Jun 262014
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Five Essential First Time Tips on Buying Scrubs Uniforms

Scrubs Uniforms are prime examples of the modern day confluence between style and utility. These scrubs have came a far distance form being roomy tops on the top of drawstring pants to evolving as customized statements in care and style. As far as the variety in scrubs uniforms goes, a mere glance at an online selling store is going to sweep away all clouds of uncertainty. Despite the radical evolution in styles and patterns, nursing scrubs hold up on all their defining attributes including but not exclusive to comfort, convenience and agility.

Like so many other professionals, one of the most pressing concerns for nurses on their first jobs is choosing the job attire. Every body knows that the good old white scrubs have become a thing form the past and most nursing professionals are now breaking away from this tradition. This could however translate into serious challenges while choosing the scrubs. Here are a few essential tips to:

Choosing right colors

On the first shopping spree, it is important that the colors of the uniform bear conformity with the norms of the concerned medical institution. There are some hospitals which are very choosy about employee decorum and are not particularly liberal about varying color shades. On the contrary, there are others that are more “fashion friendly” and allow nurses to choose colors based on their individual preferences. Even in such cases, it is advisable to start with decent colors.

Pockets And Scrubs Uniforms Make A Great Duo

When it comes to buying your scrubs uniforms for the first time, it is highly recommended to get the ones with pockets in them. Alternatively, pockets can be attached to any uniform provided there is sufficient space to do so. Managing equipment can be a little bit trickier for the first few days. So, a couple of pockets in the uniform can do its bit in storing tools like scissors and loose alcohol pads. Thankfully, there is a jest of options in tops and pants with in-built pockets.

Compromising On Quality Is A Strict ‘NO’

It is of utmost importance that in a bid to find the cheapest scrubs uniforms in the gouge, the quality of the shouldn’t be compromised. The game becomes all the more dicey given that the quality cannot truly be ascertained before the first wash. Respite, however, comes from the fact that there are several online sites that sell high quality cheap scrubs. But again, not all the online uniform selling stores can be attributed with that. Imperative, the choice of the online site has an upper hand on the quality of the scrub.

Finality On The Fit

This is a stage one should not land even a foot short. There is no point buying the best brand in scrubs, if the uniform does not fit right. It is always wise to go by the standard sizes and never so in finding oneself in a smaller. In fact, it is best advised to go for a size that is marginally larger than the original size one wears.

More Scrubs Uniforms Means Less Worries

Nursing is a profession where cleanliness and discipline matter like nothing else. While the disciplinary part has to do with one’s breeding and training, cleanliness is something that can easily be acquired. On a similar note, it is best to have a decent number of cheap scrubs uniforms, both in the wardrobe and at work. This ensures that a quick changeover doesn’t spell a rush back to the market.

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Editor’s note: This story originally ran in the Times-Dispatch on June 3, 2001.

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