Jul 082014
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All About the Military’s Outdated Transgender Ban

On Sunday, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel told ABC’s Martha Raddatz that he believes the military should review its policy on transgender service members. In a year of many big reforms in the military (particularly surrounding gender and sexual assault), this policy had been something of a blind spot. Thanks … More »

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Best Scrubs Moments

A compilation of my favorite scrubs moments.

I Got Certified To Coach Heads Up Football And It Was A Joke

By now you know that the NFL is being sued by a group of former players who are alleging that their respective teams systematically doped them up and destroyed their bodies, East Germany-style. This comes just as the NFL has perfected its damage control technique when it comes to head injuries. If you watched any football this past season, you probably saw a handful of ads for the league’s Heads …

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Questions and Answers

Will the Air Force look at my medical history?

Just FYI. It’s been about 8 years since I took the medicine.
What I mean is will they call my doctor and ask for my files and such? There is nothing wrong with me at all. It’s just that when I was around 12 I was diagnosed with minor ADD and had to take Ritalin. However, the last time I took it was around 2002-2003. Since then I have basically outgrown the ADD as I will graduate from college with a 3.9 GPA and I work full time in a very important state office at the very top.

A retired Air Force recruiter in my class told me to just answer “no” if they ask if I had ADD and that would be it.

She said they would do their own very comprehensive physical on me that includes blood test and other things. I was just wondering if they would call my doctor to see my medical file. Or is that confidential?
It will be about 9 years since I took medicine when I finally finish college next semester.

Posted by Mike M
[display_name id=”1″]Hello Mike M.

If you are asked that question on a medical form you must fill out and sign; or, if a medical doctor asks you directly you had better answer Yes and explain what you just told us here on this forum.

NEVER, ever listen to Recruiters who tell you to lie when you get to the MEPS.

Nothing is going to happen to them. They just get a quota. But, when YOU are in technical school and the FBI and AF security is investigating you for a security clearance they are going to find out. And, because you did not put it on your medical history information you are going to be called out of class one day to the school supervisor’s office and an agent from the Air Force Office of Special Investigation (OSI) is going to be there to read you your rights (Article 31 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice Not the 5th Amendment Rights) and ask you why you lied on your form about your medical history. If they are not satisfied and deem you a security risk because of lying you will be pulled out of class and that AFSC (job) and either given an Administrative Discharge or some other job that does not require a security clearance.

Recruiters are fine but you must always remember what is their mission. They are there to sign up as many people as possible to make a monthly quota. For that they get a 4 year controlled tour in a fancy office in town and don’t have to be on the flight line or working the mid-shift, etc. You get the idea.

If they enlist you they got one more for their quota. If you get eliminated from school or the Air Force later on it does NOT reflect on them. Your success in the Air Force is not related to the recruitment process.

Best wishes.

Larry Smith
SMSgt, USAF (Ret.)
First Sergeant

P.S. Lots of ADULTS are diagnosed with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and take Ritalin and other controlling medicines.

P.P.S. Nice GPA! Congratulations. You will do well in the Air Force!

Can the top secret security clearance can find ALL information about me?Im from a different country (philippines) and im planning also to become a pilot in the AF

they are saying that it is required to get a TS clearance to become a pilot.

–i dont have a police record
–i dont have an arrest record
–no illegal drug history
–no law violation
-no credit history

just some medical history
hernia –
i had hernia when i was a baby and it was repaired when i was 11 months old.
I cant find my medical record about the surgery and it was 21 years ago. And i am planning to lie about it and cure the scars with a scar remover.
Can they still discover about hernia?

Posted by Law Rence
[display_name id=”1″]Hello Law Rence,

First off, I realize that you are still a young person and are not knowledgable about US requirements to become a pilot in the Air Force.

Your understanding of a security clearance is “backwards.”

No one OWNS such clearances. Clearances are granted for people who pass the investigastion and are required to have access to certain classified military information for the purpose of performing their assigned jobs.

When a person applies to join the military they fill out a personal history form (very long) and much background information about you, your residences, your family, your schooling/education, your employment status is requested so investigators can contact such people to determine if you are trustworthy to be granted a security clearance.

However, you and so many others are not knowledgabloe about beciming a pilot in the Air Force. You and others do NOT decide that you are planning to become a pilot. One doesn’t become a pilot just because they wish to.

The Air Force will select about 1,500 officers each year to place in pilot training. Those people must be academically acceptable and medically acceptable to even be able to undergo pilot and flying training.

But, you won’t be able to become a pilot in the USAF – UNLESS –

You first become a US citizen and attend a college that offers Air Force ROTC and you take and pass college and earn a degree and you pass the 4 year AF ROTC course of training.

