Jun 212014
Scrub Shoes for Women; Nursing Scrubs
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12 Skills Every Man Should Know

You’re born without them, spend a lifetime acquiring them, and check them at the door on your way out – and for what? To survive in the wild? To get rich and retire early? No. You acquire skills so you can be a man of action, because in a world in which everyone outsources and delegates, action is what sets you apart.

Smarten up, doc: Medicine is a prestigious profession – Irish Independent

Irish IndependentSmarten up, doc: Medicine is a prestigious profession. Irish Independent. She says some non-consultant doctors dress worse than pyjama ladies at the shops, citing a predominance of blue denim jeans worn with theatre scrub tops. Recently, she attended an educational meeting in Barcelona and, while taking notes at the city’s …

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Dickies Scrubs – DI-853102 Women Boot Cut Hip Flip Pants

This pair of Dickies Junior Hip Flip Pants for women provides a simple but classy look and features an elastic waist to allow it to fit any body shape. It also has two slash pockets and side vents at the hem to let it fit over shoes. Its inseam measures 30 1/2 inches. Shop for one of these by visiting
Http://www.pulseuniform.com/styleshop.as… .

How can you help? Wish list from local nonprofit organizations, May 25

Below is a wish list of items and volunteer opportunities from nonprofit organizations in Racine County. They were provided by local nonprofit organizations.

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Questions and Answers

Isn’t it time for Muslim men to cover themselves like Muslim women?Muslim women being forced to wear Hijab in Islam because they say that it is necessary for society and that men are sexually attracted to women.Now there are many gay men too who are sexually attracted to men and so they may sin while they see a man who didn’t cover his body completely.LOL
She said : many Muslim women are being forced to wear.

Posted by silence
[display_name id=”1″] Hijab is for both men and women, each has their own “prescription.” Hijab covers both dress code and self-composure, it is not limited to a piece of cloth on the head.Women are not forced to wear the hijab. There are some isolated cases of this, just as there are some isolated cases of girls of other religions being forced to wear dresses, or not allowed make-up, whatever. But for the most part, the head covering is not forced, and neither is enforcement of this <ever> instructed in Islam.”There is no compulsion in religion. The right direction is henceforth distinct from error. And he who rejecteth false deities and believeths in Allah hath grasped a firm handhold which will never break. Allah is Hearer, Knower.”
~Holy Qur’an, Pickthall translation, Sura 2 (The Cow), ayat 256It’s all choice.Btw, the gay comment wasn’t funny, it was lame.Another way of looking at this:
Hijab liberates women. That’s right, it <liberates> women. And this liberation is a loving gift from her Creator. Let me explain.

Women are judged by their looks. That’s the sad, unfair truth. Women who wear make-up and wear the latest fashions spend a significant amount of money on their clothes, hair, fingernails, toenails, waxing, shoes, jewelry, perfumes, purses, hats, etc. Not to mention breast jobs, Botox, face lifts, To keep up, she has to fork it out. Then, after everything is purchased and she’s all scrubbed up and beautified, she walks out into the world…. To be judged. That may not be her intent, but let’s face it, that’s what happens.

She’s judged by men for her looks and shagability:
“Nice t!ts” “Look at that @ss!” “Nice mouth, she probably gives good head” “Nip slip!!!” “Ugh, fat pig!” “Too skinny” etc etc.

She’s judged by women too:
“What a fat pig!” “She’s conceited, thinks she’s so hot” “She walks like a horse!” “Those are so fake” “Those shoes don’t go with that outfilt” “Can we say nose job” “Skinny b!tch” etc etc.

Now, if she’s in a hijab, she doesn’t have to worry about any of this. In a hijab, people are forced to deal with her as a <person>, as a human being with a brain and intelligence.

So you see how the hijab liberates women? She doesn’t have to worry about being pretty enough, or too pretty, or too thin, or too fat, etc. Instead, she’s given this beautiful, liberating gift, something given to her by God Himself. What a compassionate, loving God!

