Nurses uniforms

Nurses Uniforms

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Nurses Uniforms: A Buyer’s Pre-Purchase Reading     


When it comes to nurses uniforms, the first and most obvious conjecture to light up in our minds is starch-stiff, white, shabby clothing that would give women of all sizes the same cardboard cut-out structure. If you’re a nursing professional with the fashion sense of a diva, you can actually turn your mundane work wear into something unique and colorful. Nurse scraps designed nowadays are no longer meant to give the wearers a typical dull midwife appearance. They rather add a touch of color to your personality and a drop of cheerfulness to the quotidian hospital environment.

The Debate on Colors

A standard blue-colored scrub might make the most obvious pick for a nursing professional, but a lot can change if you decide to make an exception this time. The market shelves are stashed with differently colored nurses uniforms designed fashionably to compliment contours of all shapes and sizes. Relevant to the style you pick, a bit of color can add a lot of charisma to the simple scrubs. A research report published back in the last decade spoke about how pediatric patients find colorfully dressed nurses more approachable and amicable than the rest. In facts, parents who have their children in the pediatric ward associate nurses wearing bright scrubs to be less frightening and more reassuring to their children.

A similar kind of study established that patients remain more tensed and anxious in presence of white-uniform nurses than colored scrubs. Even though it was found during the research work that patients of all ages would prefer bold prints and bright shades for nurse’s scrubs, the colors are the closest a professional can get to cheer the patients up.

Making a Fashion Statement, Even in Nurses Uniforms

The garb of trade is supposed to convey authority and efficiency at a certain level. This is why they say that consistency in work wears is important to reflect all that you stand for. However, when you are working in a hospital environment, where your primary role is to provide assurance and care to patients, well-fitting nurses uniforms are necessary to lighten up the people. A color that compliments your skin and manifests your personality is what you need to be distinctly identifiable among other health staff. The top and pant style scrubs have the coverage area to shield germs, while the fitting ensures that you do not look too dull in the overall. The most popular designs are the V-neck and cross-over that offer both comfort and style to the attire.

Fabrics: Natural or Synthetic

thetitleNurses uniforms made of cotton make the best purchase since they are light on skin, and absorb sweat easily. The material also absorbs foul smells if any, from the environment, thus keeping the wearers fresh even after a wearisome day. These uniforms are also available in semi-polyester, semi-cotton combinations. While the cottony scrubs are good to wear in all seasons, the mixed fabric has a kind of shine about it. Choose as you may, depending on your preferences and requirements to look decent, but pretty at work.

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Kidnapped baby found ‘thanks to Facebook’ (KSAT)

The woman wore a nurse’s uniform when she walked into the maternity ward. She left the hospital driving away in a red car with a sign that said “Baby on Board.”
Police say there was a baby inside the Toyota Yaris the 21-year-old was driving Monday evening as she left the hospital in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec. But the little girl wasn’t hers.
At the hospital, baby Victoria’s parents were frantic. Their child was only 16 hours old when she was abducted, mother Melissa McMahon said in a Facebook post describing the ordeal.
“The worst case scenarios played out over and over in our heads,” she wrote. “Unfortunately, the endings are not often happy, above all in this type of case.”
But just a few hours after the baby went missing, authorities returned her to her parents. Thanks to “four marvelous people,” McMahon wrote, and “thanks to Facebook.”
“It is the only reason that explains why Victoria is in my arms at this time,” she said.
Amber Alert goes viral
Publicity about Victoria’s disappearance started with an Amber Alert sent out by Quebec police.
In social media posts, messages from police described the vehicle and the woman driving it. The newborn, police said, …

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Nurses call for more staffing at San Francisco General Hospital

Nurses with San Francisco General Hospital dumped a pile of scrubs at the mayor’s office Tuesday morning. The nurses marched in just after 11 a.m. And gathered on the main City Hall steps inside the rotunda. They said they came to call for increased staffing at San Francisco county facilities, including General Hospital. After a brief stay on the steps, they attempted to meet with the mayor …

Health minister inaugurates Heinoukhongnembi PHSC – KanglaOnline

Health minister inaugurates Heinoukhongnembi PHSCKanglaOnlineAssuring to provide water and power supply soon for proper functioning of the PHSC, he expressed his desire for all the doctors, nurses and staff to wear uniforms when on duty in PHSCs, CHCs or in hospitals. Every nurse and doctor of a hospital must …and more »


Nurse uniform


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National Nursing Week

Registered nurses welcome new standardized uniforms.

Questions and Answers

Why are stethoschopes apart of nursing uniforms?I was watching Nurse Jackie and she was getting on to her trainee for not having her stethoscope; she was like “I don’t care, it’s part of your uniform, get it back”.
Why is it so important to the uniform? I mean, nurses know how to take pulses without stethoscopes, but why shouldn’t they have like thermometers and stuff on them too? Why a stethoscope?
Posted by cameron e

[display_name id=”1″] They’re not. But nurses do use ‘scopes as part of assessing a patient.

First of all, no matter what nurses say, the average nurse (we’re not talking specialist nurse practitioners) listening to heart or lung sounds can figure out very little about what’s wrong with a patient, with few common exceptions. For example, almost anyone can recognize what a Mitral Valve Prolapse sounds like (a common heart murmur with a distinct ‘clicking’ sound).

