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For those on economy’s margins, nursing aide job offers meager opportunity (Washington Post)

She had made it as far as the career school’s parking lot for the December training class and the February class, only to drive away each time in a tangle of anxiety and self-doubt. Now it was March, and here Tereza Sedgwick came again: dressed in the mandatory class uniform of red-and-black scrubs, a lit cigarette dangling in her fingers out the busted window of her ’88 Plymouth. She parked in the lot and watched a procession of unemployed workers enter the school building in southeastern Ohio, trying to will herself to join them.
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Abducted baby: Terror then joy over rescue

Baby Victoria’s mother describes the terrible moments of panic after her infant was abducted from a hospital in Trois-Rivières. Keen local sleuths are heroes after helping track down the suspect.

Sarah Vine Beauty Sleuth: Zap spots and brush away that dandruff – Daily Mail

Daily MailSarah Vine Beauty Sleuth: Zap spots and brush away that dandruffDaily MailIt also does not respond to common superficial acne remedies — scrubs, masks etc. Antibiotics are effective, although over-use is a problem. There’s also … You know that horrible chicken skin you get on the backs of arms (medical name: Keratosis …

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Scrubs Coffee Nurse’s Liquid Crack

From episode 120, My Way or the Highway

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Rome Memorial Hospital hosting M.A.S.H. Camp for students interested in health care careers

ROME — Applications will be accepted until Friday, May 23 for an interactive summer camp at Rome Memorial Hospital for adolescents interested in a career in healthcare. Students entering eighth or ninth grade in fall 2014 are invited to apply to participate in M.A.S.H. (Medical Academy of Science and Health) Camp, to be held at the hospital July 9-11.

Questions and Answers

I feel fake when I wear my push-up bras?I have small boobs. I’m not flat, but my bra size is roughly around a 34 B

For some reason, (not to sound awkward), but the fat around my breasts are mostly on the outer and under areas around them, but not in the middle, so therefore i have absolutely no cleavage.

I’m sixteen now, and i know that i’m practically “still a child” but i suppose i’m old enough to be able to wear some nice, low cut dresses. When I wear them though, i look like i’m as flat as a pancake, and that also goes with whenever i wear regular bikini’s.

I’ve recently bought some really good push up bras for cheap from ross and marshalls and they really do the trick of pushing my boobs up to look like i have cleavage, and it makes me feel more confident and feminine. I also bought a new bikini that pushes my boobs up too. I love them, but it makes me feel fake.

In the end, the truth is that i don’t have amazing cleavage as they make it appear to be, and i’m afraid that when i’m older, i’ll attract somebody that views me as being very “feminine” curvy looking, and that they’ll get turned off when they discover that my boobs are actually not as great as they first appeared to be.

Any Advice?

Posted by americanlivvy
[display_name id=”1″]80% of women wear the wrong size bra. You might want to measure yourself and make sure of your bra size. Wearing the right bra size can give you cleavage without the need of a push up. Http://wp.me/p1GTj0-i

I don’t know why you feel like a fake. Most women and girls do something to enhance what they have. Make up, make up tattoos, color contacts, hair cuts, weaves, hair dyes, blow outs, fake nails, nail polish, pedicures, fake eyelashes, eye lash perms, eye brow plucking, body scrubs, spanx, corsets, bras, push up bras, backless bras, padded bras, padded panties, lotions, potions, vitamins, and exercise.

Btw most guys know that most women do some kind of fakery. They don’t know what and they don’t want to know everything. Some do want to see see you get ready some just want to see you when they are ready. Most woman don’t have cleavage without a bra or corset.

Should men shave their pubic hair?I understand the importance of women shaving there body hair/pubic hair. But dose that rule apply to men?

For women dose it help if men shaved there pubic hair, dose it even matter? Or is it sanitary for us to do so and shave.

And for men. Do you like having pubic hair? Do you scrub and shampoo that area when you shower?

Posted by Dann
[display_name id=”1″]I have some rules about weather or not you should shave that area

1. Evaluate: What type of hair do you have? If it is thick black hair then it is not a good idea to shave as you will be miserable and will end up with itchy scratchty stubble everywhere. This can cause irritation, indgorwn hair and make you miserable as it grows out. If you have thin strait hair then you can probably get away with it. Why do you want to shave it? If you are a consumate ladies man, or you think your woman will like it then yeah, not a problem. If you dress out in the mens locker room, do a lot of physical work, running or cycling then shaving is not for you. First you do not want to be walking around the locker room with a baby’s dick. If you do physical work or athletic type stuff the stubble can real/y cause you problems as it grows back in.

