late and I had morning sickness (all day) last month. Now, when I suck in my stomach there is a little bump that won’t go away. I am scared to go to the doctor because then my parents will find out. But my closes are getting tight on my bum. I have 3 weeks left of school and I have to wear an uniform. So, there is no way I can get bigger closes. I thought about an abortion but I am to scared to get one. I guess I have been avoiding the topic for 2 months. Except today my friend said my boobs looked really big and that last month I was sick all the time at school and she asked if I was pregnant and I told her I was. I took home pregnancy test (10) they all came back pregnant. I have this baby in me and I am stuck with it. The guy doesn’t know I don’t know how I can ever tell anyone. So, what should I do? What should I do about my clothes? What should I do about the people in my life? I AM ONLY GOING TO GET FATTER!!!!!!

Posted by kck

[display_name id=”1″]I would suggest Food Stamps, WIC and Medicaid – see if you qualify. Medicaid covers midwives in some states, so be sure to check out all your options.Get, beg, buy, steal or borrow one of these books. Even if you choose a hospital birth these books are still great reads. It shows birth as a positive, beautiful and empowering experience.

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth: Discover the Proven Wisdom That Has Guided Thousands of Women Through Childbirth With More Confidence, Less Pain, and Little or No Medical Intervention by Ina May Gaskin.

Spiritual Midwifery, 4th Edition: The classic book on home birth! The first section details the experiences of parents and midwives during the birth experience. The second section is a technical manual for midwives, nurses, and doctors. Includes information on prenatal care and nutrition, labor, delivery-techniques, care of the new baby, and breast-feeding. Very informative stuff.

Consider hiring a doula . . . . .
A doula is a knowledgeable, experienced companion – who stays with them through labor, birth and beyond. Birth doulas offer emotional support, encouragement and wisdom throughout labor and birth.

Consider giving birth upright so that gravity helps instead of having to push a baby up hill out of you (such as giving birth laying flat on your back) Even if you are in a hospital request a squat bar, squatting also allows your pelvic outlet to increase that crucial 1/2 – 1 inch. Http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h…

Also when in labor – walk as much as possible, stretch and just n general keep moving – do not let the contractions paralyze you. You will feel more pain if you do let them paralyze you.

I went though childbirth without any meds for the pain. Focus on the goal, not the pain.

The Portable Pediatrician is another useful book to have around, it covers everything from birth to age 5. Http://www.amazon.com/Portable-Pediatric…

Please breastfeed! I am not a militant pro-teat crazy but it has great immunological benefits, it also helps you loose the weight faster and it’s a great bonding mechanism. Http://kellymom.com/ Is a great site and so is Http://llli.org/ Le Leache Int’l Conversely is you choose not to or cannot breast feed, formula feed and don’t feel guilty or look back. WalMart brand is some of the cheapest formula around. Try to stay on a schedule for the first couple months this will make having a schedule later easier on the both of you. For the first couple of month the baby needs to eat every 3 hours barring them sleeping through the night whenever they get to that. Investing in a co-sleeper is a great idea, so you don’t have to wander far to get the baby in the middle of the night. Sleep every free moment you have! Http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.d…

Take you multi-vits and take your iron pills with a glass of orange juice – better absorption. You can over-indulge on healthy stuff all day long but keep your sweet tooth in check – also munchy foods, not too much. This will also help you from gaining too much weight.

Also bundle your baby when they should sleep, this will get hir programmed that when they are bundled they should sleep. I still bundle my 16 month old and she never gives me trouble going to nap or bed.

The best suggestion I can make is get a Paragard – these reasons I got mine; no hormones (can’t do regular birth control due to the synthetic hormones), is idiot proof (no pills, patches or rings to remember or forget) and it’s good for up to 12 yrs. Also it’s compatible with breastfeeding.

That’s all the advice I can think of, I hope it helped. If you need someone to talk to email me.
Good luck.

A nice stylish clock that doesn’t tick?Can any one help. Im trying to buy a nice clock that doesn’t tick. I know the answer is a digital one, though they are all large office looking things and I need it to be stylish for my therapy room. I do clinical aromatherapy , etc and that’s why it needs to not tick. I know I could buy a small nurse type one that pins to my uniform, but that is no use as i wouldn’t be able to see something so small without my glasses and I don’t wear them to do therapies. Has anyone got any suggestions please.
Sorry ttried taking of the second hand from the clock I have and it was still ticking and I have also deformed the clock in the process. It was worth a try. Thanks any way
Sorry can’t tock either. No ticking, No tocking.