ONLY THEN, can you be commissioned as an officer in the US Air Force.

And, MAYBE, just maybe, you will be one of the FEW who will be selected for pilot training.

And, if not, you will still have to serve 4 years as an officer in the US Air Force in some other capacity.

So, for you and all the other young people, citizens and non-citizens alike, it is not a matter of you thinking that you are PLANNING on becoming a pilot.

The NEEDS of the Air Force come before the WANTS of the Individual.

I served in the USAF for 27 years and can tell you that the chances of you becoming a USAF pilot are slim – at best.

You CAN, if you are able to come to the USA legally, enlist into the Air Force before you turn 27 years old. You won’t become a pilot, but, if you can not obtain a security clearance, you can stil serve in a number of jobs that do not require a security clearance. But, these jobs will be limited and do not involve aircraft or other electronic technical fields. The medical and supply fields and civil engineer fields and others are open to non-US citizens.

If you want to discuss your situation personally e-mail me at larrysmile at yahoo dot com.

Best wishes.
Larry Smith
Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.)
First Sergeant

P.S. Nobody cares about your hernia as a baby. You must never lie about anything. Lying invites immediate dismissal from the service for “making a false statement” The military’s Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) makes this an unlawful offense – crime to lie on official government documents.

How long will a medical waiver for the army take for approval?

3 years ago I suffered an ac joint separation from playing football. 5 months ago I decided I wanted to go to the military. Mistakenly telling them about this injury. I’m not sure why because it doesn’t hinder me at all. I’m currently a personal trainer at a gym and train 5-6 days a week with no problems. But anyways I initially tried the air guard and got permenatly dq’d upfront. No chance to prove it doesn’t hinder me at all. So I’ve been trying the army reserves now. They asked me to get it checked out with a physical therapist and I did. I found out what I already knew in that each shoulder was symmetrical and I have a tad bit less flexibility in the left compared to right. But I was told it has more to do with me being right handed. So than I get dq’d and than approved for physical. I go take the physical and find out from the doctors that the injury I was dq’d from another branch wasn’t an actual reason to dq me. But since I was already dq’d they couldn’t approve me. So now I’m waiting on a medical waiver clearance. What are my chances for approval? How long will it take? Sorry for the rant. And sorry for whoever took the time out to read my rant. It’s just frustrating knowing there’s a chance I could get dq’d for something that doesn’t hinder my performance whatsoever.

Posted by Curtis
[display_name id=”1″]Can take a week. Can take a year. I know people who waited 7 months before they were approved.

If you had failed to disclose it you would have been charged with Fraudulent entry, which is a felony.

Just because it doesn’t bother you as a civilian does NOT mean it will not be a huge issue in uniform.

What are the requirements to become a uniformed officer in the Civil Air Patrol? What is the commitment?

To be a uniformed member of the civil air patrol what are the requirements? Do I have to pass USAF medical requirements? Do I need a pilot’s license or will they help me get one? Do I have to qualify for security clearance of any level? For commitments do have to go to meetings or drill or anything like that? When would I be able to wear the uniform? Is it full time? How much flying time am i likely to get? Do I have to go to OCS or anything like it? At what what age can I start? I am 15.
Should I ask this somewhere else?

Posted by Lead999x
[display_name id=”1″]I was a member of CAP from 1983-1985, during my teen years. To answer your questions:

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is the civilian auxiliary of the US Air Force. Its mission is to conduct searches and rescues.

When I joined, I had to have my personal physician conduct a physical, then forward the results.

I cannot answer to getting one’s pilot license, nor to security clearances (remember, we’re talking about a CIVILIAN entity).

Members pay monthly dues and attend weekly meetings, at which one wears the uniform.

It is not “full time” as it is a volunteer organization.

You can Google Civil Air Patrol for additional answers or even contact an Air Force recruiter for help.

Security clearance (31B)?What is the process of getting a security clearance?

If I had experimented with marijuana in high school, and gotten a traffic ticket, which is already paid off will this deny me of the clearance? Also if I get denied do I get to pick another MOS?

Do they check you medical history too?

Any helpful information will be appreciated.

Posted by Hayden
[display_name id=”1″]Typically, an MP initially obtains a Confidential security clearance. Most MP’s end up with Secret clearances.

Generally, either clearance is granted as a result of an Entrance National Agency Check (aka ENTNAC). This is basically a search of all records available. Credit, courts, schools, etc.

Some MP’s end up with Top Secret clearances because of where they work. In these cases, an investigator is sent out to ask people who know you what your character is like. Are you trustworthy, etc.

