Jun 062014
Cherokee Nursing Scrubs-Slide
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Questions and Answers

Can someone help me find car print nursing scrubs? I am looking to buy nursing scrubs with any car or automotive theme but have been unable to find any. Thanks!

Posted by aj
[display_name id=”1″] You can get basic scrubs like Cherokee Workwear at Http://www.medicaldiscountscrubs.com/sto… and then you can put on some car appliques and car buttons like Http://www.sew-materialistic.com/index.p…
Viscous coupling, and tire tread sizes..? Hello, On my 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee it has a NV249 transfer case which is Full-time 4WD, it uses a viscous coupler. When I bought the Jeep a year ago, I noticed after the first 3k miles my front tires had lost a lot of tread on the front tires on the outer part of the tread. I suspected after asking and researching that it was the viscous coupler that was bad and probably scrubbed the outside of my front tires.I had an alignment done and it was within spec. So i bought a Brand new VC and replaced my old one. I didn’t notice much at all difference when turning with the new vc and the old one… Maybe a little less binding but the stuff steering was still there… And Chrysler says the “new” 249’s have a thicker fluid so there is some stiff steering even with a new VC…Now when i changed the VC i did a tire rotation to save my tires as they were brand new. Basically the tires tread depth was this… The front were around 5mm outside depth, and inside was around 7 1/2 mm…. The rear tires were 7 1/2 on the outside and 7 1/2 inside.. So basically i lost 2-3mm on the outer tread on the front tires… The middle and inside tread was the same on all 4 tires tho.

Its been about 4k miles now since i did all this and i noticed again my front tires (which were the rear) are now at 4 1/2 to 5mm tread outside, and the inside tread is at 7mm… So i had lost another 2-3mm on the outside of the front tires… So now all 4 tires are 4 1/2 to 5mm outside and 7mm inside…

Could driving with 2 tires that were 5mm outside tread, vs 2 tires that were 7mm outside tread have ruined this new viscous coupler ? Even tho the middle and inside tread was 7mm on both sets ?

Am i making any sense here ? Cause i noticed on the rear tires if i drive in a straight line the outer tread doesn’t even touch the ground i can see like half an inch that isn’t dirty with say sand and the rest of the tire is..

Posted by Jon-Erik
[display_name id=”1″]Have you checked the front ball joints.they could be loose and causing your tire wear problem.
Need inexpensive nursing scrubs!?Does anyone know any reputable websites to get good deals on scrubs? Thanks!

Posted by PanicGirl
[display_name id=”1″]Http://workngear.com/Work n gear is a great store… Also try scrubs.comscrubsandbeyond.com is also a great store. Cheap scrubs… Very good quality..

Just remember that you get what you pay for….

Cherokee and Dickies are often the best.

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