Jun 072014
Nursing Scrubs-pants
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MedWorm sponsored by blue sky scrubs (Med Worm)

MedWorm is pleased to announce that it is now being supported by blue sky scrubs, makers of some of the most stylish medical scrubs and scrub hats available for those hospital doctors that care about their appearance. Blue sky scrubs are currently sponsoring a number of topics on MedWorm including Surgery, Nursing and Intensive Care, which you can view under the Publications Directory. As a sponsor they receive their text link under the title of every page within the topic and at the bottom of every fifth item within each associated RSS feed. Have a look at the Sponsorship MedWorm page to find out more.

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RSL Ondaatje Prize 2014: writing with a sense of place

Extracts from the six books short-listed for the Ondaatje Prize – each of which “evokes the spirit of a place”

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13 Year-Old Dad.

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I’m sure by now most of you have heard about this 13 year-old dad from somewhere or another but I couldn’t help myself I had to talk about it. Enjoy.

Read the story at:




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Questions and Answers

My coworker has decorated the place for christmas..?And now she is making all the guys wear christmas underwear.
Should i report this to her supervisor?

Posted by sweetie
[display_name id=”1″]It depends on what kind of pants the guys wear.
I had to buy white scrubs for clinicals and they are practically see through.
I thought of spicing up the clinicals by wearing some boxers with red hearts, but I couldn’t find any on clearance.
I did the next best thing, I went commando…….
Where can I find male nurse scrubs sets (top + pants) for under $20 in Los Angeles?I’ve heard that there are places where you can buy the top with the pants together for under $20, but I’ve been unable to find any that sell them that cheap. I’d like to find somewhere, preferably in Westchester or Culver City, or as close as possible that sells them together for under $20. Or if there’s an online store that would sell them that cheap (including shipping), that’d be great too.

Posted by Chicken Chaser
[display_name id=”1″]Try Tafford – they have clearance deals that sometimes let you get tops and pants for under $10 each, plus they have a lot of free shipping deals.Even if you spend $25 at Tafford, I find that you get more for your money, b/c the scrubs wash and wear so well that they last longer than other cheap scrubs.

Good luck!

What should i buy at Wal-Mart?I need yoga black pants & baggy sweatpants but other than that what are the must-have things to get at wal-mart?What do you think are the top 10-15 things someone should get from wal-mart?

Posted by JustWondering
[display_name id=”1″]It’s not to specific as to weather you want advice on clothing, accessories, toys, etc.But since it is in fashion i will go that route.

1. Workout jackets! (in the exercise clothing area) usually around $8-12. And made of a stetchy material. With zippers, they come in all sorts of colors.
2. I am a beauty fanatic, so i always spend most of my time in the makeup and body areas. I reccomend buying a new face wash. St. Ives is cheap and they have a great scrub for like $3
3. Take a look at the swim suits, Get one of the bottoms that are like shorts but made out of a material that is okay to swim in they are around $12
4. Most walmarts have a clearance ailse i walk around it and pick out random cheap things that i dont really need but look cool
5. Walmart has really cheap awesome candles. You can get huge ones for like $5 or the small ones for $1. Also check the end of aisles for clearance candles.
6. Walmart carries a ton of brands of bras with all kinds of designs from $5-12 is average
7. Buy a pedometer they are $10 at walmart and track how much you walk. I figure you might like this since you are in the search for yoga pants
8. A reuseable/filtering water bottle. You can find these with exercise equipment
9. Sunblock or sunless tanning lotion $3-$10
10. Flip Flops. Pretty cheap usally between $1-$10 in a variety of colors and styles.

Well fitting non-jean/dress pants for work?I work at a pharmacy where our dress code is basically business casual-we have to wear pants that aren’t jeans. So anything like khaki’s or corduroys or your typical women’s dress pants works. Even Dickie’s work pants or scrub pants are acceptable. I wanted to know where people with similar dress codes buy work pants. I really need some black ones that fit well and I can move in easily. My dress pants are from Express and were expensive and are getting gross from working in them. Any suggestions of cheaper pants that are still comfortable? Maybe something less dressy? I’m 5’8 though so I need pants long enough! Thanks!

Posted by glossycm
[display_name id=”1″]Hi!I think I know some good black pants that would work for you that are cheaper, comfortable and easy to move in. For my work, I often wear soft knit pants that have wide flared legs. They have an elastic waist and no pockets, buttons or zippers. I know at first it sounds weird to wear elastic waist pants but the cool thing is since I wear blouses and tunics with them the waist is hidden anyway. The soft knit material flows and moves with you and feels good against the skin. They are not like yoga pants or anything and they aren’t tight. Just loose, soft and flowy and from outward appearance they just look like regular black pants but they are slightly more casual than say your pants from Express for example. I dress mine up with tall heels because I’m short but you can totally wear your comfy shoes with them. Plus, they are long in length (mine drag the floor even with heels on, LOL!)

I’ve purchased most of them from Macy’s or Dillards and they are usually around $20 or $30 and I get them on clearance sometimes.

Here are some links below to things that are similar to what I’m talking about and what i wear for work. They are all black pull-on pants with either staright, bootcut or wide legs. I usually go with wide legs for ease of movement.

I have been accepted into the medical transcription/billing program, but I don’t have money to buy the?The nessary scrubs for the class any suggestions?

Posted by gimpster8466
[display_name id=”1″]Look for clearance deals – you can get scrub tops and pants for under $5. Also, on some websites you can get up to 90 days to pay if you have good credit. Here is my favorite site for good, cheap scrubs:
Http://www.tafford.com/thumb.htm?tl=1&am…Good luck!

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