Jun 052014

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Abducted newborn found hours after Facebook post (CNN)

Four friends tracked down the baby after police posted photos, including an image of a woman in a nurse’s uniform entering the maternity ward, on social media.

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Is this hospital a miracle cure for the NHS? It has a Michelin chef, happy patients and is run by doctors and nurses …

Just imagine an NHS hospital whose standards match those of a top-quality hotel, with a welcoming reception area, polished floors, tasteful artwork on the freshly-painted walls, and menus inspired by a Michelin-starred chef.

D-Day 70th anniversary: Seven decades on, a band of brothers meet to pay their … – The Independent

The IndependentD-Day 70th anniversary: Seven decades on, a band of brothers meet to pay their …The IndependentMany of our members are in nursing homes. I am practically the baby of … History enthusiasts wearing World War Two U.S. Military uniforms re-enact a D-Day landing on Omaha Beach in Vierville sur Mer, on the coast of Normandy (Reuters) As D-Day passes …and more »

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Buy Cheap Nursing Scrubs Nursing Clogs Cheap Scrubs …

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Questions and Answers

Nurse Uniform?Where can i find n buy white nurse uniform (skirt) in KL area for my gf? Thank.

Posted by Eric89
[display_name id=”1″]Go online – here is a white nursing uniform skirt for cheap. Be a sport and buy 2!Http://www.tafford.com/detail.htm?sid=NT…

Where I can found Cheap Nursing Apparel?

Posted by Nahid
[display_name id=”1″]Usually uniform shops have basic unisex scrubs they sell but they also sell more expensive items.
Selling nursing scrubs?The company i work for is changing our uniform. Normally as long as we had scrubs that was all we needed. Now were changing to a specific color, which i have none of, but i digress. Is there an online site that specializes in selling nursing scrubs? I know about ebay and amazon, but i wanted one thats really only for nursing personel.

Posted by layla
[display_name id=”1″]I have found buying scrubs online much cheaper than Wal-Mart, and with a better selection. I get all my scrubs at Tafford – if you sign up for their email list, they often have free shipping specials and their scrubs are the best!Their solid scrubs come in tons of colors, so they will probably meet your new uniform requirement. Check out their solid scrubs here:

Give them a try, you wont be disappointed.

Good luck!

Nurse kit?Does anyone know a few brands that are pretty good quality but won’t break the bank? I’m interested in purchasing a nurse kit ( ~$60), but i want some quality stuff. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by stranger danger
[display_name id=”1″]Personally I dont recommend the nurse kits…Generally they have GENERIC tools which are a piece of crap…

I recommend that you figure out which items you really need and purchase seperately…

1. Stethoscope – you want a good one that you will be able to accurately hear the sounds with… Also one that is going to “feel” comfortable for you… Littman is usually the most popular as it good quality. Your stethoscope will be your best investment… So dont skimp on this!

2. Watch – having a big dial with a RED second had helps to see it better… Avoid the kind that hang from a lanyard as those can pick up pathogens when it dangles over the pt and that is an infection control “no-no”… Some new watches are coming out with plastic/rubbery type of band which can be cleaned with a disinfectant.

3. BP cuff – avoid this as most hospitals have a BP cuff on the wall for each and every bedside…. Only time you need this is if you are a home health nurse… But most agencies still provide them to the employees.

4. Scissors – you can pick up good bandage scissors for about $6 – $ 7 at any nurse uniform store or online… Dont spend alot of money here… Because you will constantly misplace them and other co-workers may “borrow” them and never return them… I am on my 5’th pair in 1 year.

5. Hemostats – looks like a pair of scissors but it doesn’t cut… It clamps down… Good for flushing foley’s and holding onto slippery things…. These are cheap too… About $5

6. Penlight – for assessing pupils and neuro checks… You can buy one really cheap about $7 or just wait until the hospital gives you one for FREE! Alot of pharmaceutical reps give them out for free as well…

7. Tape measure – for measuring girths and wounds… Also you can get for FREE from the hospital or from a pharm rep. I have 3 or 4 of them laying around.

8. EKG calipers – Only needed if you are gonna work on a Tele floor… Otherwise it’s a waste of money. They are cheap though… About $3- $5 or the hospital will supply you.

9. Skin markers – to mark the operative location on your pre-op patients… Usually the hospital provides these free.

10. Badge Holder – dont buy this… Hospitals give em away for free all the time!

That’s all ya need…. Anything else will be provided by the employer…. Good luck!

Which uniform website is the best?I need some new scrubs…which websites would you recommend or not recommend?Im hoping cheap prices and a website that is not misleading, I am mainly interested in Dickies.

I was going to order from Uniform City, but wanted to check around before I buy.


Posted by Amanda
[display_name id=”1″]Hi! When it comes to medical scrubs, hospital uniforms and nursing scrubs I will recommend Pulse Uniform. This is not just because I’m a loyal customer of this online store but for the reason that they offer diverse brands including Skechers, Cherokee,Urbane, Barco, Adar and your favorite Dickies scrubs at affordable prices. And take note their scrubs are fashionable and stylish. They have also very affordable shipping rate. Try looking at this website Http://www.pulseuniform.com. Hope this will help you.May you find the right website to suit your needs. God bless.

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