Question about my shoes? So, can you clean your shoes?
By “shoes” I mean these type of shoes:
~Girls/Womens dress shoes
~Boys/Mens basketball shoes
~Boys Youth running shoes
~Boys Youth soccer cleats
~Boys/Men skateboarding shoes
~Boys Youth flip-flops
~Girls/Women flip-flopsPlease tell me if you can only clean a certain few of the shoes listed above. None of them are over 6 months old (except maybe the dress shoes). I wanna know how to get the dirt off, and make the shoes look “brand new.” Please tell me if I should use a special type of soap or anything like that. Also, how should you wash them, step by step?Thank you to all who have answered!From Noodle 🙂

Posted by skat3r911
[display_name id=”1″]Okay you can’t make all shoes look brand new, they’re shoes, they get worn and torn etc. If its leather you can just pick up a leather cleaner from, any clothing store really. Flip flops…. Really? You can just wash them like you’d wash anything.Basketball shoes and soccer cleats are generally easy to use a cloth and scrub the outside with. Where as skating shoes may have more clothes material and more difficult to do that. You don’t really need a special type of soap unless its leather. I’m sure you should be able to judge how well the material will handle water.
Woman’s jail clothing?I am writing a report for school on jail issued clothes for woman. Do woman wear their own bra’s or panties or do they not wear anything. Also what shoes do woman wear? Do they wear flip flops or sandals with or without socks? Also do woman wear there own prison scrubs in court. I remember seeing Casey Anthony in court with her prison scrubs, handcuffed and she being shackled wearing sandals with no socks. Why?Thank you for the help.

Posted by penguin213
[display_name id=”1″]Bras and panties are almost always supplied by the prison, and standard footwear is socks and canvas shoes. However, there will be restrictions depending on the security level. In max security units bras are often not allowed, and flip flops may be issued instead of socks and shoes to reduce inmate mobility in case they start running. In situations like disciplinary segregation and psych unit, inmates receive only a gown to wear, without undergarments, and are barefoot at all times. And if they are placed on strip status or suicide watch then they must go completely naked inside their cell.
What kind of shoe to wear with scrub pants?I’m not a nurse or anything but I have to wear scrub pants to a new job, and I don’t know what kind of shoes to wear. I hate really big tennis shoes, and I’m not wearing crocks or anything. Do they have small, feminine tennis shoes? And are there any other kinds of shoes you can wear?

Posted by
[display_name id=”1″]My aunt is a nurse and she wears those slip on New Balance shoes with her scrubs.Http://www.aperfectdealer.com/cgi-local/…
Http://www.aperfectdealer.com/cgi-local/…I’m not a big fan of those, or big tennis shoes either. I would probably wear one of these pairs on the top row:Http://www.journeys.com/product_listing….
Are there any woman’s motorcycle boots that can pass for tennis shoes when worn under scrubs?I have proper riding boots, but would like something for riding to work that I will not have to remove once I get there. I am almost tempted to just find a pair of hiking boots for my backstreet, low speed ride to work.
Or what do you wear when riding to work, just to get ideas….
Steel toe and ankle protection.

Posted by Chalgal
[display_name id=”1″]Steel Toe Tennis ShoesHarley Davidson, Doc Martens, Timberland.Http://workingperson.com/products/22_360…

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https://hotnursingscrubs.com/Nursing Scrub Shoes/Scrub Shoes For Women

Jun 192014
Grey's Anatomy Nursing Scrubs
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Whenever the public characterizes, paramedics, firefighters, EMTs or pretty much any tragedy workforce, they come up with strobes effects, sirens, as well as proactive scenarios. Unfortunately, when they on the other hand try to define medical professionals, nurses, they outline unexciting, boring individuals who earn a good fortune, along with perhaps a bit of discomfort. Grey's Anatomy Scrubs; Nursing ScrubsBecause of ABC’s success television show Grey’s Anatomy, a great deal of that improved. Health care professionals, nursing staff, surgeons, along with the whole hospital environment have embarked on a great new enthusiasm since viewers excitedly looked forward to every single upcoming show.Doctors ended up keen to keep hold of this particular unprecedented recognition, and it’s made available to them as important series of medical scrubs driven by Grey’s Anatomy. Barco, a major brand name of medical uniforms, producers of the Elan as well as NRG models, has created the Grey’s Anatomy scrub uniforms, which are styled after those put on by the cast of these tv series. With the launch of that set of uniforms, Barco held once again at the promise of its brand to provide a wide array of designs and colors to suit the preferred choice of uniqueness and style.
It is crucial for medical scrubs to be relaxing, functional, and wearable, because they are in most cases, put on for lengthy time frames. The brand new Grey’s Anatomy collection includes each one of these key elements, and provide an exceptional fashion sense that is most of the time gone when thinking about medical garb. Medical workforce have the choice of selecting medical scrubs patterned by their preferred character types on Grey’s Anatomy. The scrubs can be found in variations, both for ladies and men, in different styles and colors which are highlighted by characters on the show. They are available in several different designs, from loose-fitting cargo pants and tops to way more customized appearances. Top sellers are often the v-neck shirts and excellent wrap tops for ladies. Maternity varieties, cargo pants and tops likewise are part of the selection, so nobody is excluded from the excitement. The scrub uniforms can be bought in common colors, along with much more artwork prints that are very good to actually brighten up the doctors’ workplace, and comfort pediatric medical patients.