2. Time: Do you have the time to keep it maintained, that is to say keep it shaved every day. That takes a lot of time, at least 15 minutes in the shower. There are no straight angles like on your face, rather tight curvy, crevices type areas and easily nicked. You absolutely do not want to nick anything down their guys. That area is easily infected.

3. Known and Understand the Purpose of Pubic Hair: The hair down their serves a few natural purposes for men. First it shows the world that you are an adult male, verile and able to have an erection and fulfill a women’s pleasures. Subconsciously women are aroused by nature to be attracted to pubic hair men. They should be turned off by no hair, as this is what babies have, and adolescents. Any women who likes no hair on a man down their should be suspect. Next, the hair below serves as a scent sachet. As a young man, your nether regions secrete pheromones, trace amounts of testosterone and natural erotic male perfumes in a form of musking. All these female attractants collect on your pubic hair and turns women on. None will admit to it, few do not realize it but when intimate or close to you, these scents enter women’s’ brains and may help you to seal the deal. Having said that, showering daily will remove the funk and refresh the good smells. This aroma can be enhanced by a great body spray or shower gel. Pubes keep things protected, serve as a padding of sorts, keeping the big guy from abrasions chaffing and the like as you walk, run or whatever. Also, the hair keeps a layer of fresh air circulating through your undercarriage, keeping it fresh and bacteria limited. Water and moisture are wicked away from your skin by the curly hairs and allowed to evaporated to and through your underwear. C-Hairs also serve as a lubricant, and roller, ball bearings- through the day, starting right after you shower, the hair absorbs oils from your body and it is used to lubricate the parts as you walk and go through the day in whatever physical activities you engage in. Also, the hair allows your parts to slide across it effortlessly. All of this fights the friction that would occur should it be skin on skin moving across itself. This prevents chaffing and sores. Now, there you have it, the purpose of pubic hair. Are you ready to loose all those benefits?

4. Options: Instead of shaving everything, try what is known as trimming up. This gives you the benefits of greater exposure and impact of a larger member. A beard trimmer works great for this. You stand in front of the mirror and take it down a little to taste. This gives you all the benefits of the look but without loosing most of the benefits. Its like a nice haircut.

5. Clean: Keeping that area clean is essential to aspect all around. It has to bee clean in order to prevent acne, ingrown hairs, pimples, and all sorts of funky cling on’s. I use a great body wash with deodorant and scent properties to my liking. You can explore various body wash’s. Bar soap down there just doesn’t get it for me.

6. Women: They are a little different down there, less moving parts and of course and they have thinner and less hair then most guys. Less stubble is created and well they are shaving legs, which time wise, a short trip north for them gets it done.

What happens with girls when they are going thorough puberty?I want to know.

Posted by
[display_name id=”1″]When the time is right for you, your body sends a signal from your pituitary gland in your brain to your ovaries for puberty to begin. During puberty, your body is going to change.

Breast development. Your breasts will start to grow. Your breasts will start as breast “buds,” small mounds beneath the nipple and areola. (The areola is the dark area surrounding your nipple.) One breast may start growing before the other, sometimes even 6 months before the other. In the beginning, they may hurt sometimes and be tender when they are touched. But this will go away as your breasts become rounder and fuller. The nipple and areola also darken. Many girls have breasts that develop unevenly; one breast may be bigger than the other. This is perfectly normal. Many women have one breast that is slightly larger than the other, but the difference in breast size usually decreases as your breasts develop. Young women may have different breast sizes because of differences in families, hormones, and weight. Rapid development of breasts can lead to spoke-like stretch marks, but these will lighten with time. Towards the end of puberty, you may also grow a small amount of hair on your areola.

You may need to start thinking about wearing a bra to support your breasts. Talk to your mother, an older sister, or an adult that you feel comfortable with about buying some bras.

Pubic and underarm hair. You will start to grow hair around your pubic area (around your vagina) and under your arms. This usually happens after you start to develop breasts, but for many girls, pubic hair starts first. You will probably get pubic hair before you get underarm hair. Underarm hair usually comes near the end of puberty. At first, you will probably just have a few fine hairs in your pubic area and under your arms. Late in puberty, the hair will become thicker and curlier. Some girls decide to shave the hair under their arms. There are no health reasons to do so, but some girls simply prefer not to have underarm hair. It is up to you if you want to shave. Talk to your mom or another adult that you feel comfortable talking to about this

Growth spurt and body shape change. Most girls have a growth spurt the year before they get their menstrual period. Your feet and hands will usually be the first parts to grow, and then the rest of your body will follow. After you get your first period, you will grow more slowly. But you will probably grow about another 1 or 2 inches after your first period. During puberty, your hips will get wider as your waist gets smaller. You will develop a healthy, curvy shape. Talk to your health care provider if you are not growing and changing by age 13. It’s important to get check-ups during puberty to make sure that your height and weight are normal.

