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Cubs Minor League Wrap: May 12 (Mid West Sports Fan)

Javier Baez had the game-winning hit for Iowa. That was the only win in the system today.

**Iowa Cubs**
**Javier Baez** singled home **Matt Szczur** in the bottom of the tenth inning as the Iowa Cubs silenced the Nashville Sounds, 2-1 in ten innings.
Starter **Tsuyoshi Wada** gave up a solo home run to Jeremy Hermida in the second, but that was the only run he allowed over seven strong innings. Wada allowed six hits and he walked three. Wada fanned eight.
**Marcus Hatley** tossed two perfect innings in relief of Wada, striking out four.
**Eduardo Figueroa** pitched a perfect top of the tenth to get his first win this season. He struck out four.
Wada was doing his best Jeff Samardzija impersonation right down to being in line for the loss until first baseman **Lars Anderson** hit a solo home run to lead off the bottom of the ninth to tie the game at 1-1. It was Anderson’s second home run this season. He was 1 for 3 with a walk on the evening.
Both Baez and Szczur were 1 for 5. Baez’s single was on the eighth pitch of the at bat.
Iowa wore their throwback “Iowa …

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Review: Così fan tutte (ENO)

All the fun of the fair at English National Opera as Mozart’s amorous merry-go-round returns in a sparkling new production.

K-State Slate: 6.4.14 – Early 2015 NFL Draft thoughts, Track rising – Bring On The Cats

K-State Slate: 6.4.14 – Early 2015 NFL Draft thoughts, Track risingBring On The CatsKen Corbitt engaged in an early-summer convo with Marcus Foster on keeping a level head and working hard. Foster was in … Really, with a catchphrase like that and those beautiful purple uniforms, we have to be on their side since we’re not involved …

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NCAA Football 13 Gameplay: Oregon vs. Oklahoma – BCS Title …

My NCAA 13 Review — Http://www.chicagonow.com/game-time/2012…

My NCAA 13 Review — Http://www.chicagonow.com/game-time/2012…

My interview with NCAA’s Ben Haumiller at — Http://www.chicagonow.com/game-time/2012…

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RECAP The Bachelorette Watch: Connecticut Yankees In Andi’s Court

In which we say goodbye to Eric Hill.

Questions and Answers

Does anyone have an online recommendation for scrubs, I am starting my cna training, so cheaper is better?

Posted by kdalla5
[display_name id=”1″] I’ve gotten a lot of my scrubs at the thrift store and it doesn’t get any cheaper than that. Walmart and some dollar stores sell cheap scrubs too. My absolute favorite scrubs are anything made by Barco (like Grey’s Anatomy, Elan, etc) but they’re not so cheap.I buy in brick and mortar stores but I used Marcus Uniforms when I shopped online. They usually have some pretty cheap sales. Http://marcusuniforms.com

Marcus Garvey’s Hat! Do you want Best Answer?I have to do an assignment for class. One thing I need to know is what kind of hat is Marcus Garvey wearing? Quickest person to get it correct gets best answer!
It looks like a military cap, i think
here’s a picture:Http://media-2.web.britannica.com/eb-med…

Posted by Animal Lover
[display_name id=”1″]
Talk about the importance of the uniforms and buttons and hats, et cetera. The flamboyance of the Marcus Garvey Movement was important to black people because it made a statement.
It set you apart from other people or other organizations or other things. Whatever, it set you apart, and when people saw you, they knew that you were a Garveyite. The plumage, brass buttons, the, ah, tassels, all of these things that the uniform said was a statement that black people made that “We are together.”
That was a physical statement that these uniforms and plumage made to the rest of the world that “We are Garveyites and proud of it.” It also gave you that feeling of pride.So, yeah, it is a very original hat that was actually part of his uniform, reflecting his senior rank. A red and gold silk sash is worn across his chest and his uniform is decorated with gold epaulets and several medals across his breast.

He sports a striking almost Napoleonic bicorn hat with feathered plume.

Can i sell my Office Max uniform on ebay?I used to work at office max and since i dont work there no more, is it okay to sell them? Can i sell my Marcus Theatres uniform too???
Well…its not really a “one size”, its a small. I have 2 shirts, one is a short sleeved, and the other is a 3/4’s sleeve. And i also have a officemax name tag that is blank and one that has my name on it. I even have a radio and headset that i had to wear when i worked there.

Posted by Kayla S
[display_name id=”1″] NO!! You absolutely CANNOT!
Does anyone work for Marcus Theatres?Whats the uniform look like? Haha.

Posted by : )
[display_name id=”1″] Tan top and pants.
Marcus Camby signs with Houston?I wanted him in a chicago uniform, maybe we can still land Blair if he didnt sign with anyone yet.

Posted by Rickyyyyyy-Chi-Town-
[display_name id=”1″] Yes he would be a great help to Houston, too bad he can never stay healthy.

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