Posted by samporter1968

[display_name id=”1″] Seiko makes a line of clocks they call “QuietSweep”. Their movements are designed not to tick. But some can be a bit pricey I think. If I stumble on something else, I’ll try to update.Here’s a website where you can view some of what Seiko has to offer. Please note I am not affiliated with this website nor do I particularly recommend it. It always pays to shop around in order to buy brand name watches at discount prices

UPDATE: If you’re looking for something more fashionable and are willing to “buy a pig in a poke”, you can go to e-Bay and search for “vintage wall clock” or “kitchen wall clock”. Specifically you need to look for older clocks which cords that plugged into a wall outlet. That sort of clock didn’t usuallly tick. Although the motors and gears in some created a soft hum that shouldn’t be too obtrusive.

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Jun 062014
Cherokee Nursing Scrubs-Slide
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Questions and Answers

Can someone help me find car print nursing scrubs? I am looking to buy nursing scrubs with any car or automotive theme but have been unable to find any. Thanks!

Posted by aj
[display_name id=”1″] You can get basic scrubs like Cherokee Workwear at Http://www.medicaldiscountscrubs.com/sto… and then you can put on some car appliques and car buttons like Http://www.sew-materialistic.com/index.p…
Viscous coupling, and tire tread sizes..? Hello, On my 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee it has a NV249 transfer case which is Full-time 4WD, it uses a viscous coupler. When I bought the Jeep a year ago, I noticed after the first 3k miles my front tires had lost a lot of tread on the front tires on the outer part of the tread. I suspected after asking and researching that it was the viscous coupler that was bad and probably scrubbed the outside of my front tires.I had an alignment done and it was within spec. So i bought a Brand new VC and replaced my old one. I didn’t notice much at all difference when turning with the new vc and the old one… Maybe a little less binding but the stuff steering was still there… And Chrysler says the “new” 249’s have a thicker fluid so there is some stiff steering even with a new VC…Now when i changed the VC i did a tire rotation to save my tires as they were brand new. Basically the tires tread depth was this… The front were around 5mm outside depth, and inside was around 7 1/2 mm…. The rear tires were 7 1/2 on the outside and 7 1/2 inside.. So basically i lost 2-3mm on the outer tread on the front tires… The middle and inside tread was the same on all 4 tires tho.

Its been about 4k miles now since i did all this and i noticed again my front tires (which were the rear) are now at 4 1/2 to 5mm tread outside, and the inside tread is at 7mm… So i had lost another 2-3mm on the outside of the front tires… So now all 4 tires are 4 1/2 to 5mm outside and 7mm inside…

Could driving with 2 tires that were 5mm outside tread, vs 2 tires that were 7mm outside tread have ruined this new viscous coupler ? Even tho the middle and inside tread was 7mm on both sets ?

Am i making any sense here ? Cause i noticed on the rear tires if i drive in a straight line the outer tread doesn’t even touch the ground i can see like half an inch that isn’t dirty with say sand and the rest of the tire is..

Posted by Jon-Erik
[display_name id=”1″]Have you checked the front ball joints.they could be loose and causing your tire wear problem.
Need inexpensive nursing scrubs!?Does anyone know any reputable websites to get good deals on scrubs? Thanks!

Posted by PanicGirl
[display_name id=”1″]Http://workngear.com/Work n gear is a great store… Also try scrubs.comscrubsandbeyond.com is also a great store. Cheap scrubs… Very good quality..

Just remember that you get what you pay for….

Cherokee and Dickies are often the best.

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10 Nurses – One Purpose – Nurse Interviews – Cherokee …


Jun 062014
Discount Nursing Uniforms; Nursing Scrubs
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Questions and Answers

Do nurses face any financial or insurance issues that aren’t common for non-nurses?I am looking into putting together a financial seminar for nurses and as of now am planning to have the subject be on social security and saving for retirement. However, the goal is the have the presentation as tailored and relevant to those who attend, so career specific issues would be great.For example, I was told by an insurance salesman once that it is extremely difficult for hair dressers to get life insurance for some reason…

Posted by tommy
[display_name id=”1″]One thing nurses should keep in mind is the cost of apparel and equipment. Medical professionals need gear like stethoscopes to meet employer standards and patient needs. Nurses, in particular, will also need a wardrobe of durable nursing scrubs. Investing in a professional uniform may be a challenge for newcomers to the world of nursing, so finding a discount medical scrubs retailer is always recommended. Otherwise, nurses generally have bright financial futures. Hope your seminar prepares caregivers to enjoy their best years!
Why do they wear their uniforms constantly?Why do people in the military wear their uniforms to Wal-mart. I mean really… There is no need for it. Just never understood it. I know people are going to say its pride and honor. Why also do they get discounts. Why don’t EMT’s get them and other hard working people in America. We are all the same, sorry, i just don’t think they are any more special and you and I. We all pay taxes and we all do work. I know some will say they risk their lives, but police officers risk their lives, people at the zoo, and a lot of other jobs. Thoughts?

