Jul 022014
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How A High-School Dropout Became The Most Dangerous Man In Financial News

On a clear day last October, Bloomberg TV anchor Matt Miller stood on the corner of York Avenue at 79th Street, staring across the stream of traffic at the spot where five months earlier he had nearly died. “Crazy,” he muttered, limping back to the curb. The 40-year-old looked the part of a television personality: He wore a camel sport coat over a Brooks Brothers shirt, tennis racket cuff links …

In New Memoir, Hillary Clinton Claims She Warned Obama On Putin’s ‘True … – International Business Times

International Business TimesIn New Memoir, Hillary Clinton Claims She Warned Obama On Putin’s ‘True …International Business TimesThough the book has been in galleys for months, she made sure to include a discussion on Russia’s recent annexation of Crimea, calling the Ukraine crisis the “latest reminder of Putin’s long-standing aims” and his “true agenda,” which is to “re …and more »

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What I Wear for Nursing Clinical

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D-Day: Never coming home

Elizabeth Paul was just four years old when she learned her father was killed in the war. 70 years later, her tears still flow like it was 1944.

Questions and Answers

Any suggestions on the best nursing shoes? ?Only those with experience with standing long hours…Thanks.

Posted by PhantomRN
[display_name id=”1″]Http://www.shoesforcrews.com

white shoes for women:

these shoes are actually made for restaurants and other non-slip applications. They are extremely durable, long lasting,relatively inexpensive and are COMFORTABLE. They are made specifically for being on your feet on tile and cement floors for long hours every day.

Most comfortable Nursing Shoes?I have a horrible back and standing for long periods of time hurts my back really bad. Also my feet start aching. I need super comfortable shoes for CNA (Certified Nursing Aide) I was thinking about getting some Keens but I don’t know if they are allowed so I need some information and some opinions from people about the best shoes. Please Help!

Posted by Jacee
[display_name id=”1″]I wear Asics gel athletic shoes while I’m at work with orthotic inserts. I’ve found them to be most comfortable for me. Many like dansko’s, but I’ve also seen many roll their ankles so I’m a little weary, I also find that people can’t run in them very well and where I work we have quite a few codes because of the fact that we are a children’s hospital and a trauma center so being able to run in whatever shoes you have on it necessary. You can expect to spent a decent amount on a good pair of shoes. You also may want to consider seeing a podiatrist for orthotic inserts. I’d suggest going to a good shoe store and trying on a bunch of different pairs to see what’s most comfortable for you. I’d also make sure that you’re lifting patients properly so you don’t further strain your back.

What are the best shoes for standing/walking long periods of time?

Posted by teardrops on my guitar
[display_name id=”1″]Nursing shoes, get the ones with thick soles. Some are cute. Yes, they work!

Nursing Shoes Suggestion?I have a question for those who are nurses or who work in a health care setting. I am starting my clinicals for nursing school in January and I am looking to get really nice comfortable shoes. They have to be all white and heel and toe completely enclosed, meaning no clogs, but tennis shoes are allowed. The only problem is that last year I sprained my ankle very bad, with an air cast and crutches for a while after. It never healed properly and I have a lot of scar tissue and pain. They wanted to do surgery, but I refused, seeing as I have been on the waiting list for this seat for two years. I have great grades, but the amount of teachers is nowhere near enough to accommodate the amount of students in the program. I have waited so long for my seat, there is no chance I am going to give it up, which would inevitably happen if I got surgery. Therefore, I am looking for shoes that are going to be comfortable and hopefully be supportive enough that I can stand for long periods of time without being in too much pain. All suggestions are helpful. Thanks!

Posted by rita
[display_name id=”1″]You can buy crocs now that look semi formal. I have a family member who is a nurse and she loves them.

What is a really good nursing shoe?I’m starting school this coming August for a health care program, and one of the uniform requirements is an “all-white shoe”, preferably athletic, (no clogs, sling backs, crocs, etc) and I will need them to be very comfortable and supportive as I will be standing in surgery for clinicals for numerous hours at a time. I was looking at Nike Shox and Puma, but any other recommendations? Thanks!

Posted by defunct
[display_name id=”1″]The nurses at my clinic just try to wear the most lightweight but supportive shoes they can find. Here’s a good site:


Good luck!

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