Scrub Uniforms


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Scrub Uniforms: A Sneak Peak at the Popular Styles and Designs

Scrub uniforms were known to be unflattering to both male and female frames because of the lack of imagination with which they were designed. However, this thought has changed much, owing to the designing concept being reborn in this era of fashion-first. Lately, an entire range of clothing for nurses has landed in the stores offering to revamp the looks of the professionals from plain Jane to fancy Nancy. The stores selling scrub uniforms today are flooded with multiple varieties and fits of scrubs launched by designers who are no longer hesitant to innocuous inclusion of new ideas into these simple uniforms. Take a look at the options you have in hand when shopping for nurse scrubs.

V-Neck Front Button: This tunic style scrub is the simplest, but very professional-looking, of the nursing scrubs available in the market. Slit at the sides, and stitched with two deep patch pockets at the front to store cell phone and other stuff, the scrub uniforms have V-neck and short sleeves. Available in many solid colors, these non ornamented tops are made of polyester and cotton fabrics, both of which have considerable soil releasing ability.

Top-Stitched Side Angled: This comes second in terms of popularity, as you’d see them clothing actors in hospital series on televisions. This mock wrap top has an amazing fit and flare cut that suits figures of all sizes. The pockets in these tops are stitched at the top, angled sideways. The uniform is of pullover style and does not have a front or back open. Side slits are however there like in the previous design.

Sporty V-Neck: This design of scrub top has a touch of elegance, and superiority in it, as compared to the above two. With a back yoke, this one has a rather decorative neckline with stitch details, and front patch pockets with Velcro closure. The V-neck top with soft stretch fabric, coupled with bar tracks look amazing when worn with three-quarter, fitting tops inside. These scrub uniforms are made of a mix of polyester, spandex and rayon, which makes the fabric soft and thick.

Curved V-Neck Button-Up: This design is rare, but slowly getting attention of the buyers with the change in trend. These tops have a wavy V neckline with a front-button closure. Sleeves longer than the previously discussed variants, they reach till the elbow. The cell phone pockets at the front are roomy. Side vents, back and bust darts, etc. are some of the details that make the tops sparingly showy.

Scoop Neck Back Release: With scoop necklines getting popular, now scrubs are getting them too. This top has a particular V-notch with a very unique layered effect that gives it an exclusive touch. The knit inset and bust and rear darts create a body flattering shape. The sleeves reach till the elbow, but you can roll it up with a couple of folds to shorten the length.

As for pants that complete the scrub uniforms sets, there are two basic varieties, viz., drawstring and elastic. Both the tracks fit well around the hips and loosen up along the legs.

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Sassy Scrubs – Medical Uniforms are Our Passion

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Find out what makes Sassy Scrubs Stand Out from the other scrub companies. Learn a little more about Sassy Scrubs and the Owner & President, Karen Bradley of Penn Yan, NY.

Sassy Scrubs is a Finger Lakes manufacturer that specializes in Custom Made Medical and Nursing Scrubs! We even have Maternity Scrubs! Our Scrubs run from size XXXS to 9XL! Come and check it out today at Http://

Vestagen Signs Licensing And Distribution Agreements For Its Vestex®-Protected Fabrics With Medical Superstore …

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Questions and Answers

Question about scrubs…the uniform kind? If you could buy scrubs cheaper, would you?
First of all I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question or not. But any way here it goes:If you could buy your scrubs cheaper than you do now, would you? I mean they are not name brand scrubs or anything like that. They would be home made, the color that you want and so on and so forth. You could even pick out the material that you wanted your scrub made with. All I want to know is if they were cheaper and was made good, would you buy them?The reason I am asking this, is because I am thinking very seriously about making scrubs to sell. I was looking in stores a couple of days ago for scrubs for a new job that I am going to get. I was very shocked as to how much they are. I got to figuring it up and realized that I could make them, in most cases a lot cheaper than the stores sell them. Does any one think this would be a good ideal? No I am not advertising either, just wondering if it would work or not, if it is worth trying or not?

Posted by SapphireB

[display_name id=”1″]Scrubs made in manufacturing plants are not reproducible at home in your house for anywhere the same price or the same quality. They get price breaks on huge amounts of material, and many are made overseas where the labor cost is very low.

You would be losing money because you could not recoup the amount of time you pile into them.

However, there might be a market for custom-sized scrubs. I know lots of people can’t find them small enough or big enough or maybe they don’t wear the same side top and bottom.

TX Mom.

Cna uniform scrubs?? I am starting a cna job soon and am wondering exactly how many pairs of scrubs am i really going to need? How do you coordinate top and bottom colors? Any tips?

Posted by miki8705

[display_name id=”1″]To start with, you’ll need about three sets. One to wear today, one tomorrow, and one in the wash. The easiest way to coordinate them is in the store or catalog. Uniform Advantage and Uniform City are both online and affordable. Another alternative is Wal-Mart. They have decent and very affordable scrubs. Three sets will get you through your first few weeks until you can buy more. How many you buy is completely up to you.

How hard is it to make Scrub Top Uniforms?I was thinking about making some scrub tops because finding guy scrub tops are miserable. Has anyone actually tried to make them? Was it hard (do i need some serious sewing machine experience)? Any tips to make sure they do not rip/tear and make them look professional? Thank you.

Posted by Derek N
[display_name id=”1″]I get scrub tops on clearance for $4.99:
Http://…Could you really make them for cheaper? I’m sure they would be original and nice, but it hardly seams worth the effort when they are so cheap.Good luck!

How do you care for you medical scrubs uniform?I have a friend that works in the medical field. I my be getting a new job that will require me to wear scrubs.

She says she has to iron her scrubs every morning. She can’t iron them the night before and hang them up because they will be wrinkled in the morning..

Is this true. I can’t be ironing every morning–I iron 1x/week and hang the clothes up-until I wear them-even months later

do scrubs (she wears average quality) really need to be ironed immediately prior to wearing?

Posted by JMITW

[display_name id=”1″]I’ve been wearing scrubs for years, and I never iron them. Don’t get anything 100% cotton and you’ll be fine. Polyester/cotton blends don’t wrinkle at all. It all depends on the material. Most of the scrubs that I have are fine as long as I hang them up after they are done in the dryer (even the 100% cotton ones). Just don’t let them sit in the dryer long, and even if they do, just throw in a damp towel and let the dryer on for a few minutes. Trust me, it’s not worth ironing them. By the time I get home from work, it will have made no difference. Some people do prefer to iron them; I worked with a lady who did that as well. The only way I could tell was because she told me. I think it’s just a habit for some people. If you really want to iron them, you can do that in advance when you do all of your ironing and that will be just fine. Hope that helps!

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 Posted by at 19:42 on June 3, 2014
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