But do they know other pathology, syndromes, or complications to look for when they hear that finding? Usually not, because nursing practice doesn’t focus on diagnosing and treating diseases, that’s what doctors do.

Do they know that say a murmur that they hear is caused by tricuspid valve stenosis? Or do they just hear a ‘grade iv murmur’? Some people have fairly irregular heart beats and/or murmurs that technically are innocent and mean very little. Without extensive testing, just listening to heart sounds actually tells you very little, unless the patient has *extensive* disease pathology or abnormality or very obvious disease/trauma/is in shock/dying. Doctors use heart sound auscultation as a tool to help them decide what to test for when looking for a possible diagnosis.

For example, let’s say you hear what you assume to be a ‘sinus tachycardia’ (are you seeing that on an EKG as well?). You as a typical nurse have no way of knowing for sure if that is due to anxiety, hyperthyroidism, medication, or an adrenal cyst. Or many other possibilities, including autonomic neuropathy. So really, a person with a rapid heart rate really tells you little without the doctor ordering further tests and analyzing the results. It is dangerous when nurses start thinking they can ‘diagnose’ without additional advanced practice training.

Most often, the job of the nurse is to recognize any (obvious) murmurs or pulse deficits and report them to the MD or Nurse Practitioner for follow up.

Listening to lung and bowel sounds is more common place and nurses simply have to note if bowel sounds are present/rate, and if lung sounds are clear. Nurses also use a ‘scope to check manual BPs, such as in the ICU, where patient’s often are too unstable to get an accurate reading from a machine (I.e. Irregular pulse).

Nurses do a lot more than most shows depict. They are front line workers performing total patient care. At the same time, people must understand that nurses perform nursing practice, which does not traditionally include complex diseases pathology diagnoses (that is what MDs do). So while nurses and MDs will use their stethoscopes for many of the same functions, the end result will be different.

*Generally speaking*, nurses who work in clinical settings do use scopes to assess and monitor patient’s conditions in general terms. They often will take blood pressures and ensure lung sounds are clear and bowel sounds are present. MDs use scopes to diagnose diseases and conditions.

So while a stethoscope is not technically a part of ANY healthcare uniform, it is a required tool for doctors, nurses, EMTs, Respiratory Therapists, etc.

Remember that you were watching a TV show. It’s very possible that there was humour, satire, or another meaning applied to that comment. One example may be how so many people think nurses just clean up vomit all day. So their stethoscope is just ‘part of their uniform’ and they don’t actually use it, just walk around looking’professional’ with it. 😉 Or the idea that someone would actually get into hot water for not wearing their stethoscope.

Hope this explains things!

Air Force Nurse Uniform?I graduate from high school in a year. I’m going to college and doing AFROTC while getting my BSN to be a FNP for the Air Force .
I was thinking over some things and just wondered, do the nurses in the Air Force have to wear scrubs, or can they wear ABU’s?

Posted by Michael

[display_name id=”1″] Hello Michael.

Nurses in the AF wear the required uniform of the day.

While in the hospital they wear the standard AF uniform and usually a lab coat for routine work.
But in the operating room they wear approved hospital scrubs.

In the field, and under battle conditions they will most likely wear ABUs and scrubs if in operating rooms.

Why are you so concerned about the uniform of the day?

You will be instructed by your Hospital Commander as to what you will wear on any given day.

Concerntrate on college and 4 years of AF ROTC.

Besides, the AF is funny about uniforms.
We can’t seem to get uniforms that work more than 3 – 4 years without changing them.

So, by the time YOU get on active duty maybe we will all go back to the old-style uniforms.

Wait until you get there to worry about it.

Nursing in college is very intense.
Study and don’t worry about what you will wear in the next 6 years from now.

Best wishes.
Larry Smith
Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.)
First Sergeant.

Nurses white uniforms?Cuts and styles for nurses uniforms pls.

Posted by nen2000

[display_name id=”1″]White is always pleasant and it’s the symbol of Piece and sacrifice.. Nurses sacrifice their lives , they serve the poor and diseased . White always suits them and it should continue..

What do you think of nursing uniforms?As either lay persons or health care professionals what does the nurses uniform mean to you? Is it important that they where a uniform?
Which uniform would you prefer to see a nurse wear, the modern scrub type, or the white dress?
What about the cap?I am curious to hear all responses.

Posted by faye
[display_name id=”1″]As a nurse myself, I like the modern ones, but in school, we had to wear the whites with the cap and i was proud to do so
but really, having to starch and iron the cap, and the whites
is time consuming.
As a Hospice nurse we don’t wear uniforms, and I do miss them,
makes it easy to dress in the morning. And cheaper than always
having to think what will i wear today??? A real hassle.

Nursing uniforms?I am in Nursing School and the instructors have decided to let our class propose new uniforms. I was wondering if I could get some opinions on colors, styles, and appropriateness.

Posted by monet r

[display_name id=”1″]I agree, don’t do white. Not only does it show panty lines, but it is hard to keep clean and doesn’t always look good for people that are larger.

All the nursing school uniforms I’ve seen are a solid color. Why not have one that is print? Or maybe do a solid bottom and a print top? The problem with that is, if there are any guys in the class, print tops usually aren’t unisex.

If you don’t have to wear all scrubs, you could wear scrub bottoms and polo shirt tops.

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 Posted by at 11:27 on June 4, 2014
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