As far as health records go, it isn’t something they will check unless there is a reason to. For example, if you claimed you never had surgery, but a friend of yours tells the investigator that you were in the hospital to have a hernia repair, they would go through your medical history too.

As far as the traffic ticket and marijuana experimentation goes, here is the requirement:

– No record of possession or use of any narcotic or non-narcotic drug

– Most criminal offenses (including three or more minor traffic infractions) will generally be disqualifying

So as long as you don’t conceal anything, your clearance will likely be granted. You hide stuff, and not only will you not get your clearance, but you could be punished under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and then discharged.

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Jul 082014
Nursing Scrubs; Cheap Srubs
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Scrub Uniforms and The Professions Who Use Them

Scrub uniform; Nursing Scrubs

The bravo, wonderwink lady fit v-neck top, 2 lower pockets including 1 wonderwink signature triple pocket with a hidden mesh pocket-total of 5 pockets, signature id bungee loop, invisible 3 part accessory loop

Today, scrub uniform helps hospital customers distinguish medical personnel. Scrubs are clothes initially developed for surgeons to wear during surgery sessions in the operating room. Doctors operating room scrubs are designed with a super-simple layout, avoiding unnecessary elements that are susceptible for hosting dirt. The model would usually include a short-sleeves shirt, drawstring or adaptable pants and in some cases a cap. They are very easy clean and cheap to replace whenever worn out or damaged. Nowadays, scrubs are not meant for surgeons use only. Their usage has expanded to the whole medical staff in the healthcare industry and even beyond. Furthermore, today’s fashion world trends are impacting in a significant way the initial concept of medical scrubs. Nurses uniforms are no more what they use to be. They come in very sophisticated styles and colors; hence the consumers enthusiasm.

Scrub Uniform manufacturers are regularly filling the marketplace with variety of styles and colors. Many hospitals use scrub color and styles to establish differences among different departments. Most likely, Medical scrubs for surgeons are pretty much a mild green or blue color whereas pediatric experts dress in nursing scrubs featuring cartoon heroes, holidays prints and so on.

Doctors together with nursing staff are the familiar profession with the use of scrub uniforms. Professionals all over the healthcare industry i e hospitals, senior homes, physical therapy centers, chiropractic specialists, including nurse practitioners in educational facilities, from the primary level to colleges.

Given that nursing scrubs are actually symbolic of health and hygiene, general hygienists as well as dentist’s offices adopt scrub uniforms. Some dentists have expanded the use of scrubs to their receptionists to make the office seem more sanitary and grant it a professional flair.
Vets use scrub uniforms for quite similar motives as doctors do.
I know a beauty consultant who recently is wearing a scrub uniform in her salon. There is no need to wonder if beauticians have also started to wear medical scrubs in their salons because of the symbolic hygienic look they depict. Pink will probably be common color for the tops that the beauty industry is going to adopt.
Prisons in the United States of America are using scrubs as a compulsory prisoner’s uniform. The color chosen here is orange.
Medical scrubs are extremely appealing in this healthcare industry because, besides the good hygiene they showcase, they are very comfortable; yet still have a professional look and feel.

Scrub uniforms are an effective way to provide professionals with unified model of garments to an organization that normally couldn’t have enough money for uniformed attire due to their reasonable cost. The ability to offer an affordable solution to conform a personnel with a globally recognized good hygiene and health conscious appearance can achieve a lot for any organization. Many customers will truly feel comfortable with the help of anyone wearing a scrub uniform. A scrub uniform will represent a quick and easy clue for customers to determine staff members. Scrubs are intended for simplicity, good hygiene, relief and above all the level of comfort. Remember that these qualities are the ones which have stimulated the widespread consumption of scrub uniforms noticeable throughout all North America right now.


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St. Louisans Collect Scrubs for The Salvation Army – STLtoday.com

St. Louisans Collect Scrubs for The Salvation ArmySTLtoday.comToday through May 31, healthcare uniform retailer, Life Uniform is holding a scrub trade-in event giving Greater St. Louis area customers the opportunity to donate clean, gently worn uniforms to The Salvation Army of St. Louis, which serves adults …

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Why Scrubs?

I have a secret passion for professionals dressed in scrub uniform. The uniform makes them look elegant.
Scrub uniforms are used by just about every everyone, in the healthcare industry, who will deal with somebody in bad health. Consider your doctor’s workplace or a hospital and just imagine people who are employed there. The people possibly not in nursing scrubs will be the doctor who may be dressed in a lab coat plus the billing agent or front desk staff who are in casual clothing. The medical staff: nurses, a few doctors , doctors assistants, surgeons, technologists, lab personnel along with people that relocate patients around all are dressed in medical scrubs. Scrubs were white before and their next color was green. Now you can acquire nursing scrubs in about any coloring as well as with cartoon figures reproduced on them.