The scrubs are manufactured out of a durable poly-rayon synthesis proofed against stains and airborne dirt and dust. The fabric happens to be sturdy and long-lasting. Grey’s Anatomy scrubs are the main alternative for consumers investing in their personal scrub uniforms, but are as well sought after by those buying for a whole workplace or staff, for their level of popularity as well as excellent outfits. When buying in large quantities, Grey’s Anatomy scrubs can be obtained at cheaper rates. For corporations where their logo is attached on their employees’ scrub uniforms, the Grey’s Anatomy scrubs welcome badges as well as other insignia desired.

Grey's Anatomy Scrubs, Nursing ScrubsApart from the typical tops and shirts, Grey’s Anatomy scrubs consist of many different looks. They can easily be acquired in lab coats, hoodies, training routine equipment, and t-shirts. Whenever worn, the uniforms develop sensation of self-importance in the profession, and self-assurance in the position that is fundamental to the community in particular. Whether planning to buy fresh new medical scrubs or even re-supply an old work clothing, Grey’s Anatomy scrubs are classified as the cutting edge professional medical uniforms of choice.

Barco is the top producer of nursing scrubs. They develop Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs. They provide a multitude of medical clothing in all colors, sizes, prints, and styles. They supply specialized petite, tall, and maternity medical uniforms at discount prices.

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For those on economy’s margins, nursing aide job offers meager opportunity (Washington Post)

She had made it as far as the career school’s parking lot for the December training class and the February class, only to drive away each time in a tangle of anxiety and self-doubt. Now it was March, and here Tereza Sedgwick came again: dressed in the mandatory class uniform of red-and-black scrubs, a lit cigarette dangling in her fingers out the busted window of her ’88 Plymouth. She parked in the lot and watched a procession of unemployed workers enter the school building in southeastern Ohio, trying to will herself to join them.
Read full article >>


Highway Patrol: Complete Season 2

Recommended “Whenever the laws of any state are broken, a duly authorized organization swings into action. It may be called the State Police, State Troopers, Militia, the Rangers… Or the Highway Patrol. These are the stories of the men whose training, skill and courage have enforced and preserved our state laws.” – Highway Patrol ‘s opening narration As it often does, Wikipedia gets it wrong …

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Scrubs – Erasure

A song gets spread around Sacred Heart.

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Mercy staff now color coded

With the variety of scrub uniforms in different colors, patterns and designs worn by healthcare personnel in hospitals and clinical settings, it can be difficult to know who is taking care of you. At Mercy Medical Center – Centerville employees now a.

Questions and Answers

Trying to find nice affordable scrub uniforms?Hello,i’m looking to buy nice looking affordable uniform scrubs online,for my nursing facility job,something with pretty colors….any suggestions??

Posted by DANNI A
[display_name id=”1″] Hands down, Tafford. Wal-mart has some OK stuff, but everyone gets scrubs there and they’re quality is worse and usually cost more.Allheart has some decent prices, but their customer service is terrible! My friend just had a problem with her order, and they wont even answer the phones to help her. She wasted her money there.Tafford has the most unique scrubs, with great quality and service. Plus, they have great clearance deals. I know I sound like a commercial, but you should definitely check them out:Http://www.tafford.com

Good luck!

Medical scrubs/ Uniforms?Is there a web site I can get personalized scrubs or ones with band logos. IDK something fun other than the regular patterns.

Posted by Mad
[display_name id=”1″] I find that Tafford has some really cool, unique scrubs with some rock and roll type themes. Check them out:Http://www.tafford.com/thumb.htm?tl=3&ldid=3&sdid=36Good luck!
What stores have scrubs uniforms?I have a new job as a receptionist and I’m looking for stores that have scrubs in the Philadelphia, PA area. Can anyone help me out?

