Nurse uniforms

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Top Ten Airline Cost-Cutting Measures Coming Your Way! (Core77)

British air carrier Monarch Airlines is kitting out their planes with seats fit for a king. Which is to say, the seats have something in common with thrones: They don’t recline. Additionally, these new “ergonomic” seats also feature a nice, gaping cavity for you to stare at in place of in-flight entertainment. “The airline’s new seat design also includes an innovative tablet holder for the technology savvy holidaymaker, an aviation first,” the company enthuses. “[This] enables our customers to create their own personal in-flight entertainment system.”
Admittedly they are not pioneers in this area, as Ryanair has been making people less comfortable since the early 2000s. And the motivation behind the non-reclining seats is, sadly, quite logical. Some 60% of flight attendants reportedly favor non-reclining seats, saving them from takeoff and landing nagging duty. Passengers hate when others recline into their own personal space. But primarily, of course, it’s about money: Less hardware makes the seats lighter, which saves on fuel.
Assuming the airline industry continues to march in this budgetary direction, here are our predictions for:
**Top Ten Airline Cost-Cutting Measures Coming Your Way**
**10.** “In the event of a cabin depressurization, please place the drop-down orange mask …

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Nurse Cadets from WWII finally get their due

A national appeal drew thousands of young women into the Cadet Nurse Corps. During WWII. The year was 1943. America was at war, and men and women from Foxborough were serving in every theatre of the battle around the globe.

Lourdes bids farewell to six retiring teachers – News Item

Lourdes bids farewell to six retiring teachersNews ItemReiprish, a daughter of Robert “Lefty” and Ella Wurster, of Shamokin, said, “When I was growing up, girls either became a teacher or a nurse. Those were really the only two career opportunities for women.” After attending St. Joseph’s … She also has …

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Nursing school: Scrubs, Scrubs, Scrubs

Hey guys, this is another nursing school video talking about the comfortable scrubs! Hope this helps out! Thanks for watching!

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National Nursing Week

Registered nurses welcome new standardized uniforms.

Questions and Answers

What ever happened to those cute nurse uniforms?I remember as a kid I really wanted to be a nurse because I thought the uniforms were awesome. Now nurses all seem to wear “scrubs.” These look like pajamas- very unattractive.

Posted by chocula
[display_name id=”1″]According to studies made, by changing the colors of the doctors and nurses uniforms to scrubs; it helps to allay the patients’ anxieties re hospitals. The reasoning was that hospitals were associated with white ; pain; illnesses and death. . That’s why even the curtains in most hospitals are in colors now.. Besides, the splatter of blood is easily visible in white. Whites also indicate sterility and are quite conservative. Scrubs are more practical, easy to maintain; do not need ironing and are cost more durable. Pretty colors can bring happinesss. And an upbeat attitude among the patients.A lot of people have problems with white uniforms because nurses deal with bodily fluids all day and their uniforms get soiled. It is nearly impossible to keep them clean. The white uniform also has the angel image problem. It harks back to the time when nurses were thought of as spiritual characters who provide emotional comfort, not professionals who save lives.

When you are perceived as an angel, people don’t have a problem asking you to work 15-hour shifts without a break.

Potential drawback on this:
In a lot of hospitals, nurses are being replaced with technicians to save money. Some hospitals require everyone to wear generic scrubs and forbid nurses to identify themselves as registered nurses.If they did, the patients and families would know just how few nurses there are on staff.

White uniforms do have the advantage of being distinctive, and obviously they would help patients identify nurses, given the profession’s traditional association with the color. Moreover, some may see white as preferable to what the article describes as “pajamalike scrubs splattered with colorful flowers, images of SpongeBob SquarePants or candy canes,” which may encourage people to regard nurses as something other than serious professionals. So the white uniforms can enhance or restore professionalism to this field.; however, it can prevent individual expression. Some scrubs are quite attractive and if you have an unflattering figure, it can hide a lot. They come in pretty standard sizes of Large- Medium and Small and are quite inexpensive. .White uniforms are much more expensive.

Nursing uniforms in colors or scrubs can actually be a factor in short-staffing and the shortage. It can improve the morale among nurses. Thus, the improved image of nurses makes for an increase in numbers of potential nurses. .