How Come All Should Dress In Scrub Uniform?

Scrub uniform catalogs; Nursing scrubs

The bravo, wonderwink lady fit v-neck top, 2 lower pockets including 1 wonderwink signature triple pocket with a hidden mesh pocket-total of 5 pockets, signature id bungee loop, invisible 3 part accessory loop

In the beginning, doctors just kept whatever they had on during operation sessions. Next, before each surgery, an apron was introduced for use in operating rooms, and yet not necessarily a brand new one . Since we discovered more and more about microbes and the challenges they present to our good health, the first scrub uniforms arrived on the scene in white. White seems to be too plain and its contrast with blood is definitely obvious; so men’s medical scrubs color evolved to green. Then all switched to green. Fundamentally, scrubs are said to be easy to replace and easy to wash.
Right now, say you decided to work in the medical industry, you have the privilege, to choose from a great deal of distinctive scrub uniforms; from scrub magazines, most of which tend to be on the internet. There are plenty of styles and flair to choose from. The choice is definitely yours, when it comes to the kind of scrubs you want: designer scrubs, uniforms with cartoon heroes, holiday inspiration scrubs, mix and match scrubs and lots of many more. Proud school graduates, to show off recognition and pride toward their previous school, often get their scrubs in their school colors and with the school logo stitched on the tops.
Countless workplaces, dental, doctors, consultants, prefer everybody be dressed up in color matched scrubs so there can be a atmosphere of professionalism whilst at work. So they buy the scrubs in bulks to make them available in a variety of colors, styles, sizes and in enough quantities for their staff needs at any time. In this case, the uniforms are acquired from a variety of specific sources. In addition to scrubs suggesting professionalism and enabling you know who the medical workforce is, they convey a sanitary facet; which is the main purpose of the job. Due to what we now know about germs, it is recommended to always change from scrubs to casual clothing after work. Scrubs are very easy to change and you don’t want to keep them on home from work. This is highly critical if there has been any sort of exposure to people’s bodily fluids. It is more secure for the personnel, the workers family, and the community.

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Questions and Answers

Medical Scrubs….?Does anyone have a problem finding Medical scrubs in big sizes like 2XL? Does anyone know where I can find large sizes that are tapered and short? I have been having a hard time finding them.

Posted by sweetiepie
[display_name id=”1″]Lydia’s scrubs as low as $5.99. Choose from 6 Catalog Collections featuring all kinds of medical uniforms, mock wrap, bootcut, flare, zipper-front & more.
They Carry 20 Different Brands.

Anyone know where i can buy scrubs for medical field near clackamas, or?

Posted by stringerk
[display_name id=”1″]Is there a Walmart near you? There are many online scrub catalogs as well (Allheart is one, Tafford another but there are more-try google). ALso, is there a medical center there? Often there is a uniform store nearby. There is always the phone book.

What size men’s scrubs should I go with?I’m starting a new job on Tuesday and I need to order scrubs from a catalog. I don’t have any scrubs stores near me so I was wondering how the sizes *typically* run. I’m a 170lb male and about 5’9″. I usually wear a medium in terms of t-shirts, and my pants size is usually a 36″ waist.Any help would be fantastic! Thank you in advance!

Posted by jcc51791
[display_name id=”1″] Dickies Scrubs sizing charts
Dickies Medical Uniforms Sizing chart for Junior Fit, Womens, and unisex scrubs.
Dickies Junior Fit scrubs are designed with the Junior fit cut. A Junior fit cut is more of a true retail Junior department design. Styles are designed and cut to fit more snug, form fitting, and shapely. The pants are designed with a lower waist, the tops are slightly shorter. This scrub line is designed for nurses who want a more fashion scrubs look to their nurse uniforms, instead of the baggy, loose look of just plain scrubs.
Dickies Womens “W” line of scrubs are designed with the Missy fit cut. The missy fit cut is a true women fit design. Styles are designed and cut to fit more body shapes and sizes. The pants are designed fuller fit, the tops have traditional length and width. This scrub line is designed for nurses who want a more fashion scrubs look that can not wear the Junior fit cut.
Dickies unisex scrubs are designed with the ability for both men and women to wear these scrubs. Styles are designed and cut to fit a bit more loose. The design of the scrubs are more towards men sizing. Thus, women tend to size down a size from what they wear in a “missy cut” nurse uniform. A missy cut is a womens designed scrub with a true womens size chart. Please see the Dickies Missy sizing chart for these measurements to make comparisons. As always, size charts are made for you to use as a guide. They are not a perfect, definitive answer. Your particular needs may vary, depending on your desires of how the nursing uniform should fit on your body in requards to how loose or tight of a fit you like.

