Jun 252014
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Pediatric Intensive Care – PICU Nurse – (PICU RN) (Hospital Jobs Online)

Posted on:** 2014-05-10

Job Description & Requirements Pediatric Intensive Care – PICU Nurse – (PICU RN) StartDate: ASAP Available Shifts: 12 D/N Pay Rate: $45.00 * Exclusive Order Internationally recognized for pediatric and obstetric care, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital provides a wide range of services for babies, children, adolescents and expectant mothers. Their pediatricians, specialty doctors, nurses and staff serve children and their families in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and all of Northern California and are recognized both for their achievements and their commitment to highly specialized care. Lucile Packard Childrens Hospital has again been ranked as one of the nations best and also the highest-ranked Bay Area Childrens Hospital by the U.S. News Media Groups 2011-12 Best Childrens Hospitals survey and is one of the first childrens hospitals to join with Partnership for a Healthy America. REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: – 2 yrs. Of experience in high acuity PICU – no exceptions! – BLS (AHA) and PALS – Cardiac, Ventilator, Computerized Charting experience required – Previous travel experience required – no first time travelers! PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: – TNCC, High frequency Vents/Oscillators, Nitric Oxide, Dialysis, Swans(very infrequent use), ECMO, IV Insertion (preferred) START DATE: 6/2 and 6/16 …

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Vestagen Signs Licensing And Distribution Agreements For Its Vestex®-Protected Fabrics With Medical Superstore …

ORLANDO, Fla., May 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Vestagen Technical Textiles, Inc., today announced that it has entered into agreements with Scrubs AC, Inc., d/b/a allheart, to produce and distribute protective garments for the healthcare sector manufactured using Vestagen's Vestex® protective fabric. Under the terms of the non-exclusive agreements, allheart will distribute Vestex-protected apparel …

IATA AGM 2014: Doha to take centre stage – Breaking Travel News

IATA AGM 2014: Doha to take centre stageBreaking Travel NewsThe Six Senses Spa offers all the traditional treatments such as Thai, Balinese and aroma massages, pampering treatments, as well as more specialized treatments, which include body scrubs and polishes, typical private hammam experiences and lessons in …and more »

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Hospital Basics : How to Buy General Hospital Scrubs

General hospital scrubs can be purchased on the Internet, at nursing supply stores or through a specialized catalog, all ranging from $15 to $50 for a set of scrubs. Find scrubs for men, women, doctors and nurses with information from a board-licensed practical nurse in this free video on health care.

Expert: Dan Carlson
Contact: www.myspace.com/dclpn
Bio: Dan Carlson has a degree in practical nursing and is licensed out of Minnesota. Carlson worked for many years at a nursing home and specializes in working with the handicapped.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz.

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Disney XD Orders a Second Season of Hit Live-Action Superhero Comedy Series "Mighty Med"

Production will resume in Los Angeles in July for a fall 2014 premiere while new episodes continue to rollout.

Questions and Answers

I just got a job at a hospital, and i need some scrubs.?

I am a about 6'0" and in good shape, so what brand of scrubs would look best on me. I want some scrubs that aren't so 'blah' looking. I guess i want something that is slightly boot cut pants (just so they will fit around the top of my shoes) and i really don't want scrubs that swallow me whole.
I am a guy by the way.

Posted by Stephan P
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Congrats on your new job! My husband is an RN at one of our local hospitals. He buys alot of his scrubs from a uniform shop located in the hospital. He also shops at this website for men's scrubs:


Scrubs for Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak Michigan?


Can anyone please give me some ideas on what brand name scrubs to buy? I was told the scrubs need to be Hunter's Green and I have found on the web multiple sites that sell scrubs for $9.99 a set (pant+top), but I don't know if these scrubs won't look cheap. I wouldn't buy Grey's Anatomy scrubs either because they are so expensive, but as a new employee I don't want to look cheap.
Please answer only if you know for sure what they wear at this specific hospital.


Posted by Christine
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As a veteran of said hospital for some five years now, I can tell you that the best thing you can do is just buy the scrubs from the retail outlet they have a "deal" with. I suppose it's not altogether cheap, but the only way you can really look cheap working there is if your scrubs are some off color. Usually a darker color of scrubs means you went off the beaten path for a discount. Lighter color scrubs just look like they need to be replaced, because they've been over washed.

To be honest, if I were you I'd just buy one or two pairs of the cheapest ones you can buy to get you through your probationary period. Once you're through that, then you can consider spending a little more on the "correct" color.

Hunter Green… Isn't that reserved for Transport, Emergency Technicians, and Patient Aides? I can't remember, and it's been a while since I've worn scrubs at Willie B's.

Oh, one final note, and totally off topic from your question (but most important): BEWARE your online activity. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, they are your enemy here. There are people in this organization paid to peruse social networking sites, and if you say "God I don't want to go to work" and your profile says you work at "Beaumont Hospital", they WILL write you up or fire you.

So be warned, and enjoy your stay! Good luck.

Top 10 make-up brands!!!?


Posted by
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I like natural brands mostly.
Not really in order much:

1. Korres
2. Fresh
3. Bare escentuals (bare minerals are a great foundation)
4. Benefit
5. Dior (for their mascara and lip gloss)
6. Alima pure minerals
7. L'oreal (bare naturale line)
8. Sephora (they have mostly good products)
9. St. Ives (love their fresh apricot scrub. The rest of their formulations have parabens so boooo but it's like 3.50 at target. I realize it's not makeup but we all need proper skincare!)
10. Mac (only for their eye kohls)

Questions about scrubs?

I was just recently offered a job at a dental office wrapping supplies/instruments, cleaning rooms etc…and I need scrubs. I start Monday, so online wasn't exactly an option, so I went out to Walmart and got some since it's the only place in town that sells them.


1) How is the quality of Walmart scrubs? I bought 2 sets but if they're no good then I can return one and just do a lot of laundry until I can order others online.

2) How many sets of scrubs should I have? I'll be working 4 days a week.

3) My boss just said scrubs and didn't particularly care about the color or anything, but I want to be professional. The sets I bought are black and navy blue. Would another color be appropriate? What about print tops?

4) If I end up ordering more online, where can I get cheap ones? I don't want to spend any more than $20/item or $40/set (although of course, cheaper would be better) and want cheap or free shipping.


Posted by singdancerunlife
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I have a Waldemard (Stupid spell check did that. It should be Walmart) top and bottom scrub. They seem to be holding up.
Yes, you can order online. This website Http://www.marcusuniforms.com/ has name brand scrubs for cheap.

If your employer didn't say no to prints, I would think that it was alright. Keep the receipts in case it isn't.

What brand of medical scrubs are considered top of the line? Designer brand?

Posted by You Asked™
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I have been a nurse for many years and without question Tafford makes the best scrubs out there. Their quality is great, their styles are fashionable and totally unique, and their service is the best. I have bought from them for years.

Everyone always asks me where I get my scrubs, and I always tell them Tafford! I get so many compliments!

Good luck!

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