Benefits we get from nursing uniforms?Aside from protecting us nurses from harmful chemicals, germs and bacteria what other benefits we can get form this uniforms?

Posted by stylishNurse-dianne
[display_name id=”1″]The benefit is for the patient. It is a way for the patient to identify us as the healthcare worker. When we enter the room, patients & family members have an idea of who we are & why we are there before we’ve even spoken. When nurses wore white uniforms and nursing caps, patients could easily identify who we were even from afar. Although I was proud to be a nurse, I can’t really recall any benefits from wearing the white uniforms.
Where do nurses still wear old-fashioned uniforms?

Posted by Levi
[display_name id=”1″]Very few nurses chhose to wear the “old fashioned” white uniform. The little white dresses and starched slacks and the little caps just aren’t practical for the working environment. Now we usually wear scrubs which are usually made of light weight materials that enable us freedom of movement. Some Catholic Hospitals employ nuns which wear different uniforms and every once in a while you will find and old school nurse still rocking the white uniform. Alot of hospitals assign one color of scrubs to nursing and another color to other staff so that you can tell the difference in nurses, techs, etc… Othre hospitals and offices let you wear whatever scrub you like. Some nurses choose white scrubs, but very few…..they show alot of stains!!! Some nursing schools wear white scrubs and most all wear white uniforms for graduation.
Where I can find white nurse uniforms in orlando?Please indicate directions and experiences. I am going to DIsney and I want also to buy my nurse uniforms because I recently graduate.
I am not going to disney in uniforms. This is my vacation. I only want to shop for my uniforms in one day, pkease indicate stores with variety and cheap prices.

Posted by MAA
[display_name id=”1″]ACCORDING TO GOOGLE-Uniform City USA?
1243 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL? – (407) 898-9333

Aramark Uniform Services?
2741 S Division Ave, Orlando, FL? – (407) 841-1130

Cintas the Uniform People
4392 SW 34th St, Orlando, FL? – (407) 423-4222?

Sunshine School Uniforms?
617 N Primrose Dr, Orlando, FL? – (407) 896-9179?

G & K Services?
3063 Mercy Dr, Orlando, FL? – (407) 297-7

Design Lab Uniforms That Serve?
4203 SW 34th St, Orlando, FL? – (407) 896-7661

Harrison Uniform & Equipment?
4065 L B Mcleod Rd # F, Orlando, FL? – (407) 422-3363

Cintas the Uniform People?
845 N Garland Ave # 100, Orlando, FL? – (407) 648-0626

Service First Uniform Sales?
4518 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL? – (407) 382-3292

G & K Services?
1407 E Robinson St, Orlando, FL? – (407) 898-8480

Uni First Corporation?
1101 N Keller Rd # C, Orlando, FL? – (407) 667-9300

AMS Uniform Gallery?
6235 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL? – (407) 299-1008

Cintas Corporation?
1920 Cypress Lake Dr, Orlando, FL? – (407) 850-0330?

T & A Career Apparel?
9480 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL? – (407) 251-6900

Alsco Inc?
1213 S Division Ave, Orlando, FL? – (407) 841-4661

Clark’s Ladies Fashions
355 W Church St, Orlando, FL? – (407) 843-2552

Academy Uniforms?
6225 Hazeltine National D, Orlando, FL? – (407) 859-0185


Making world war two nurses uniforms?For the purpose of re enacting aux nurses during the war ,materials and pattern sources reqd.

Posted by Ray THE DRUMMER
[display_name id=”1″]“aux nurses” this suggests you are UK or Commonwealth?As in “auxiliary service of the Australian Army Medical Corps”

If USA please clarify “aux” and I can post, the term usually in the US & UK refered to non military or licensed nurses as in a
nurse’s aide, and such.

I was an Army medical historian for a long time and have access to all sorts of trivia.

A aux nurse wore a different uniform in say each of the UK countries and such, I can tell you that the uniforms are rare and “hollywood” and such worked off old photographs, but the Army medical regiment at Fort sam Houston, Texas is a great resource: AMEDD Historian (yahoo search).

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 Posted by at 17:26 on June 6, 2014
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