Best place to buy cheap nursing scrubs in New Haven/Hartford county, CT or online?Where is the best place to buy cheap nursing scrubs in New Haven/Hartford county, CT or online?

Posted by rldesro@sbcglobal.net
[display_name id=”1″]There are uniform stores or you can get them at Wal-Mart, but they will almost always be cheaper online or in a catalog than in a store.I get mine at Tafford – they are cheaper than the stores, and better quality.
They ship so fast that I get them the same week I order them.Give them a shot.Good luck!

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Jul 072014
Cherokee Nursing Scrubs-Slide
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Cherokee | Men's Cargo Scrub Pant | Scrub Pants | Banner Uniform ...[monetize id=”2″]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZSwOtgeUa0?rel=0]
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How to: Medical Scrub Pants

To add pockets to your pants, watch this:

I forgot to mention you need to start measuring 2 inches down from your “situation” then to the floor. So your not actually measuring directly from your crotch to the ground, but rather a few inches down your inner thigh to the ground.

Feel free to comment, rate, and subscribe if you enjoyed this tutorial 🙂

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Jul 072014

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Staff Nurse – RGN – RMN (Redgoldfish.co.uk)

We are The Nursing Agency that Cares for You ** Dedicated Registered Nurses Urgently required for Long & Short term contracts, Temporary & Permanent placements throughout the Edinburgh and Lothian area. In return we offer :- EXCELLENT RATES OF PAY – £14 to £22 Per Hour Free Uniforms Free PVG Updates NMC Yearly Registration Fee Paid Refer a friend Bonus – £100 ** No other Care Agency will look after your Training needs like Network Health & Social Care ** Please call Linda Torrance Now f.

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Yankee Air Museum seeks female clothing from Vietnam era – Hometownlife.com

Yankee Air Museum seeks female clothing from Vietnam eraHometownlife.comThe museum unveiled its Vietnam War display at a Memorial Day ceremony last month, and while it had flight suits, fatigues, helmets and canteens, it lacked clothing worn by women. In fact, Wygant has found that while the museum has a few nurses …and more »


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Lelo Uniforms – Medical Apparel for the Nursing Community

Lelo Uniforms is the premier provider of the top designer nursing uniforms at the lowest prices online. We also carry a wide variety of stethoscopes, nursing shoes and medical accessories to make www.lelouniforms.com your one stop shop for all your nursing need!

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Jul 072014
Buying Bulk Nursing Scrubs
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Questions and Answers

What’s a website where i can be hospital scrub sets in bulk?By set i mean pants and top. Does anyone know of anywhere?

Posted by Matt
[display_name id=”1″]

I often buy at Pulse Uniform, though it is an online scrubs, eh. Never experience to buy a bulk order but I think they have discount and free on shipping fee on bulk orders. Check this online scrubs shop at Http://www.pulseuniform.com/

Hope this helps. 🙂

Whats a good business idea?Im in a enterprise class in high school, the object of the class is to create and start your own unique Business. Ive considered tape wallets, my own branded skate clothing line . Anyone have any ideas to help?

Posted by Brady135
[display_name id=”1″]

Tape Wallets are cool but not really a good market as they can be made by nearly anyone…. If you get an A i want some credit seeing as I even provided numbers for you. Now all you gotta do is write up a good business plan and present. 🙂

I hate to seem um mean but a lot of people with a good successful low investment business do not generally give there ideas away because they don’t want the competition and such. That is part of what makes their niche business so successful. Anyway a newer business i have seen that is doing good is dry cleaning delivery to office parks and buildings. Get a minivan or better yet a scion XB and then find a dry cleaner whom will give you a bulk deal. Make ads and go to office buildings and complexes and hand out flyers about your business. With a decent bulk rate from a dry cleaner you can charge what regular places charge and save the workers time because you will pick up and deliver. You will have to be honest and timely, do not offer same day turn around. But one or two day is plenty good. Figure if you get a the shirts or items done in bulk at $1.25 each and you charge $2.50 each item to people at the offices you make 100%. Figure gas, with a scion you get 20+ MPG even in traffic and if your not hiring employees then that is a good chance at profit. Ads are fairly inexpensive to make and once you have people know your out there it will get more popular and you can form a route. Figure 10 people a complex 3 items a person. (10×3)x1.25= $37.5 do 3 or 4 building or complexes a day and you make about $150.00 a day gross. Take out 50 for gas and repair costs. Your making roughly $100 a day for a few hours of work. And you are your own boss.

