Jun 142014
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Questions and Answers

How do you eliminate green algae from koi pond?

Is ultraviolet light treatment the way to remove green algae from a koi pond.

Posted by rolly
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If you section off a small part of the pond and put some live plants in it they will use up all the nutrients so the algae cant get as much. I have heard Indian fern works well for this but i dont know if it would survive in a pond

you could also scrub it off and let the filter filter it out.

If you have some spare cash you might want to invest in a UV filter

keep the pond nice and clean so there are not as many nutrients

But rolly,If it is the split pea soup looking algae invest in a UV bio filter and use Pondzyme Plus to keep your water crystal clear. Also if it is getting too much sun provide some shade by using shade cloth. You can also provide shade with waterlilies. Provide more aeration as well.
Scroll down to see sizes and prices on the UV/bio filter
PondCare Pond-Zyme Plus with Barley
* All-natural bacterial water conditioner cleans and clarifies pond water
* Breaks down sludge and other organic waste material that pollute pond water
* Prevents organic buildup that clogs pumps and filters to simplify pond maintenance
Shade cloth creates a cool, shaded environment for plants or animals
During the very hottest part of summer I use the shade cloth Koi like cooler water and more oxygen.
Laguna Aerators/ I use this one and run it 24/7 for the past 2 years and you can buy repair kits.
Having a koi pond is not a cheap hobby but is so worth it.
Good Luck!

Koi pond help, water won't clear up?

I've had a koi pond going for 5 years now. It is about 1400 gallons so not too big, not too small. I have a 1200 gph pump going to a bio filter.

The problem is the water will not clear up at all. We've been using the beneficial bacteria for a few weeks now to no avail. Also, I have a 300 gallon stock tank, so we drained 300 gallons of the pond water into the stock tank, removed all the fish, drained the rest of the pond water, scrubbed the pond liner and removed all the nasty water that created.

We then refilled the pond by adding in the 300 gallons that was previously in there and using new water to top it off. (This was 1 month ago)

Still the pond will not clear up.

What should I do? As I said this is 5 years now that the ponds been going and the water has always been crystal clear within a couple weeks of spring, but not this year.
Thank you, I actually have a UV filter. We just hadn't hooked it up because it says to wait a couple weeks when using the bacteria treatment.

I appreciate your help!

Posted by Eddy Duffles
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An ultraviolet filter is what you need, they are about £80. Alternatively you could try barley straw stuffed into an old pair of tights and leave that floating around for a while that sucks up the green too. (lots cheaper).
Good luck say hi to the fish for me 😉

Old air pump. Safe to use?

I had a little air pump I used for a small tank but after my betta died I set it out in the garage.

Meanwhile my dad used this little pump for our koi pond when the fountain broke to give the fish oxygen. (Why? I dunno my dads not smart with fish. I know the pump was obviously tiny compared to the pond but who wants to argue with my dad? -_-) So when our fountain was finally fixed he took the little pump (now covered in algea and other nasty things) and set it in the garage for another very LOONG time. Just now (like 2 seconds ago!) I found this pump in my garage and think of how perfect it would be for my 10gal tank! It's a very small pump, I think I remember it being for up to 5gal tanks, but would it be ok for my 10gal? The air thing is a cute little treasure chest that opens and closes. =)

But the little treasure chest is covered in algea and dust and dirt and probably clogged with nasty stuff. What should I do to make it safe?

Also another question: How long should I keep it on? Is it safe to be on 24/7?

Posted by ashley
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Since it's just been left in the garage, I would just scrub it before placing it back in the tank. If the inside of the air tubing is dirty, you can buy extra tubing at most fish stores at a cheap price…and you don't need to pay for a new pump. And yes, it's safe for it to be on 24/7(it should be on that much :D)

Good luck :D.

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