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All About the Military’s Outdated Transgender Ban

On Sunday, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel told ABC’s Martha Raddatz that he believes the military should review its policy on transgender service members. In a year of many big reforms in the military (particularly surrounding gender and sexual assault), this policy had been something of a blind spot. Thanks … More »

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Best Scrubs Moments

A compilation of my favorite scrubs moments.

I Got Certified To Coach Heads Up Football And It Was A Joke

By now you know that the NFL is being sued by a group of former players who are alleging that their respective teams systematically doped them up and destroyed their bodies, East Germany-style. This comes just as the NFL has perfected its damage control technique when it comes to head injuries. If you watched any football this past season, you probably saw a handful of ads for the league’s Heads …

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Questions and Answers

Will the Air Force look at my medical history?

Just FYI. It’s been about 8 years since I took the medicine.
What I mean is will they call my doctor and ask for my files and such? There is nothing wrong with me at all. It’s just that when I was around 12 I was diagnosed with minor ADD and had to take Ritalin. However, the last time I took it was around 2002-2003. Since then I have basically outgrown the ADD as I will graduate from college with a 3.9 GPA and I work full time in a very important state office at the very top.

A retired Air Force recruiter in my class told me to just answer “no” if they ask if I had ADD and that would be it.

She said they would do their own very comprehensive physical on me that includes blood test and other things. I was just wondering if they would call my doctor to see my medical file. Or is that confidential?
It will be about 9 years since I took medicine when I finally finish college next semester.

Posted by Mike M
[display_name id=”1″]Hello Mike M.

If you are asked that question on a medical form you must fill out and sign; or, if a medical doctor asks you directly you had better answer Yes and explain what you just told us here on this forum.

NEVER, ever listen to Recruiters who tell you to lie when you get to the MEPS.

Nothing is going to happen to them. They just get a quota. But, when YOU are in technical school and the FBI and AF security is investigating you for a security clearance they are going to find out. And, because you did not put it on your medical history information you are going to be called out of class one day to the school supervisor’s office and an agent from the Air Force Office of Special Investigation (OSI) is going to be there to read you your rights (Article 31 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice Not the 5th Amendment Rights) and ask you why you lied on your form about your medical history. If they are not satisfied and deem you a security risk because of lying you will be pulled out of class and that AFSC (job) and either given an Administrative Discharge or some other job that does not require a security clearance.

Recruiters are fine but you must always remember what is their mission. They are there to sign up as many people as possible to make a monthly quota. For that they get a 4 year controlled tour in a fancy office in town and don’t have to be on the flight line or working the mid-shift, etc. You get the idea.

If they enlist you they got one more for their quota. If you get eliminated from school or the Air Force later on it does NOT reflect on them. Your success in the Air Force is not related to the recruitment process.

Best wishes.

Larry Smith
SMSgt, USAF (Ret.)
First Sergeant

P.S. Lots of ADULTS are diagnosed with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and take Ritalin and other controlling medicines.

P.P.S. Nice GPA! Congratulations. You will do well in the Air Force!

Can the top secret security clearance can find ALL information about me?Im from a different country (philippines) and im planning also to become a pilot in the AF

they are saying that it is required to get a TS clearance to become a pilot.

–i dont have a police record
–i dont have an arrest record
–no illegal drug history
–no law violation
-no credit history

just some medical history
hernia –
i had hernia when i was a baby and it was repaired when i was 11 months old.
I cant find my medical record about the surgery and it was 21 years ago. And i am planning to lie about it and cure the scars with a scar remover.
Can they still discover about hernia?

Posted by Law Rence
[display_name id=”1″]Hello Law Rence,

First off, I realize that you are still a young person and are not knowledgable about US requirements to become a pilot in the Air Force.

Your understanding of a security clearance is “backwards.”

No one OWNS such clearances. Clearances are granted for people who pass the investigastion and are required to have access to certain classified military information for the purpose of performing their assigned jobs.

When a person applies to join the military they fill out a personal history form (very long) and much background information about you, your residences, your family, your schooling/education, your employment status is requested so investigators can contact such people to determine if you are trustworthy to be granted a security clearance.

However, you and so many others are not knowledgabloe about beciming a pilot in the Air Force. You and others do NOT decide that you are planning to become a pilot. One doesn’t become a pilot just because they wish to.

The Air Force will select about 1,500 officers each year to place in pilot training. Those people must be academically acceptable and medically acceptable to even be able to undergo pilot and flying training.

But, you won’t be able to become a pilot in the USAF – UNLESS –

You first become a US citizen and attend a college that offers Air Force ROTC and you take and pass college and earn a degree and you pass the 4 year AF ROTC course of training.

ONLY THEN, can you be commissioned as an officer in the US Air Force.

And, MAYBE, just maybe, you will be one of the FEW who will be selected for pilot training.

And, if not, you will still have to serve 4 years as an officer in the US Air Force in some other capacity.