My other idea is to wash scrubs and uniforms for medical offices or maybe vet clinics. Pick them up take them home was them dry and fold them and bring them back. How much to charge I would figure a basic per item fee and alot of buisness people would love to have the time of having to wash there own stuff saved. As well you could do sheets or towels for massage or chiropractor offices.

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Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys from china


Jul 072014

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For those on economy’s margins, nursing aide job offers meager opportunity (Washington Post)

She had made it as far as the career school’s parking lot for the December training class and the February class, only to drive away each time in a tangle of anxiety and self-doubt. Now it was March, and here Tereza Sedgwick came again: dressed in the mandatory class uniform of red-and-black scrubs, a lit cigarette dangling in her fingers out the busted window of her ’88 Plymouth. She parked in the lot and watched a procession of unemployed workers enter the school building in southeastern Ohio, trying to will herself to join them.
Read full article >>

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Abducted baby: Terror then joy over rescue

Baby Victoria’s mother describes the terrible moments of panic after her infant was abducted from a hospital in Trois-Rivières. Keen local sleuths are heroes after helping track down the suspect.

Sarah Vine Beauty Sleuth: Zap spots and brush away that dandruff – Daily Mail

Daily MailSarah Vine Beauty Sleuth: Zap spots and brush away that dandruffDaily MailIt also does not respond to common superficial acne remedies — scrubs, masks etc. Antibiotics are effective, although over-use is a problem. There’s also … You know that horrible chicken skin you get on the backs of arms (medical name: Keratosis …

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Scrubs Coffee Nurse’s Liquid Crack

From episode 120, My Way or the Highway

Requested by: nickd312.

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Rome Memorial Hospital hosting M.A.S.H. Camp for students interested in health care careers

ROME — Applications will be accepted until Friday, May 23 for an interactive summer camp at Rome Memorial Hospital for adolescents interested in a career in healthcare. Students entering eighth or ninth grade in fall 2014 are invited to apply to participate in M.A.S.H. (Medical Academy of Science and Health) Camp, to be held at the hospital July 9-11.

Questions and Answers

I feel fake when I wear my push-up bras?I have small boobs. I’m not flat, but my bra size is roughly around a 34 B

For some reason, (not to sound awkward), but the fat around my breasts are mostly on the outer and under areas around them, but not in the middle, so therefore i have absolutely no cleavage.

I’m sixteen now, and i know that i’m practically “still a child” but i suppose i’m old enough to be able to wear some nice, low cut dresses. When I wear them though, i look like i’m as flat as a pancake, and that also goes with whenever i wear regular bikini’s.

I’ve recently bought some really good push up bras for cheap from ross and marshalls and they really do the trick of pushing my boobs up to look like i have cleavage, and it makes me feel more confident and feminine. I also bought a new bikini that pushes my boobs up too. I love them, but it makes me feel fake.

In the end, the truth is that i don’t have amazing cleavage as they make it appear to be, and i’m afraid that when i’m older, i’ll attract somebody that views me as being very “feminine” curvy looking, and that they’ll get turned off when they discover that my boobs are actually not as great as they first appeared to be.

Any Advice?

Posted by americanlivvy
[display_name id=”1″]80% of women wear the wrong size bra. You might want to measure yourself and make sure of your bra size. Wearing the right bra size can give you cleavage without the need of a push up. Http://wp.me/p1GTj0-i

I don’t know why you feel like a fake. Most women and girls do something to enhance what they have. Make up, make up tattoos, color contacts, hair cuts, weaves, hair dyes, blow outs, fake nails, nail polish, pedicures, fake eyelashes, eye lash perms, eye brow plucking, body scrubs, spanx, corsets, bras, push up bras, backless bras, padded bras, padded panties, lotions, potions, vitamins, and exercise.

Btw most guys know that most women do some kind of fakery. They don’t know what and they don’t want to know everything. Some do want to see see you get ready some just want to see you when they are ready. Most woman don’t have cleavage without a bra or corset.

Should men shave their pubic hair?I understand the importance of women shaving there body hair/pubic hair. But dose that rule apply to men?

For women dose it help if men shaved there pubic hair, dose it even matter? Or is it sanitary for us to do so and shave.

And for men. Do you like having pubic hair? Do you scrub and shampoo that area when you shower?

Posted by Dann
[display_name id=”1″]I have some rules about weather or not you should shave that area

1. Evaluate: What type of hair do you have? If it is thick black hair then it is not a good idea to shave as you will be miserable and will end up with itchy scratchty stubble everywhere. This can cause irritation, indgorwn hair and make you miserable as it grows out. If you have thin strait hair then you can probably get away with it. Why do you want to shave it? If you are a consumate ladies man, or you think your woman will like it then yeah, not a problem. If you dress out in the mens locker room, do a lot of physical work, running or cycling then shaving is not for you. First you do not want to be walking around the locker room with a baby’s dick. If you do physical work or athletic type stuff the stubble can real/y cause you problems as it grows back in.