Vaginal discharge. Most girls notice a yellow or white stain in the crotch of their underpants as they go through puberty. This is a normal fluid that helps clean and moisten your vagina. However, if you have itching, odor, or irritation around your vagina, this could mean that you have an infection. If you have any of these symptoms, talk to your health care provider. You will usually get your period a year after you first have discharge from your vagina.

Skin. Your skin may get oilier. You may get some pimples and acne. This is because of more hormones and oil glands that become more active during puberty. You should be washing your skin at least once daily with soap and warm water. Don’t scrub too hard because this can irritate your skin and cause even more acne. Wash your hair regularly and keep your face and hands clean. You can treat acne with medications that you can buy in a drugstore, or get from your primary care clinician or a dermatologist (a doctor that treats skin problems) if the problem is more serious. Birth control pills that you take by mouth often make acne better.

Sweat/Perspiration. Your sweat glands will become more active during puberty. This can cause perspiration odor. This is a good time to go shopping for deodorant, to help fight the odor.

Menstruation. You will also start getting your monthly menstrual period. Most girls start getting their menstrual periods about 2 and a half years after they first start developing breasts. Most girls have their first menstrual period between the ages of 12 and 13, but some girls start as early as age 9 and others as late as 15 or 16.

How cant you get rid off cellulite fast? ?

Posted by Catheline Maravilla
[display_name id=”1″]I have a big booty…well not too big. I’m a size 8 womens but the rest of me is fairly small so i have a really curvy booty, and it comes with CELLULITE. Most women have it. Losing weight first off reduces it a lot, or a spray tan (if you have fair skin) will help cover it quite a bit. I tried the Nivea Goodbye Cellulite Serum. Work like magic. You have to massage it into your booty and thighs every night and in like a week its half gone! But you have to keep using it or it creeps back. In the shower massage your thighs for 5 mins with a body scrub or sponge to get the blood flowing to your thighs or where ever the cellulite is at and it helps break up the fat pockets with massage. : )

The Nivea Goodbye Cellulite Serum runs around $10-15 at drugstores.

How do big girls dress sexy?I’m going with some friends to a night club in a few days, im a pretty big girl, how do i dress sexy?

Posted by Lauren
[display_name id=”1″]Begin with the wardrobe. If you normally walk around in a pair of tired old sweats and a baggy tee…let’s have some fun and update!

Select hot outfits. Just because finding clothes is harder doesn’t mean you can’t still find hot outfits! Try any store you like, even the thrift shops! Make sure your clothes are not tight!

Look curvy and sexy. For a sophisticated look go for darker jeans. The low-rise kind will hug your curves which is just want you want and prevent the bulge you get around the front of the crotch and fly of your jeans if you have a very large stomach.

Provide coverage, if desired. If you don’t like to show your arms, try a black sheer hang jacket. Sexy clothing doesn’t have to show too much.

Wear one color. You don’t want to be cut in half. Stick to deeper shades. If you have to wear two colors, wear the darker on the bottom and the lighter color on on top.

Belts can give you a nice waistline. It’s best to go with thicker black ones or have it match the shirt or jacket your wearing.

Only wear skirts that at least go to your knees. Also wear leggings or tights underneath skirts to reduce the appearance of fat.

Stay away from broomstick skirts! Even if you are digging the bohemian look, these are not attractive on anyone!

Go for sexy well-fitted jeans. Wide legs are good if you have a big, voluptuous booty. Skinny jeans are still in style and look great on a lot of bigger girls.

Don’t show your chest. Wear collared shirts and high-rising shirts. Chances are that you have a large chest…you don’t need to show the skin.

Select long earrings. They are always in style and chic.

Be confident, which is the sexiest thing of all. Guys will look your way if they know you are a woman of confidence.

Play up with hot necklaces and shoes. Go for reasonably high heels and trendy flats.

Have flawless skin. Use an exfoliating scrub. When you get out of the shower, apply non-oily moisturizer (Try one with a shimmering effect!) to your body and face moisturizer to your face. Wash your face at least once a day with gentle soap such as Dove. Shower at least once a day, as well as any time you get sweaty.

Apply beautiful light makeup. Use foundation a few shades lighter than your skin. Then apply white shadow from your lash line to your brows, and a hint of light green shadow on your lids. Use light mascara and some chapstick.

Good luck!

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