Posted by Steven
[display_name id=”1″]My dad is in the military and after working all day, he does his errands so he can go straight home. Plenty of people do that, some wear uniforms to work and some don’t. What about nurses and doctors in scrubs? That’s a uniform. I have police officers and doctors/nurses who are regular customers at my job and sometimes wear a uniform and sometimes don’t. Yes we do get discounts, but so do police officers, doctors, firefighters, and others who risks their lives to help keep us safe, from my experience anyway. They risk their lives every day by doing their job and I greatly appreciate it.
What is a good personalized gift to give 4 of my good friends that I just graduated from nursing school with?All of my friends have given me really nice gifts, like one of them gave us all personalized necklaces, and one gave us all personalized pens. I don’t want to copy, but I also want to show them how much they all mean to me! Please help!!

Posted by Alissa67
[display_name id=”1″]How about a monogrammed set of scrubs? They come in all designs and colors now, cartoons, abstracts, solid colors, and you can get them everywhere…online, discount stores, medical supply stores. They are also very easy to fit. So they are pretty easy to give as a gift. Then have them embroidered, for a lead on who does this, ask at the local sporting goods store where local ball teams have uniforms done. If the store handles it on their own, you may have to pay extra for the monogramming since you aren’t buying jerseys, etc. But I think they would probably do it or could refer you.You could get ONE embroidered top and two coordinating bottoms to get them started on their work wardrobe.

You could also just take them all out for dinner and drinks, you pay…before you all go your separate ways.

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Spring 13 video FINAL Vimeo HD export


Jun 052014

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Abducted newborn found hours after Facebook post (CNN)

Four friends tracked down the baby after police posted photos, including an image of a woman in a nurse’s uniform entering the maternity ward, on social media.

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Is this hospital a miracle cure for the NHS? It has a Michelin chef, happy patients and is run by doctors and nurses …

Just imagine an NHS hospital whose standards match those of a top-quality hotel, with a welcoming reception area, polished floors, tasteful artwork on the freshly-painted walls, and menus inspired by a Michelin-starred chef.

D-Day 70th anniversary: Seven decades on, a band of brothers meet to pay their … – The Independent

The IndependentD-Day 70th anniversary: Seven decades on, a band of brothers meet to pay their …The IndependentMany of our members are in nursing homes. I am practically the baby of … History enthusiasts wearing World War Two U.S. Military uniforms re-enact a D-Day landing on Omaha Beach in Vierville sur Mer, on the coast of Normandy (Reuters) As D-Day passes …and more »

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Buy Cheap Nursing Scrubs Nursing Clogs Cheap Scrubs …

Cheap Scrubs are the main products of Scrubguru We have great selection of medical scrubs, nursing clogs, nursing clogs shoes for women, scrub uniforms, and many other items We are offering free print scrub tops just pay s h Call today 919 271 7633.

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Questions and Answers

Nurse Uniform?Where can i find n buy white nurse uniform (skirt) in KL area for my gf? Thank.

Posted by Eric89
[display_name id=”1″]Go online – here is a white nursing uniform skirt for cheap. Be a sport and buy 2!Http://www.tafford.com/detail.htm?sid=NT…

Where I can found Cheap Nursing Apparel?

Posted by Nahid
[display_name id=”1″]Usually uniform shops have basic unisex scrubs they sell but they also sell more expensive items.
Selling nursing scrubs?The company i work for is changing our uniform. Normally as long as we had scrubs that was all we needed. Now were changing to a specific color, which i have none of, but i digress. Is there an online site that specializes in selling nursing scrubs? I know about ebay and amazon, but i wanted one thats really only for nursing personel.

Posted by layla
[display_name id=”1″]I have found buying scrubs online much cheaper than Wal-Mart, and with a better selection. I get all my scrubs at Tafford – if you sign up for their email list, they often have free shipping specials and their scrubs are the best!Their solid scrubs come in tons of colors, so they will probably meet your new uniform requirement. Check out their solid scrubs here:

Give them a try, you wont be disappointed.

Good luck!

Nurse kit?Does anyone know a few brands that are pretty good quality but won’t break the bank? I’m interested in purchasing a nurse kit ( ~$60), but i want some quality stuff. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by stranger danger
[display_name id=”1″]Personally I dont recommend the nurse kits…Generally they have GENERIC tools which are a piece of crap…

I recommend that you figure out which items you really need and purchase seperately…

1. Stethoscope – you want a good one that you will be able to accurately hear the sounds with… Also one that is going to “feel” comfortable for you… Littman is usually the most popular as it good quality. Your stethoscope will be your best investment… So dont skimp on this!

