Jun 062014
Discount Nursing Uniforms; Nursing Scrubs
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Questions and Answers

Do nurses face any financial or insurance issues that aren’t common for non-nurses?I am looking into putting together a financial seminar for nurses and as of now am planning to have the subject be on social security and saving for retirement. However, the goal is the have the presentation as tailored and relevant to those who attend, so career specific issues would be great.For example, I was told by an insurance salesman once that it is extremely difficult for hair dressers to get life insurance for some reason…

Posted by tommy
[display_name id=”1″]One thing nurses should keep in mind is the cost of apparel and equipment. Medical professionals need gear like stethoscopes to meet employer standards and patient needs. Nurses, in particular, will also need a wardrobe of durable nursing scrubs. Investing in a professional uniform may be a challenge for newcomers to the world of nursing, so finding a discount medical scrubs retailer is always recommended. Otherwise, nurses generally have bright financial futures. Hope your seminar prepares caregivers to enjoy their best years!
Why do they wear their uniforms constantly?Why do people in the military wear their uniforms to Wal-mart. I mean really… There is no need for it. Just never understood it. I know people are going to say its pride and honor. Why also do they get discounts. Why don’t EMT’s get them and other hard working people in America. We are all the same, sorry, i just don’t think they are any more special and you and I. We all pay taxes and we all do work. I know some will say they risk their lives, but police officers risk their lives, people at the zoo, and a lot of other jobs. Thoughts?

Posted by Steven
[display_name id=”1″]My dad is in the military and after working all day, he does his errands so he can go straight home. Plenty of people do that, some wear uniforms to work and some don’t. What about nurses and doctors in scrubs? That’s a uniform. I have police officers and doctors/nurses who are regular customers at my job and sometimes wear a uniform and sometimes don’t. Yes we do get discounts, but so do police officers, doctors, firefighters, and others who risks their lives to help keep us safe, from my experience anyway. They risk their lives every day by doing their job and I greatly appreciate it.
What is a good personalized gift to give 4 of my good friends that I just graduated from nursing school with?All of my friends have given me really nice gifts, like one of them gave us all personalized necklaces, and one gave us all personalized pens. I don’t want to copy, but I also want to show them how much they all mean to me! Please help!!

Posted by Alissa67
[display_name id=”1″]How about a monogrammed set of scrubs? They come in all designs and colors now, cartoons, abstracts, solid colors, and you can get them everywhere…online, discount stores, medical supply stores. They are also very easy to fit. So they are pretty easy to give as a gift. Then have them embroidered, for a lead on who does this, ask at the local sporting goods store where local ball teams have uniforms done. If the store handles it on their own, you may have to pay extra for the monogramming since you aren’t buying jerseys, etc. But I think they would probably do it or could refer you.You could get ONE embroidered top and two coordinating bottoms to get them started on their work wardrobe.

You could also just take them all out for dinner and drinks, you pay…before you all go your separate ways.

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