Jul 072014
Buying Bulk Nursing Scrubs
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Questions and Answers

What’s a website where i can be hospital scrub sets in bulk?By set i mean pants and top. Does anyone know of anywhere?

Posted by Matt
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I often buy at Pulse Uniform, though it is an online scrubs, eh. Never experience to buy a bulk order but I think they have discount and free on shipping fee on bulk orders. Check this online scrubs shop at Http://www.pulseuniform.com/

Hope this helps. 🙂

Whats a good business idea?Im in a enterprise class in high school, the object of the class is to create and start your own unique Business. Ive considered tape wallets, my own branded skate clothing line . Anyone have any ideas to help?

Posted by Brady135
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Tape Wallets are cool but not really a good market as they can be made by nearly anyone…. If you get an A i want some credit seeing as I even provided numbers for you. Now all you gotta do is write up a good business plan and present. 🙂

I hate to seem um mean but a lot of people with a good successful low investment business do not generally give there ideas away because they don’t want the competition and such. That is part of what makes their niche business so successful. Anyway a newer business i have seen that is doing good is dry cleaning delivery to office parks and buildings. Get a minivan or better yet a scion XB and then find a dry cleaner whom will give you a bulk deal. Make ads and go to office buildings and complexes and hand out flyers about your business. With a decent bulk rate from a dry cleaner you can charge what regular places charge and save the workers time because you will pick up and deliver. You will have to be honest and timely, do not offer same day turn around. But one or two day is plenty good. Figure if you get a the shirts or items done in bulk at $1.25 each and you charge $2.50 each item to people at the offices you make 100%. Figure gas, with a scion you get 20+ MPG even in traffic and if your not hiring employees then that is a good chance at profit. Ads are fairly inexpensive to make and once you have people know your out there it will get more popular and you can form a route. Figure 10 people a complex 3 items a person. (10×3)x1.25= $37.5 do 3 or 4 building or complexes a day and you make about $150.00 a day gross. Take out 50 for gas and repair costs. Your making roughly $100 a day for a few hours of work. And you are your own boss.

My other idea is to wash scrubs and uniforms for medical offices or maybe vet clinics. Pick them up take them home was them dry and fold them and bring them back. How much to charge I would figure a basic per item fee and alot of buisness people would love to have the time of having to wash there own stuff saved. As well you could do sheets or towels for massage or chiropractor offices.

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