2. Watch – having a big dial with a RED second had helps to see it better… Avoid the kind that hang from a lanyard as those can pick up pathogens when it dangles over the pt and that is an infection control “no-no”… Some new watches are coming out with plastic/rubbery type of band which can be cleaned with a disinfectant.

3. BP cuff – avoid this as most hospitals have a BP cuff on the wall for each and every bedside…. Only time you need this is if you are a home health nurse… But most agencies still provide them to the employees.

4. Scissors – you can pick up good bandage scissors for about $6 – $ 7 at any nurse uniform store or online… Dont spend alot of money here… Because you will constantly misplace them and other co-workers may “borrow” them and never return them… I am on my 5’th pair in 1 year.

5. Hemostats – looks like a pair of scissors but it doesn’t cut… It clamps down… Good for flushing foley’s and holding onto slippery things…. These are cheap too… About $5

6. Penlight – for assessing pupils and neuro checks… You can buy one really cheap about $7 or just wait until the hospital gives you one for FREE! Alot of pharmaceutical reps give them out for free as well…

7. Tape measure – for measuring girths and wounds… Also you can get for FREE from the hospital or from a pharm rep. I have 3 or 4 of them laying around.

8. EKG calipers – Only needed if you are gonna work on a Tele floor… Otherwise it’s a waste of money. They are cheap though… About $3- $5 or the hospital will supply you.

9. Skin markers – to mark the operative location on your pre-op patients… Usually the hospital provides these free.

10. Badge Holder – dont buy this… Hospitals give em away for free all the time!

That’s all ya need…. Anything else will be provided by the employer…. Good luck!

Which uniform website is the best?I need some new scrubs…which websites would you recommend or not recommend?Im hoping cheap prices and a website that is not misleading, I am mainly interested in Dickies.

I was going to order from Uniform City, but wanted to check around before I buy.


Posted by Amanda
[display_name id=”1″]Hi! When it comes to medical scrubs, hospital uniforms and nursing scrubs I will recommend Pulse Uniform. This is not just because I’m a loyal customer of this online store but for the reason that they offer diverse brands including Skechers, Cherokee,Urbane, Barco, Adar and your favorite Dickies scrubs at affordable prices. And take note their scrubs are fashionable and stylish. They have also very affordable shipping rate. Try looking at this website Http://www.pulseuniform.com. Hope this will help you.May you find the right website to suit your needs. God bless.

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Jun 052014
Nursing Scrubs Koi Limited Edition
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Questions and Answers

Online shopping for scrubs?I love to shop online and I recently got a new job… I was looking for some good websites that sell scrubs. I have found a few, Uniform Advantage, Allheart, & Scrub shopper. I was just wondering if there are any others that anyone might recommend. Thanks so much!

Posted by Bobby
[display_name id=”1″]By far my favorite is tafford.com. I love the Tafford brand of scrubs, plus they now carry many of the national brands such as Koi, Grey’s Anatomy, Landau, Barco etc. Their service is amazing and you won’t believe the prices of the Tafford scrubs.

Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

Good luck!!!

My Koi Pond Water Has Turned To Sewage Water, Please Help?!?!?All the data I can give.
I have the Laguna Clear-Flo Pump & Filter Kit and it is rated I believe its about 200 gallons larger than my pond size. I have liner not cement. I have about 7 baby koi, 2 big ones that were donated to me (now dead), 3 bull frog tadpoles, 5 baby goldfish. (My pond isn’t small, not huge, I guess we can call it decently sized. I have a circle shape pond with the center being a depth of 4 1/2 feet, where the submersible pump sits. The water was crystal clear until about a couple days ago, when it started getting murky, but it had been pretty much monsooning outside so i figured it was due to the rain… Then it started to smell, like a sewage type smell. Then I opened up the filter to check it out and it was like i opened a backed up toilet. I didn’t buy new pads, but i cleaned them out with a hose and spend about an hour on it and had the pads like new. So I called my “expect” friend and he told me that I need more oxygen, so i went out to pet co (where the pets go) and got a bunch of the pretty big air pump things with the bubble wands. Threw them at various places in the pond, over night it still was the same so I decided not to wait any longer and put the fish into a blow up pool i bought at kmart and drained the pond. It was like a backed up tiolet. It stinks.
It is true that my return on my pump wasnt exactly good, but they seemed fine for like a month. So I and my friend thought they would be fine. I have currently order a bunch of bog plants, oxygenator plants, and top water plants. I plan to clean up all the stuff off the bottom and get the liner as clean as possible. The pump, filter and koi pond is about 2 months old. I live right by the beach and was thinking of putting sand at the bottom of the pond, so that when it is clear again it shows a nice contrast rather than the black. Help me yahoo community, your my only hope. (since the expect store place is unreliable to answer any of my questions). Brocks farms in Colts Neck for the shout out you d- bags.

