Dec 252017

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Cheap cute scrubs that I can buy?

I’m in high school and I need a website for some really cheap scrubs, I am going into a nursing program at the vocational school near me for my junior/senior year and don’t want to wear the same scrubs every day it’s the dress code to wear them so I need tons of them and I’m paying for them I get 50 bucks a week I’m not spending any more than 100 dollars on scrubs I want at least 10 pairs.

Posted by Alice

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My mother is a nurse and she used to hoard scrubs. To get rid of a lot of them she sold them on eBay for 1/10th of the price. So I’d suggest to look on there. I hope this helps!

Where can I buy cheap and cute scrubs in Richmond Va?

Posted by Helga

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Last I had to wear scrubs (10 years ago…) I bought a lot of them from a medical supply place on Nine Mile Road in Highland Springs. They didn’t have much of a selection and my lady friends got me to wear some really “embarrassing” scrubs. (Back then I was trying to be “manly” and impress women, now I’d do it just for the laughs.)

My friends who are still in the medical field tell me that they order a lot of their stuff online for the really “fun” stuff. I’ll list the links that have offices in the Richmond area below.

Rose School Uniforms on Midlothian is supposed to have some good stuff.

Guardian Uniforms has shut down, so you can’t go there anymore.

Good luck!

Women’s Nurse Scrubs Cheap?

Where can I find cheap women’s nurse scrubs online?
Thanks for your help!

Posted by angel_eyes186

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I get all my scrubs at Tafford – not only are their scrubs cheap, they are the best and cutest I have found as well – much cheaper than Cherokee and Dickies. Check out their cheap scrubs:

Good luck!

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