Posted by Mimi333
[display_name id=”1″] Wal-mart has the best prices for scrubs.
When do nursing students start wearing scrubs/uniform? I will be starting to do the 2 year RN program and I was just wondering…

Posted by Ash and june
[display_name id=”1″] Where I went to school (a community college), RNs, LPNs, and CNAs only wore uniforms to clinicals. You might also wear them for graduation. I do know of a private school where uniform scrubs were worn for class every day. So I guess it just depends on the school.

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Jun 172014
Nursing Scrubs; Walmart Scrubs
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Nursing Scrubs – Lots Of Designs to Choose From

Lots of different Nursing Scrubs designs have been around lately. People scour the internet looking for Walmart scrubs. If you are a nurse or a doctor about to renew you work uniform, it is easy nowadays to find these stylish clothing for healthcare personnel in number of apparel manufacture and retail companies outlets like Barco, Med Couture, Cherokee, Dickies, Tafford.com; just to name a few; in addition to Walmart.

There are lots and lots of styles and designs to choose from. Can you imagine that during the late 19th century, medical industry experts including doctors never put on nursing scrubs. There was, no protective garments like scrubs for doctors throughout patients treatment. Strange enough, doctors wouldn’t deal with patients with lot of proper care like it is at present. Throughout surgery sessions, operating doctors and nursing staff didn’t have to comply with isolation measures, wearing protective gear. They also did not clean their hands before any medical procedure and possibly right after. Long story short, these precaution were nonexistent. Almost all affected people died right from bacterial infections that were purely spread by the very same doctors.

Safety measures started off most recently. The goal was to establish levels of hygiene in the healthcare business environment. This is why protective gear like the nursing uniforms were brought in to reduce the spread of illnesses. They were called scrubs due to scrubbing of hands performed by doctors and medical staff prior to a surgical procedure.

Cotton, initially, was the material chosen for the fabric and white color, which is the natural color of cotton, for the Nursing Scrubs color. This was ideal, since it was considered to improve brightness to the eyes. Increasingly more colors of medical scrubs, like blue and pink, had been introduced years later; giving a way to nursing scrubs in a variety of printed patterns. The printed models were being generally and widely worn in pediatric department, where kids responded very well to nursing medical scrubs with animated movie characters. Scrubs garments that were lightweight and cheerfully colored were chosen mainly to brighten nurses old times dull feelings.

Like mentioned earlier, the idea of dressing in scrubs apparel has expanded to consumer clothing, that it is easy today to obtain them in almost every consumer apparel establishment. Whether it is on Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, Cherokee…, you will find several styles of scrubs uniforms. And actual trends show that the public is definitely caught up in the scrubs enthusiasm. The speed at which all these stylish medical scrubs were being worn was increasing just like the number of models were growing higher and higher. Scrub uniforms have, lately, become commonly used by the majority of people. They are long-lasting, cool and trendy; functional and comfortable. But not all nurses scrubs available in the marketplace have got all these great features which, in fact, are the expectations of modern consumers.
There are providers that claim to rise up to these expectations. They always dedicate themselves in the development of amazing scrubs, that are contemporary, stylish and functional. They provide varied selections of scrub tops and pants; plus they also carry nurses set of footwear and much more. Companies like Cherokee, Barco, Koi, Dickies, Med Couture, Adar… have never stopped to bring contemporary printed layouts, and new great ideas like stripes or fluorescent colors… in order to keep enhancing the class quality and attractiveness of medical nursing scrubs. Nurses scrubs set of footwear has been, furthermore, tweaked. Nurses footwear now have a whole brand new appearance which is exquisite, desirable. You can even tell, just by their simple look that they are comfortable to stand in, during the whole day.

Scrubs clothing are nowadays chosen for either casual attributes or work characteristics. People purchase Scrubs clothing in stores; online using internet service or offline. As people do not wish to devote much of their time and money going from one store to another, they simply go online. Today’s high technology is making things much easier given that, at the convenience of your home, you can easily locate anything you want by the click of the mouse. Whether you are working in the medical industry or need scrubs for casual attire, scour the web for a dedicated website providing scrubs uniforms at affordable prices. Once you get one that has scrubs for sale, do not hesitate to place your order.

Questions and Answers

Where to buy hospital scrubs in store?For good quality and price?