Posted by johnswift_hwm
[display_name id=”1″]Don’t use beach sand – too many micro-organisms that are not compatible with happy, healthy koi. If you want a sand bottom, use aquarium-grade sand.

Second, your pond has to “cycle” – here is a link that explains it ( Http://www.pondhobbyist.com/articles/Nit… ) but basically, fish poop, uneaten food, and other organic matter decomposes and creates ammonia, which is very toxic to fish. Luckily, little bacteria come along and convert the amonia to nitrites. Unfortunately, nitrites are also very toxic to fish. But, there are other little bacteria that convert the nitrites into nitrates. Nitrates are still harmful, but not as bad, for fish.

The good part, though, is that plants *love* nitrates! All those oxygenators and stuff that you are getting will help “scrub” the nitrates out of the water, and in the process will grow lush and green.

But, when you first start up a pond, it takes a while for the bacterial colonies to grow large enough to deal with the amount of waste produced, and for the actual conversion process to take place. And by a while, I mean a good 4 to 6 – maybe even 8 weeks. You shouldn’t alter your pond’s ecosystem during this time period by adding fish or draining water or scrubbing the liner or anything, because it will just delay your pond’s cycling through these processes on it’s way to becoming balanced. A partial water change of 20-30% should be all you’d ever need to do – and usually only about 10-20% (always fill with dechlorinated tap water – irrigation water has all kinds of little critters that koi are not bred to withstand…).

During the cycling process, you will first see an ammonia spike, then a nitrite spike, and finally a nitrate spike (invest in a good testing kit -available at most decent pet stores). Once your nitrates have leveled off and been stable for a while, then you can introduce your fish.

Speaking of which, you have WAY too many. I don’t know how many gallons your pond has, but without some *serious* filtration, all those fish and tadpoles and everything else are just putting, quite frankly, a bunch of poop in your pond. There is no way enough bacteria can colonize, nor plants can absorb, the amount of ammonia-nitrites-nitrates that many fish will pump out. Each goldfish should have at least 10 gallons, and each koi 100+. All the tadpoles, etc., just add ammonia without (in my mind) contributing much else.

Bad news: your blow-up pool will have the same thing happen to it, eventually, unless you cycle it, too.

And finally, may I suggest adding a veggie filter? They are the best for most closely mirroring a natural ecosystem: Http://www.bonniesplants.com/how_to/vegg… .

I hope this helps – good luck!

Are Cherokee medical scrubs comfy?I was wondering because I have to wear them next year for my junior year medical class.

Posted by Alwaysbored
[display_name id=”1″]Yes , but the ones i find bit more comfy than those are the koi scrubs.

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Landau and Koi – New Fall Fashion 2012 | Scrubs & Beyond


Jun 052014
Cherokee Nursing Scrubs Logo

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Questions and Answers

Where is the best place on-line to buy scrubs (nursing uniforms) and why?

Posted by Fred S

[display_name id=”1″]I get all my scrubs at Tafford – their quality is better than most of the brands you can get at those other stores, for much less. Plus they have great email deals with additional discounts and free shipping!Once I started shopping at Tafford, I started throwing away all the other scrubs catalogs and emails. Give them a shot!

If you really need Cherokee scrubs (for Tooniforms, sports teams logos, baby phat, etc), check out bestofscrubs.com – they have free shipping on every order, just like Zappos and their selection is enormous…

What are some stylish yet affordable women’s scrubs?I know women’s scrubs aren’t all that stylish, but I want something that doesn’t make me look like I have a diaper bottom. Also something that doesn’t make me look like I have no curves to my body. I want something that is a longer top, form fitting but very flexible. I’m 5’6″ thin and curvy.. Help me!

Posted by Stevie
[display_name id=”1″]Hi Stevie, we understand that nurses and doctors want to look good in what they wear day in and day out! A1 Scrubs has all different types of scrubs, from designers like Dickies, Baby Phat, Cherokee and more. Our discounted prices allow for you to get a few different sets so you can even mix and match, if you want to. Look great all day long, check out our selection !

What do you need or what scientific glassware and medical supplies do you use in nursing or chemistry course?E.g. Test tubes, beaker, erlenmeyer flask, scrubs, dissecting set.

Posted by A Yahoo! User
[display_name id=”1″] You will definitely need scrubs, but just because you need them doesn’t mean you have to get boring scrubs. You can find scrubs in fashion from a variety of brands like Cherokee scrubs, Landau scrubs and Dickies scrubs at Http://www.a1scrubs.com/.” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Http://www.a1scrubs.com/. Also, since it seems like you are buying a lot of supplies for your course, Http://www.a1scrubs.com/ carries discount scrubs.