2. Time: Do you have the time to keep it maintained, that is to say keep it shaved every day. That takes a lot of time, at least 15 minutes in the shower. There are no straight angles like on your face, rather tight curvy, crevices type areas and easily nicked. You absolutely do not want to nick anything down their guys. That area is easily infected.

3. Known and Understand the Purpose of Pubic Hair: The hair down their serves a few natural purposes for men. First it shows the world that you are an adult male, verile and able to have an erection and fulfill a women’s pleasures. Subconsciously women are aroused by nature to be attracted to pubic hair men. They should be turned off by no hair, as this is what babies have, and adolescents. Any women who likes no hair on a man down their should be suspect. Next, the hair below serves as a scent sachet. As a young man, your nether regions secrete pheromones, trace amounts of testosterone and natural erotic male perfumes in a form of musking. All these female attractants collect on your pubic hair and turns women on. None will admit to it, few do not realize it but when intimate or close to you, these scents enter women’s’ brains and may help you to seal the deal. Having said that, showering daily will remove the funk and refresh the good smells. This aroma can be enhanced by a great body spray or shower gel. Pubes keep things protected, serve as a padding of sorts, keeping the big guy from abrasions chaffing and the like as you walk, run or whatever. Also, the hair keeps a layer of fresh air circulating through your undercarriage, keeping it fresh and bacteria limited. Water and moisture are wicked away from your skin by the curly hairs and allowed to evaporated to and through your underwear. C-Hairs also serve as a lubricant, and roller, ball bearings- through the day, starting right after you shower, the hair absorbs oils from your body and it is used to lubricate the parts as you walk and go through the day in whatever physical activities you engage in. Also, the hair allows your parts to slide across it effortlessly. All of this fights the friction that would occur should it be skin on skin moving across itself. This prevents chaffing and sores. Now, there you have it, the purpose of pubic hair. Are you ready to loose all those benefits?

4. Options: Instead of shaving everything, try what is known as trimming up. This gives you the benefits of greater exposure and impact of a larger member. A beard trimmer works great for this. You stand in front of the mirror and take it down a little to taste. This gives you all the benefits of the look but without loosing most of the benefits. Its like a nice haircut.

5. Clean: Keeping that area clean is essential to aspect all around. It has to bee clean in order to prevent acne, ingrown hairs, pimples, and all sorts of funky cling on’s. I use a great body wash with deodorant and scent properties to my liking. You can explore various body wash’s. Bar soap down there just doesn’t get it for me.

6. Women: They are a little different down there, less moving parts and of course and they have thinner and less hair then most guys. Less stubble is created and well they are shaving legs, which time wise, a short trip north for them gets it done.

What happens with girls when they are going thorough puberty?I want to know.

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[display_name id=”1″]When the time is right for you, your body sends a signal from your pituitary gland in your brain to your ovaries for puberty to begin. During puberty, your body is going to change.

Breast development. Your breasts will start to grow. Your breasts will start as breast “buds,” small mounds beneath the nipple and areola. (The areola is the dark area surrounding your nipple.) One breast may start growing before the other, sometimes even 6 months before the other. In the beginning, they may hurt sometimes and be tender when they are touched. But this will go away as your breasts become rounder and fuller. The nipple and areola also darken. Many girls have breasts that develop unevenly; one breast may be bigger than the other. This is perfectly normal. Many women have one breast that is slightly larger than the other, but the difference in breast size usually decreases as your breasts develop. Young women may have different breast sizes because of differences in families, hormones, and weight. Rapid development of breasts can lead to spoke-like stretch marks, but these will lighten with time. Towards the end of puberty, you may also grow a small amount of hair on your areola.

You may need to start thinking about wearing a bra to support your breasts. Talk to your mother, an older sister, or an adult that you feel comfortable with about buying some bras.

Pubic and underarm hair. You will start to grow hair around your pubic area (around your vagina) and under your arms. This usually happens after you start to develop breasts, but for many girls, pubic hair starts first. You will probably get pubic hair before you get underarm hair. Underarm hair usually comes near the end of puberty. At first, you will probably just have a few fine hairs in your pubic area and under your arms. Late in puberty, the hair will become thicker and curlier. Some girls decide to shave the hair under their arms. There are no health reasons to do so, but some girls simply prefer not to have underarm hair. It is up to you if you want to shave. Talk to your mom or another adult that you feel comfortable talking to about this

Growth spurt and body shape change. Most girls have a growth spurt the year before they get their menstrual period. Your feet and hands will usually be the first parts to grow, and then the rest of your body will follow. After you get your first period, you will grow more slowly. But you will probably grow about another 1 or 2 inches after your first period. During puberty, your hips will get wider as your waist gets smaller. You will develop a healthy, curvy shape. Talk to your health care provider if you are not growing and changing by age 13. It’s important to get check-ups during puberty to make sure that your height and weight are normal.