Posted by
[display_name id=”1″] Walmart, any scrub store; since you do not say where you are, you will have to google. Allheart is one online and there are many.
Kennel asst. Scrubs color? Ok so I may be getting a job as a kennel asst. That also does some vet tech stuff…. I need scrubs for a working interview, but I am having trouble finding them…. I got a dark, dark blue, probably black colored pair, it was the only shirt they had in small (the pants are large but I was able to roll them up so they don’t look too baggy)but now im thinking maybe black is too morbid a color to wear at a veterinary office…(the other girl wore pastel pink)the light blue looked to human doctor/nurse-ish and I rather dislike light pink…. I also thought that the prints would be a bad idea….im really confused!! If anyone has any ideas on this I would greatly appreciate it!
Ps. I need it in 2 days, so ordering online is out… 🙁
Icheckedwalmart/kmart… They don’t carry smalls…. They are like all 1X and up !Well, I guess my main question is, willIlook like the grim reaper ifI wear these blackish ones?

Posted by SeAwAvEs
[display_name id=”1″] Walmart has a section of scrubs and sometimes they have some cuties ones with animals and flowers. They are usually found in the athletic and evening wear area that’s where I get all mine and I am a fat girl so they have all sizes. NO you wont look like the grim reaper. Since you’re in the kennel, most of the time it wont matter. If you’re using bleach or strong cleaner you might bleach out the color, if you are working with nasty fluids like blood or runny poo it will hide it. Sometimes if you ask a sales person at Walmart if they have more in the back, they will look for you. I have that problem with my daughter, always her size is not on the rack but its in stock in the back.

Do they sell male scrubs at Walmart? I am about to get a job as a state tested nursing assistant. Scrubs are a requirement at ALL nursing facilities in Ohio. I was walking throughWallmart the other day, and I noticed that there is a huge rack, with nothing but female scrubs on it… Like with the flowers and stuff on them, but, do they sell guy’s scrubs too? Cause I went through the men’s clothing section, and saw NONE. So, do you, good people of Yahoo Answers know ifWallie World sells them?

Posted by timmothy s
[display_name id=”1″] The walmart female scrub section has scrubs for males mixed in them, it is up to you to decipher which scrub is more neutral for your gender and fits, they have extremely large sizes so that should be no problem.

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Schubes ARRESTED in 7th Grade?!?


Jun 172014
Nursing Scru- Shoes
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Isla Vista shooting suspect manifesto

The suspect accused of going on a shooting rampage near UC Santa Barbara on Friday night wrote a 141-page manifesto.

Discounted Women’s Sandals Now Available at Super Shoes – Busbyway

Discounted Women’s Sandals Now Available at Super ShoesBusbywayWith over 200 brands to choose from, Super Shoes can accommodate the fashion needs for women, men, and children. Some of the top brands available at all locations include Carhartt, Carolina, Crocs, Converse, New Balance, and Nurse Mates.and more »

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Fashionable and Cool Skechers Scrub Uniforms And Nursing …

Check Out The New Line of Trendy Skechers Scrubs at Http://www.discountscrubsdirect.com/skec…

Shop Right Now And Save Up To 20% Off Skechers Scrub Uniforms and Shoes. Discover The Unique Series of Hip Cool Uniforms for Healthcare Individuals From Skechers Medical Scrubs.

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Super Shoes is Offering Significant Discounts for Memorial Day Holiday Weekend

Super Shoes is offering the lowest prices of the season on their entire product line during their Memorial Day Weekend Sale. Brand names that are on sale include Carhartt, Nurse Mates, Crocs, and many, many more. (PRWeb May 23, 2014) Read the full story at Http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/05/pr…

Questions and Answers

What are the best women’s shoes (style and brand) to wear for standing on your feet all day?I can’t wear sneakers, although I’d love to. Ballet flats are cute but NOT comfortable enough. I bought some BOC (Born) clogs and they’re OK for the first 3 hours. Is there a more comfortable shoe for all-day wear?

Posted by tooinvolved1
[display_name id=”1″]Nurses are on their feet all day, and most of them wear regulation nursing shoes. You can’t beat them for comfort and support. Sorry, I don’t know styles and brands, but if you look up Nurses or Nursing Shoes in your local phone book, you will find who sells them.
What are some shoes I can wear if I have weird feet and stand all day?Hi,I just got a job bagging/cleaning at a grocery store. I usually get 2 days off during the week, and some days I will only stand 4 – 6 hours, but other days I can stand as long as 9 hours. Even after just 5 hours of standing, the bottoms of my feet are usually in a great deal of pain. It takes quite a few hours, plus a night of sleep before I can walk on them without feeling pain.