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Find Scrub Stores by State


Jun 042014
Nursing scrubs; Koi Lindsey Scrubs
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Questions and Answers

 My scrubs are really baggy even though its a size petite small, what should I do? I’m my normal weight for a petite lady but my scrubs seem so baggy compared to the other workers.
What should I do because I have the smallest size?

Posted by
[display_name id=”1″] I have the same problem – I’m 4’8 and I wear an XSP. Some of my pants had to be tailored/hemmed so that they weren’t huge on me. My mom put those bungee cord things at the bottoms of some of my scrub pants(similar to the Koi Lindsey pants) so that it wouldn’t have to be hemmed (but are still long, just not falling on the floor).My scrub tops, on the other hand are still a little big on me. I don’t dare to tailor them in case I somehow manage to gain weight or need to wear layers and want to feel comfortable.Honestly, I don’t think it’s that big a deal. We’re small and nursing scrubs were not made to fit us well (even when they’re the right size). Think about it – how many people actually buy scrubs that are bigger than what they normally wear? I know some people that buy their nursing scrubs 1 or 2 sizes larger just to be more comfortable. They don’t mind how big and baggy they are.

The nursing scrubs I own, that I’m not really drowning in, is the ones by Uniform Advantage (I like the Butter Soft). The top is still a tiny bit big, but I don’t look like a kid wearing mom’s clothes in them. The pants – get this – they actually fit well. Maybe you could order a pair of UA nursing scrubs and see how they compare to other brands (they’re pretty cheap compared to the big names as well).

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Koi Ashley 113 Scrub Top


Jun 042014
Nursing Scrubs; Wholesale Goods

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Are you looking for nursing scrubs wholesale? If the answer is yes, I have great news for you. First, I’m going to take you on a journey I personally took a few months back. I had to buy my work-wear; I mean my nursing scrubs; and I wanted them in bulk. I straight away started looking up couple of manufacturers websites, but could not see any simple procedure to land myself these wholesale deals. Only retail stores or large medical institutions have easy access to wholesale distributors because of the volumes and frequency of orders they usually place. I gave up because of the complicated protocols I will have to go through in order to get the wholesale deals. That was not something I wanted, so I decided to go to a physical store.

It took some time to get to the shopping center which is about 30 miles from where I work. In the nursing scrubs store, the selection was poor and the prices did not meet my expectations at all. On top of all, there were no other uniforms stores for quick shop around in order to compare scrub brands and prices. I had to give up on that path too. But the thing is, I wanted new nurses uniforms so bad. And I did not want to spend a great deal of money; considering the prices of the store I visited. I had to calm down; go back home and then refocus on how to get those wholesale deals on my uniforms. What happened from there was just mesmerizing. I do remember how a pop up ad on my smartphone, magically unveil all the hints; and the daunting hunt for my nursing scrubs was solved. All I needed to do was click and follow the ad that seamed to have all the answers I was looking for. I was able to land on a website that has nursing uniforms of the leading brands – Dickies, Landau and Cherokee. I do not remember the terms of the ad; but the landing page link is: Tafford Nursing Scrubs – Huge Selection at Low Prices on your Favorite Brands

These websites are the online alternative to traditional commerce brick and mortar, but better. Instead of spending a day going through different stores, what you can do is, from the comfort of your home or anywhere else, access the internet to do your research. They offer a wide range of medical uniforms at bargain prices. It is even better when placing orders of large quantities of items. This enables the online stores to offer very low prices. They have a great selection of wholesale scrubs; and the best things is that you can mix and match different uniforms and still get the wholesale price. You can’t find any better. Try them out! Good luck!

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Questions and Answers

Cheaper nursing scrubs?I looked on a website called Salus and their prices are the best Ive ever seen. But i couldn’t find the color i needed. Are there any other websites like this with cheap nursing scrubs of different varieties?

Posted by Kayla Gladden

[display_name id=”1″]What is your price range?

Scrubsandbeyond.com have the nicest scrubs I’ve seen. But the shipping is not cheap on ANY website. I suggest you google nurse uniform locations around your area.

Cheap Scrubs?Is there god places online where you can find really cute scrubs, at good prices?

Posted by zachandcourtney

[display_name id=”1″]I get my scrubs at www.tafford.com. They have great prices, the best scrubs, good service and unbelievable clearance deals.

For Cherokee and baby phat scrubs, try www.bestofscrubs.com. They have good prices and free shipping on ALL orders!!!

What’s a good cheap facial scrub?I have horrible spots all over my face and even some on my neck and I want a facial scrub that can help get rid of these! I also have a lot of scars from when I’ve had spots in the past and I want help with getting rid of them too.