Vaginal discharge. Most girls notice a yellow or white stain in the crotch of their underpants as they go through puberty. This is a normal fluid that helps clean and moisten your vagina. However, if you have itching, odor, or irritation around your vagina, this could mean that you have an infection. If you have any of these symptoms, talk to your health care provider. You will usually get your period a year after you first have discharge from your vagina.

Skin. Your skin may get oilier. You may get some pimples and acne. This is because of more hormones and oil glands that become more active during puberty. You should be washing your skin at least once daily with soap and warm water. Don’t scrub too hard because this can irritate your skin and cause even more acne. Wash your hair regularly and keep your face and hands clean. You can treat acne with medications that you can buy in a drugstore, or get from your primary care clinician or a dermatologist (a doctor that treats skin problems) if the problem is more serious. Birth control pills that you take by mouth often make acne better.

Sweat/Perspiration. Your sweat glands will become more active during puberty. This can cause perspiration odor. This is a good time to go shopping for deodorant, to help fight the odor.

Menstruation. You will also start getting your monthly menstrual period. Most girls start getting their menstrual periods about 2 and a half years after they first start developing breasts. Most girls have their first menstrual period between the ages of 12 and 13, but some girls start as early as age 9 and others as late as 15 or 16.

How cant you get rid off cellulite fast? ?

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[display_name id=”1″]I have a big booty…well not too big. I’m a size 8 womens but the rest of me is fairly small so i have a really curvy booty, and it comes with CELLULITE. Most women have it. Losing weight first off reduces it a lot, or a spray tan (if you have fair skin) will help cover it quite a bit. I tried the Nivea Goodbye Cellulite Serum. Work like magic. You have to massage it into your booty and thighs every night and in like a week its half gone! But you have to keep using it or it creeps back. In the shower massage your thighs for 5 mins with a body scrub or sponge to get the blood flowing to your thighs or where ever the cellulite is at and it helps break up the fat pockets with massage. : )

The Nivea Goodbye Cellulite Serum runs around $10-15 at drugstores.

How do big girls dress sexy?I’m going with some friends to a night club in a few days, im a pretty big girl, how do i dress sexy?

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[display_name id=”1″]Begin with the wardrobe. If you normally walk around in a pair of tired old sweats and a baggy tee…let’s have some fun and update!

Select hot outfits. Just because finding clothes is harder doesn’t mean you can’t still find hot outfits! Try any store you like, even the thrift shops! Make sure your clothes are not tight!

Look curvy and sexy. For a sophisticated look go for darker jeans. The low-rise kind will hug your curves which is just want you want and prevent the bulge you get around the front of the crotch and fly of your jeans if you have a very large stomach.

Provide coverage, if desired. If you don’t like to show your arms, try a black sheer hang jacket. Sexy clothing doesn’t have to show too much.

Wear one color. You don’t want to be cut in half. Stick to deeper shades. If you have to wear two colors, wear the darker on the bottom and the lighter color on on top.

Belts can give you a nice waistline. It’s best to go with thicker black ones or have it match the shirt or jacket your wearing.

Only wear skirts that at least go to your knees. Also wear leggings or tights underneath skirts to reduce the appearance of fat.

Stay away from broomstick skirts! Even if you are digging the bohemian look, these are not attractive on anyone!

Go for sexy well-fitted jeans. Wide legs are good if you have a big, voluptuous booty. Skinny jeans are still in style and look great on a lot of bigger girls.

Don’t show your chest. Wear collared shirts and high-rising shirts. Chances are that you have a large chest…you don’t need to show the skin.

Select long earrings. They are always in style and chic.

Be confident, which is the sexiest thing of all. Guys will look your way if they know you are a woman of confidence.

Play up with hot necklaces and shoes. Go for reasonably high heels and trendy flats.

Have flawless skin. Use an exfoliating scrub. When you get out of the shower, apply non-oily moisturizer (Try one with a shimmering effect!) to your body and face moisturizer to your face. Wash your face at least once a day with gentle soap such as Dove. Shower at least once a day, as well as any time you get sweaty.

Apply beautiful light makeup. Use foundation a few shades lighter than your skin. Then apply white shadow from your lash line to your brows, and a hint of light green shadow on your lids. Use light mascara and some chapstick.

Good luck!

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