I am overweight (but working on it), and my feet are completely flat (as in I have no arches!). My feet are also very long, but very narrow. I am wondering what kind of shoes are out there that can provide the most comfort for long periods of standing, and also can fit narrow feet and have a lot of arch support.

I have looked into nursing shoes, but I want to see what other options there are. What do you think?


Posted by Aunt Mildred
[display_name id=”1″]Don’t bother with the nursing shoes unless you are ready to spend $100 or more. The cheaper ones are not so good. I’m a nurse and I can tell you all the nurses I work with wear something different. Some wear tennis shoes and some expensive clogs. So far I like Nike or New balance running shoes. They have support and are pretty comfortable. I’m still on the look out for something better. I hear there’s a Scandinavian clog that’s pretty comfortable and there is the Dansko shoes too. They are expensive though. I wear a size 11 (women) in nike shoes and have yet to find a dansko for women that is long enough. I have found the more expensive the shoe the less pain I have in the morning. Good luck on you hunt!
How important was the role of woman in securing the alied victory in the second world war?Plzz help.

Posted by ronaldo 07
[display_name id=”1″]Quite important. On the home front, women took over the men’s jobs in factories. “Rosie the Riveter” became famous for making planes. They also helped recycle valuable metals, such as turning in aluminum cooking pots and pans for melting into strategic items. They helped in U.S.O. Tours and shows; the soldiers and sailors loved to see the famous movie stars come to the front and perform; Bob Hope’s tours became famous from that, and lasted through many wars. The role of women nurses and hospital aides and orderlies can’t be over-stated either; the injured fighting men were given much comfort and hope by them, as well as medical care. In the service, there were women in the army and navy; they did clerical duties, freeing men for fighting. In England, one of their most famous spy masters was a female who kept all her notes in a shoe box; a typical British eccentric, she contributed greatly to the allied war effort in Europe.These may seem like “secondary” contributions, but they really weren’t; the Germans felt women should stay home and make babies; therefore, to supply labor for the factories, they brought in slaves from occupied countries. The work fell way below what was needed for war time output, especially compared to American factory production.

And, lastly, those letters from home kept the soldier’s and sailor’s spirits up with hope that they would someday come home to their family and resume a normal life; it was their wives and children they were fighting for, among other things.

Admittedly, not much of the above makes for an exciting Hollywood movie, or a fascinating novel; therefore, female contributions to the war effort take a back burner, but their sacrifice and service should never be forgotten.

What is the most comfortable women’s dress shoe?I am looking for the most comfortable dress shoe brand and/style for my wife. She is a teller at a bank and has to be dressed Business formal and yet be on her feet all day. Ok Lady’s if your husband was to say money does not matter what shoe would you buy?…please help i am looking to make my wife’s day!! I have seen nurse’s who talk about a sneaker shoe made for all day comfort but she need something a little more formal. I got her jell insoles for her shoes but she buys cheep shoes. I work in a ship yard and i spend $150 for wolverine multi shock boots and there is no comparing a Wall-mart boot to quality. So Lady’s please help me make my love float on her feet!!!

Posted by texczar
[display_name id=”1″]Try Dansko
Http://www.dansko.com/they’re pricey, but a favorite of nurses, flight attendants, and other professions which require long days on your feet. And they have many different styles.

Clarks also got rave reviews:

Good luck!!

Shoes that can be worn for Nursing?I am going to be starting my clinicals soon, and I want something that looks nice and is acceptable for the hospital as well. They don’t have to be nursing shoes- but they have to be all white and cannot be any type of clogs. And absolutely no Crocs. Basically, I want something that looks nice and can pass for nursing shoes as well. Comfort isn’t that big of an issue, as I won’t be at the hospital for long periods of time. What do the younger girls who work at hospitals wear for shoes (I’m 20) ? Most of the ‘nursing shoes’ I’ve seen seem to be for older women, and stuff that I wouldn’t wear. Anyone have any ideas what some nice shoes would be? Thanks so much 🙂

Posted by annie
[display_name id=”1″]Keds.

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https://hotnursingscrubs.com/Scrub Shoes For Women