Posted by Roll A Joint

[display_name id=”1″]Using a scrub if you have angry lesions will make your acne worse! Don’t do it!!

I had acne for years -most products out there are too hash. Scrubbing your skin will make it red and raw. It will also make your skin produce MORE oil, which means more blocked pores and more spots…

If you want to have spotless skin, you need to be GENTLE with it. Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and replace the moisture and nutrients to the skin that are missing so that it can rejuvenate itself with minimum scarring.

SIMPLE have just started making a really good face that claims to improve skin in just one day, “Simple Spotless Skin- Triple Action Face Wash with zinc & chamomile goodness for visibly clearer skin”. I’ve used it for the past week with great results.
“Clean and Clear Advantage 4hr spot Treatment” works well for me when i need it.

HONEY IS AMAZING. It has transformed my skin. Reduces and fades scars, acts as a cleanser and is both an antibacterial & anti-inflammatory. Use a CLEAR ORGANIC one and leave on your skin for about 15mins. When my skin was very bad i used it morning and evening. My skin cleared dramatically after a week. Now, i only need to use it around my time of the month.

Make sure you use a light moisturizer. If you skip this step you skin will produce more oil to compensate. ALOE VERA based ones are good as they nourish and encourage healing too. I use a certified 95% standardized one as it has the best benefits, (£7 for 200ml shops own brand). I then follow with Dr Organic Aloe Vera Cream and use my blemish gel as necessary.
Alternatively, Simple also make a blemish face cream in the same spotless skin range- maybe try that?

DR MURAD products very effective (buy online). The blemish gel cleared my spots overnight. They are expensive though, but i did see visible results in about a week. However, find that my current skin routine just as effective for a fraction of the cost.

I know it is hard, but also try not to squeeze. If you must, wash your face and use the honey mask immediately after to prevent the spread.

TIP: Take a photo before and after and try a treatment for about 4-6weeks. Take another photo and compare. High sugar diets have also been linked to more severe acne, so it might help to cut down on that but the effect is not as great as proper skincare. Try this- it worked for me. I hope this helps you too.

Good Luck 🙂

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The Cherokee Scrubs Runway Collection

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Jun 032014
Nursing scrubs; Doctors
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Questions and Answers

Are we really ……being Misled….by the E.U?Saying that there is a Free Market…between Member States…..when there is A Ban on selling Swedish Snus in europe other than in Sweden….surely this proves that there isn`t a free market…..and contradicts…what the purpose of a common market is ?

Posted by bill_hill@rocketmail.com
[display_name id=”1″]How can a free market have limits?

The eu is a protectionist zone, for the benefit of german industry, french farming and spanish fishing.

If it was truly a free market, why does it allow price distortions. Par example: cars are cheaper in several european countries than in the UK, but the barriers to obtaining one are still there. Alcohol and tobacco are classic examples of price differences, but try and buy either at your local shop for the same prices that they pay in parts of europe.

Ireland imports all of its fuel, yet it is cheaper than in the UK – which has North Sea oil – and if you try to wholesale Irish fuel in the UK it is a crime.

Likewise electronic goods, entertainment goods and so on and so on. Even medical care and dentistry is cheaper and more accessible in europe. Have you seen the hurdles that you must jump over before you can get the NHS to save money by getting your treatment in europe?

The eu is the Forth Reich without the uniforms.

What do I need to do to open a scrub/medical uniform store?I want to open a scrub store. I work in the medical field right now, and our city has no scrub stores. I have about $11,000 saved up right now just to open it, but I don’t know where to start. I have decided that I want to buy the scrubs wholesale and also want to buy back gently used scrubs. I have found a possible location but I am not sure how much money to spend on what. I am not going to hire anyone at first, it will just be me. Any input would be appreciated!

Posted by Chandra
[display_name id=”1″]When you open it, you should carry Tafford scrubs. They are my favorite, but I can never find them in scrub stores:

Good luck with your business!

Wholesale medicine supplier?I am trying to find the prices of different types of medicine for a project at uni.
I need a big list of medicine and medical products to do price comparison charts.
Any help would be appreciated.

Posted by
[display_name id=”1″]Prices of medicine vary between countries. There is no uniform pricing for the whole world.
You can try this site. I found it through Http://www.yahoo.com search engine.
Tell them what you need and why you need it. Perhaps they would be willing to help you out.
Good luck.


you can also try Http://dir.yahoo.com , browse through the health/medicine sections.

