Jun 042014
Nursing scrubs; Koi Lindsey Scrubs
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 My scrubs are really baggy even though its a size petite small, what should I do? I’m my normal weight for a petite lady but my scrubs seem so baggy compared to the other workers.
What should I do because I have the smallest size?

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[display_name id=”1″] I have the same problem – I’m 4’8 and I wear an XSP. Some of my pants had to be tailored/hemmed so that they weren’t huge on me. My mom put those bungee cord things at the bottoms of some of my scrub pants(similar to the Koi Lindsey pants) so that it wouldn’t have to be hemmed (but are still long, just not falling on the floor).My scrub tops, on the other hand are still a little big on me. I don’t dare to tailor them in case I somehow manage to gain weight or need to wear layers and want to feel comfortable.Honestly, I don’t think it’s that big a deal. We’re small and nursing scrubs were not made to fit us well (even when they’re the right size). Think about it – how many people actually buy scrubs that are bigger than what they normally wear? I know some people that buy their nursing scrubs 1 or 2 sizes larger just to be more comfortable. They don’t mind how big and baggy they are.

The nursing scrubs I own, that I’m not really drowning in, is the ones by Uniform Advantage (I like the Butter Soft). The top is still a tiny bit big, but I don’t look like a kid wearing mom’s clothes in them. The pants – get this – they actually fit well. Maybe you could order a pair of UA nursing scrubs and see how they compare to other brands (they’re pretty cheap compared to the big names as well).

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Koi Ashley 113 Scrub Top


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