So, for you and all the other young people, citizens and non-citizens alike, it is not a matter of you thinking that you are PLANNING on becoming a pilot.

The NEEDS of the Air Force come before the WANTS of the Individual.

I served in the USAF for 27 years and can tell you that the chances of you becoming a USAF pilot are slim – at best.

You CAN, if you are able to come to the USA legally, enlist into the Air Force before you turn 27 years old. You won’t become a pilot, but, if you can not obtain a security clearance, you can stil serve in a number of jobs that do not require a security clearance. But, these jobs will be limited and do not involve aircraft or other electronic technical fields. The medical and supply fields and civil engineer fields and others are open to non-US citizens.

If you want to discuss your situation personally e-mail me at larrysmile at yahoo dot com.

Best wishes.
Larry Smith
Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.)
First Sergeant

P.S. Nobody cares about your hernia as a baby. You must never lie about anything. Lying invites immediate dismissal from the service for “making a false statement” The military’s Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) makes this an unlawful offense – crime to lie on official government documents.

How long will a medical waiver for the army take for approval?

3 years ago I suffered an ac joint separation from playing football. 5 months ago I decided I wanted to go to the military. Mistakenly telling them about this injury. I’m not sure why because it doesn’t hinder me at all. I’m currently a personal trainer at a gym and train 5-6 days a week with no problems. But anyways I initially tried the air guard and got permenatly dq’d upfront. No chance to prove it doesn’t hinder me at all. So I’ve been trying the army reserves now. They asked me to get it checked out with a physical therapist and I did. I found out what I already knew in that each shoulder was symmetrical and I have a tad bit less flexibility in the left compared to right. But I was told it has more to do with me being right handed. So than I get dq’d and than approved for physical. I go take the physical and find out from the doctors that the injury I was dq’d from another branch wasn’t an actual reason to dq me. But since I was already dq’d they couldn’t approve me. So now I’m waiting on a medical waiver clearance. What are my chances for approval? How long will it take? Sorry for the rant. And sorry for whoever took the time out to read my rant. It’s just frustrating knowing there’s a chance I could get dq’d for something that doesn’t hinder my performance whatsoever.

Posted by Curtis
[display_name id=”1″]Can take a week. Can take a year. I know people who waited 7 months before they were approved.

If you had failed to disclose it you would have been charged with Fraudulent entry, which is a felony.

Just because it doesn’t bother you as a civilian does NOT mean it will not be a huge issue in uniform.

What are the requirements to become a uniformed officer in the Civil Air Patrol? What is the commitment?

To be a uniformed member of the civil air patrol what are the requirements? Do I have to pass USAF medical requirements? Do I need a pilot’s license or will they help me get one? Do I have to qualify for security clearance of any level? For commitments do have to go to meetings or drill or anything like that? When would I be able to wear the uniform? Is it full time? How much flying time am i likely to get? Do I have to go to OCS or anything like it? At what what age can I start? I am 15.
Should I ask this somewhere else?

Posted by Lead999x
[display_name id=”1″]I was a member of CAP from 1983-1985, during my teen years. To answer your questions:

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is the civilian auxiliary of the US Air Force. Its mission is to conduct searches and rescues.

When I joined, I had to have my personal physician conduct a physical, then forward the results.

I cannot answer to getting one’s pilot license, nor to security clearances (remember, we’re talking about a CIVILIAN entity).

Members pay monthly dues and attend weekly meetings, at which one wears the uniform.

It is not “full time” as it is a volunteer organization.

You can Google Civil Air Patrol for additional answers or even contact an Air Force recruiter for help.

Security clearance (31B)?What is the process of getting a security clearance?

If I had experimented with marijuana in high school, and gotten a traffic ticket, which is already paid off will this deny me of the clearance? Also if I get denied do I get to pick another MOS?

Do they check you medical history too?

Any helpful information will be appreciated.

Posted by Hayden
[display_name id=”1″]Typically, an MP initially obtains a Confidential security clearance. Most MP’s end up with Secret clearances.

Generally, either clearance is granted as a result of an Entrance National Agency Check (aka ENTNAC). This is basically a search of all records available. Credit, courts, schools, etc.

Some MP’s end up with Top Secret clearances because of where they work. In these cases, an investigator is sent out to ask people who know you what your character is like. Are you trustworthy, etc.

As far as health records go, it isn’t something they will check unless there is a reason to. For example, if you claimed you never had surgery, but a friend of yours tells the investigator that you were in the hospital to have a hernia repair, they would go through your medical history too.

As far as the traffic ticket and marijuana experimentation goes, here is the requirement:

– No record of possession or use of any narcotic or non-narcotic drug

– Most criminal offenses (including three or more minor traffic infractions) will generally be disqualifying

So as long as you don’t conceal anything, your clearance will likely be granted. You hide stuff, and not only will you not get your clearance, but you could be punished under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and then discharged.

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