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Scrub Shop| Cheap Nursing Scrubs| Nurse Uniforms|Lab Coats …


Jun 022014
Nursing Scrubs; Dickies
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Dickies Medical Uniforms

Dickies Nursing Scrubs; Women

When it comes to providing most effective in medical scrubs the Dickies is one of the few manufacturers that attract attention over the remainder. If you are to buy new scrub tops as well as trousers, Dickies scrubs are fundamentally an illustration of quality; that you should go for. Dickies scrubs offer the possibility to have first-class excellent quality medical uniforms at economical cost. When you acquire your nursing scrubs with the Dickies tag sewn in the collar of the tops, that is particularly one major element any clinical specialist would want to see as well as display. When you rely on Dickies scrubs for your clinical garments, you will certainly discover every little things you always wanted designers to come up with when creating your professional attire.

Are you curious about finding out even more in terms of what the Dickies scrubs can exactly accomplish for your medical uniforms? There are a great deal of designs and also colors readily available to make that best fit on your physical body. Dickies nursing scrubs are outstanding options for doctors in need of a lot more in their hectic profession. Obviously, to any nurse who wants to discover the choices provided after buying Dickies hospital scrubs should first think about and check out the different designs readily available instead. This can be done by using off-line or online Dickies scrubs store. Snappy names such as Bohemian Collection, Dickies scrubs motivation, as well as Hip Flip collections etc are trendy styles to look for in today’s Dickies marketplace. Your colleagues will acknowledge your choices because your work attire looks something trendy and also something suitable for your character. thetitleIn that quest, if you have the opportunity to visit specialized Dickies scrubs stores, you will discover that Dickies is able to create clothing for varieties of activities different from the medical field. It is very common to read, Dickies clothing scrubs, Dickies urbane scrubs, etc in these specialized scrubs stores.

Dickies nursing scrubs are, without a doubt, one of the most preferred options easily accessible to any type of nursing personnel. These Dickies nursing scrubs provide you the opportunity to be stylish while remaining appropriately dressed for your medical practice workplace’s gown code. Considering the scrubs color options and their availability, registered nurses depend on Dickies nursing scrubs. Various colors are always easily obtainable for Dickies nursing scrubs buyers.

Seeking a 70s motif? Due to the fact that Dickeis come in those prominent 70s styles as well as the colors easy to access will most definitely tell you of the 70s, you will unquestionably be in paradise. The choice is really yours.

The medical industry is loaded with folks who care; and individuals who care acknowledge Dickies medical uniforms for more options available with focus on quality and also professionalism and trust. Do you rely on the high quality of Dickies nursing scrubs? As a medical practitioner, you are in charge of making individuals comfortable, dedicated to healing those in need while staying expert. In the past, simple white was the appropriate standard of nurses garments. With Dickies nursing scrubs, you could select white, a great deal of prints or colors. You can also get simple styles or very sofisticated ones.

With Dickies scrubs you are in charge, and also you select those Dickies clinical attires that match your demand. Even more, you are selecting a manufacturer with virtually a century of nursing scrubs business background, when you buy Dickies clinical attires. This business fulfillment of the Dickies boosts its visibility nowadays because besides creating and styling medical scrubs they also develop attires for different occupations where medical scrubs are the source of inspiration. With all the above, you will certainly understand why those medical professionals who take their occupation seriously rely on the excellence as well as functionality supplied by Dickies medical scrubs.

Questions and Answers

Do Cherokee scrubs fit better than Dickies? I ordered some scrub pants from Dickies and they seemed really tight but they were my size. Do you guys know from experience if Dickies run small or if Cherokee runs larger? Thanks!
I was reading on NW Scrubs website that Cherokee ran large, so I was just asking your opinions! Thanks!

Posted by *~*~*~*
[display_name id=”1″] I wear the old raggedy scrubs they have for us here at work, but in other clothing selections, I have found Cherokee to be true to fit, and cut for my particular body habitus.I would suggest you return the Dickies brand and ask for the next larger size, or a refund. Also, advise them to tell their phone order takers and their website to offer the information that their sizes run small to size.

Wearing Dickies work pants as scrubs?I have a new job at a preschool, and the uniform is scrubs. I have a black pair of women’s work dickies already (boot cut, snug fitting) and am wondering if they could double as “scrub pants,” if I wear a scrub top with them. I just bought 2 other pairs of actual scrub pants, so that’s not the issue, but I’d like to be able to put these to good use if possible, as they are relatively new. Thanks.

Posted by chocolatee
[display_name id=”1″] Dickies are awesome.

In search of scrubs.?I am in search for scrubs that fit. I am 5’4″, weigh 100lbs, and i wear 00/24. I found the “best ever scrubs” that fit great, but are no longer available and I need more that fit. I have tried the greys anatomy, wink scrubs, dickies brands. I am looking for PLAIN scrubs, no prints. Any suggestions?

Posted by mellocello391
[display_name id=”1″] Here’s a site that has scrubs in children’s sizes in a variety of colorsHttp://www.mylittledoc.com/servlet/the-6…

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Miracle – Never Gets Old